Todd Is My Copilot: The Great Quadrocopter Race, Courtesy of Project SHIELD

by Brian Caulfield

There are many ways to play videogames at NVIDIA’s campus, but this is a new one.

Todd and Will from Team Tegra paired Project SHIELD with Parrot’s AR.Drone 2.0 to take to the air, turning our Silicon Valley campus into the setting for a fast-and-furious race to the finish earlier this month.

Project SHIELD unlocks new ways to game. With our powerful Tegra 4 processor and a pure version of Google’s open Android operating system in a portable gaming device, it takes gaming from the game world into the real world.

Rather than fighting it out in a virtual battleground on one of our many GeForce equipped PCs or shooting it out with Nerf guns from 20 paces (which happens a lot here), Todd and Will turned to a little friendly competition – with Parrot’s remote-controlled quadro-copters skirting buildings and startling the dogs on campus.

Parrot’s AR.Drone is – like Project SHIELD – built to play in a world of open devices. The quadrocopter can be controlled by smartphones and tablets running Google’s Android operating system. So Parrot’s AR.Drone works flawlessly with Project SHIELD.

The result is a fantastic flying experience, explains Will. Project SHIELD’s control sticks make the quadrocopter’s flight mechanics even more intuitive. And because the drone can be controlled by sticks, rather than the touch screen, the real-time video beamed back by the AR.Drone’s high-def camera to Project SHIELD’s 5-inch screen isn’t obstructed by your fingers.

Parrot’s app can even record photos and videos from the drone’s camera, which made Will’s victory over Todd all the sweeter.

Check the video below for a quick recap of the action.

Better luck next time, Todd.