Own the Tunnels in ‘Metro: Last Light’ with New GeForce Game Ready Drivers

by Chris Daniel

Just in time to save humanity in Metro: Last Light, the highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning cult classic Metro 2033, NVIDIA has rolled out a new set of beta drivers that boost performance by up to 10%.

GeForce 320.14 drivers and optimal game settings for Metro: Last Light are available starting today through GeForce Experience.

NVIDIA worked closely with 4A Games to deliver a truly next-gen gaming experience in Metro: Last Light, complete with explosive PhysX effects, immersive 3D Vision Surround technology, and DirectX 11 tessellation.

For more details, refer to the release highlights on the driver download pages and read the GeForce driver article on GeForce.com.

Enjoy the mutant-ridden Metro catacombs with our new GeForce Game Ready drivers and let us know what you think.