Wield the SHIELD: ‘The Conduit’ Breaks Away From the Console and on to Tegra 4

At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week, we’re surrounded by high-quality games of all flavors. One of these games has broken out of the console gaming mold and is ready to take on Project SHIELD and the Tegra 4 mobile processor. Meet The Conduit HD.

You may remember this award-winning, fast-paced first person shooter from its original launch on the Nintendo Wii. Today, we’re demonstrating the Tegra 4-enhanced version of the game on Project SHIELD, with visual effects that go above and beyond what was possible on the console just a few short years ago.

Set in a near-future America, the game has you battling 14 unique enemies – each with their own tactics, strengths and weaknesses – using 18 different weapons. You play the role of Michael Adams, a Secret Service agent in Washington D.C. who’s been recruited by the shadow organization Trust. Your mission is to fight alien and human baddies to discover the nature of a mysterious attack on America’s capital city.

The game has been optimized to take full advantage of game controllers. With nearly endless customization options, you can tailor the game play to fit your style. In the video below, we highlight the intuitive controls and un-compromised portability of Project SHIELD.

The Conduit HD is available on Google Play today. It’s free to play, and with Project SHIELD, it’s free to play the way you want.

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  • Nathan Connor

    Except, now without the Wii Remote, you’ve lost all controlability…. Yikes that looks painful to play with analog sticks. Can’t believe High Voltage went and dumped their excellent software onto something like this…

  • http://www.facebook.com/barry.fliegelman Barry Fliegelman

    i want in it to win it

  • jo eib

    who is going to buy that ? its nice and neat but i think its useless…all these little gadged wich are so expensive and unneccassary

  • dcchambers

    I for one will be buying one because it seems like the perfect device for me. I already play a bunch of games on my PC with my gamepad (with the exception of FPS’s and strategy games). This gives me the ability to play those games laying in bed, sitting on the couch, on the big screen, even on the toilet! Skyrim…while pooping?! MAGICAL.

    I want this so I can play my full scale PC games while relaxing around the house. It’s perfect for me.

  • http://ludzie.gazeta.pl/radek198205/0,0.html Radoslaw Sobieranski

    Poland – To jest tylko potwierdzenie że może być śmiało fajnych sporo Gier
     firma Nvidia oraz wszyscy którzy brali udział powstaniu
    Project SHIELD wykonali kawał dobrej pracy z Dużym Szacunkiem z Poważaniem Radosław Sobierański ze Słupsk

  • Vanillacide

    I am looking forward to buying a Project Shield, it will be a launch day purchase for me.

    However, before it is even launched I am disappointed that the joypad layout reflects that of PlayStation controllers, which were created when Sony added analogue sticks to their original PlayStation controllers, rather than the ergonomic design of Xbox 360 pads … which also happen to be the default for Windows gaming.

    I would’ve thought NVIDIA would go for the most common Windows gaming layout, rather than a console layout.

  • Simone Fiorini

    There are just these devices, they called consoles!