At New York International Auto Show, Amazing Cars Put NVIDIA in the Driver’s Seat

by Danny Shapiro

The New York International Auto Show has just kicked off, and it’s impossible to miss the wide range of great new models powered by NVIDIA processors.

At an exclusive press event, Audi announced the new 2015 A3 Sedan and Sportback, driven by Tegra, that deliver an enhanced version of its Google Earth and Street View navigation system. Watch Audi’s Filip Brabec discuss the new A3.

This week also marked the North American debut of the new Volkswagen Golf, featuring a new Tegra-based touch-screen infotainment system. For the reveal, VW put together a little CG magic. Check it out here.

BMW's new wide-screen infotainment system.
BMW’s new wide-screen infotainment system.

New BMWs were also unveiled that sport a super wide screen NVIDIA-based infotainment system, which enables split screen capabilities so drivers can view 3D perspective maps for navigation, alongside other content.

Meanwhile, Bentley was showcasing its new Mulsanne and Flying Spur models, while Rolls Royce showed off the only Wraith in North America.

Not only does the Wraith feature a customizable star-lit ceiling with hand sewn LEDs, this vehicle also features a GPS-controlled suspension and transmission, which automatically adjusts itself based on your route.

A car with the best of everything, including NVIDIA.
A car with the best of everything.

This is a car that features the best of everything. So, of course, Rolls-Royce turned to NVIDIA for the Wraith’s infotainment system.

Another NVIDIA-powered vehicle, the Tesla Model S, was named “2013 World Green Car,” by a panel of automotive media and enthusiasts.

Also on display were NVIDIA-powered supercars from McLaren and Lamborghini.

It should be a great show at the Javits Center, which opens to the public on Friday and runs through April 7th.