Quantum Leap: What Kepler Can Do for Next-Generation Tablets

by Brian Caulfield

Just a few years ago, no one would have guessed that tablets would become the next great gaming platform.

Now tablets are about to get the same technologies that make PC and console games so immersive.

Our CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, showed footage of “Battlefield 3” running on a mobile version of our Kepler GPU at our annual Investor Day last week.

The result is a huge leap forward, from what Jen-Hsun described as the “vintage 1999” graphics found on the latest Apple iPad.

“Our crown jewels, our GPU, the highest performance GPUs in the world, can make a real contribution in mobile, can make a real contribution in Android, can make a real contribution in these mobile devices,” Huang said.

That comes thanks to the Kepler-class GPUs NVIDIA is building into its next-generation mobile processors, dubbed “Logan.”

Disclosed last month, Logan will pair ARM-based mobile processor cores with our powerful Kepler GPUs, putting technologies now found in high-performance PCs and workstations – such as PhysX, CUDA 5, DirectX 11, and Open GL 4.3 – into mobile devices.

Last week, Jen-Hsun gave the crowd at NVIDIA’s annual Investor Day a taste of what DirectX 11 in a mobile will look like. And it’s amazing, with Kepler delivering graphics that convey all the details that make games such as “Battlefield 3” so immersive.

Take a look for yourself.

Note: an earlier version of this post inaccurately characterized the system powering the “Battlefield 3” demo.