How Your Next Notebook GPU Technology Can Run Automagically

by Brian Choi

Office slang is everywhere: words that are adopted or created to make interoffice communication more efficient. At NVIDIA you’ll often hear “goodness” (short for the features GeForce brings to the table like PhysX, SLI, 3D Vision, day of launch driver updates, and performance gains) thrown around the cubicles.

Today’s launch of our GeForce GT 700M GPUs brings new slang — and three pieces of technological goodness! — to the forefront: “automagic.”

Automagic first came into heavy use here a few years ago when we introduced our Optimus technology, which garnered a lot of critical praise and earned numerous ‘best of the year’ awards.”

The reason was that Optimus was simple, but revolutionary: give notebooks extra-long battery life by automatically switching on and off the GPU so that it runs only when you need it. Through years of hard work, we created a solution that worked so elegantly, so seamlessly and so effectively, you can’t help but think that it works like magic.

In addition to Optimus, GeForce 700M GPUs have a new automatic technology: GPU Boost 2.0, which intelligently adjusts the graphics processor’s clock speed to maximize the graphics performance of your notebook. If you have unused power in your notebook, the GPU revs up its engine to provide additional performance.

GPU Boost is dynamic and requires no end-user input or settings. You just use your notebook as you normally would and it silently works to give you performance bumps of up to 15%. It does it safely, on the fly and behind the scenes.

The final piece of technology is a game changer. The GeForce Experience automatically changes game settings so you get the best performance and visual quality that your notebook can deliver. It will also automatically download the latest drivers, keeping your system tuned and ready for whatever application you run over the life of your GeForce notebook.

With the GeForce 700M series, we’re delivering more than just powerful graphics performance. We’re bringing you a notebook that is intelligent enough to unlock all the potential a GeForce GPU can provide to you, and to do it painlessly.

Step up to a GeForce 700M GPU in your next notebook and let NVIDIA Optimus, GeForce Experience and the new GPU Boost 2.0 get the maximum performance, maximum battery life and maximum fun out of your system, automagically.