Tegra Team Gears Up for Growth

by Bob Sherbin

As our Tegra mobile processor becomes increasingly important across our businesses, we’re taking steps to ensure that it’s supported by the most efficient organizational structure.

We announced today that Deepu Talla will head the Tegra business unit. He succeeds Phil Carmack, who after 10 years building Tegra from scratch to a three-quarters of a billion dollar business, is leaving NVIDIA to become CEO of one of our partner companies.


Prior to joining NVIDIA earlier this year as VP of Tegra business development, Deepu spent more than 10 years at Texas Instruments, most recently as GM of its OMAP mobile computing business.

At the same time, we announced that we’re combining Tegra’s design team into our larger, engineering structure, which will be now fully centralized across the company.

This new org structure reflects the central importance of Tegra – not only in our mobile strategy, but increasingly in PCs, gaming, auto and beyond.

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  • Bilal Akgündüz

    We will see the Tegra 4 SoC this year, i hope!

  • http://blogs.nvidia.com/ Bob Sherbin

    Keep your eyes peeled. Project SHIELD, which is powered by Tegra 4, is coming in the year’s first half.

  • Bilal Akgündüz

    I live in Turkey and i don’t think we will see the Project SHIELD here. We need smartphones, tablets (super phones and tablets like NVIDIA called). Tegra 4 has an awesome graphic performance, but there aren’t any mobile device launch on the horizon, at least we didn’t know yet.

    Last year’s first quarter Tegra 3 had been already available to end users. Right now, in 2Q 2013 we didn’t see any Tegra 4 devices, except NVIDIA branded Project SHIELD handheld console. Give us the new Tegra which has a whopping 96 GLOPS GPU performance. Neither Samsung nor Qualcomm products could come close to GeForce. I’m complaining to you because of the recent situation of the mobile market. 

    Thanks for your reply!

  • http://blogs.nvidia.com/ Bob Sherbin

    Love your enthusiasm for Tegra!  We’re working to bring Tegra 4 devices to market soon. Keep on the lookout for news from our partners.