How NVIDIA Helped Liven Up One USC Accounting Class

by Brian Caulfield

No one understands business better than an accountant. But who knew an accounting class could produce a video that captured the soul, as well as the stats, that animate our company so well?

A team of six students at the University of Southern California’s Business Administration 280: Accounting I class — Brian H. Wang, Connor Jackson, Christin Toubia, Layla Memar, Mitch Worsey, and Armen Odadjian – spent two months studying NVIDIA as part of a class project. As part of the project they created a video, with an assist from film student, Michael Ritter, telling our story.

USC, of course, has plenty of admirers at NVIDIA. A team of Trojans were among the finalists in the “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” tournament we held at our Santa Clara, California campus earlier this year. USC is known for its top-ranked film school and world-class game development program.

It turns out these aren’t the only students at USC who know how to tell a tale. The Accounting I team reviewed our public financial data, read our annual reports and got to know a lot about our products. At the end of their project the team put together a video to explain our role in the world. Ritter rendered the video on his NVIDIA GeForce GT 650 M-powered MacBook Pro.

Here’s the video. Also: Go Trojans.