Tegra-Powered Tesla Model S Motors Away With ‘Consumer Reports’ High Score

by Danny Shapiro

Consumer Reports, which serves as the premier buying guide for everything from big-screen TVs to cars, has given the Tegra-powered Tesla Model S its highest score.

The guide’s automotive reviewer, Jake Fisher, awarded the Model S a score of 99 out of 100 points. “Overall, it’s a terrific car,” Fisher said of the Model S. “And what’s really amazing is it’s from a small company in California that has only just begun building cars.”










The Model S, built in Fremont, California, has won a clutch of awards from prestigious auto publications, including Motor Trend’s “Car of the Year” award and “2013 Automobile of the Year” honors from Automobile magazine.

One of the highlights: the car’s all digital displays, which are powered by our Tegra mobile processors. The Model S is powered by two Tegras, one for the car’s digital instrument cluster and another for its 17-inch touchscreen.

Step into the car, and “[y]ou’re immediately greeted by the glow of a huge 17-inch video display that dominates the center of the dash and allows you to control everything, such as adjusting the suspension’s ride height and setting up a new Slacker Radio channel,” Fisher writes. “It’s what Marty McFly might have brought back in place of his DeLorean in  “Back to the Future.””

Designed to be an electric-only car from the start, the Model S can do things ordinary cars can’t. The car’s electric motors mean it accelerates “like you’re sitting in the front of the Millennium Falcon,” Fisher writes.

There’s more coming: Tesla has already announced the Model X, a falcon-winged crossover vehicle. We can’t wait to drive it.