NVIDIA Out in Force at Google’s Developer Conference

by Will Park

The thriving ecosystem around Google’s Android operating system is stronger than ever. And NVIDIA will be out in force showing our solidarity this week at Google’s annual I/O developer conference at San Francisco’s Moscone Center West. 

NVIDIA SHIELD, the open gaming platform we announced earlier this year, is the latest example of our involvement. These pure Android devices — featuring Tegra 4, the world’s fastest mobile processor — will be showcased at the conference.

In addition, NVIDIA’s Richard Seis, who knows just about everything worth knowing about game development,  will be featured alongside Google’s own experts as part of the event’s “Office Hours” program, with a 30-minute talk on how to support game controllers.

Don’t miss a demo of Tegra 4’s support for Web with Real Time Communications capabilities (WebRTC), a technology that unleashes high-definition browser-based audio and video conferencing without the need for special software or plug-ins. Tegra 4 will be the first product to ship with support for the open VP8 video compression format used by WebRTC. You can see it at the demo pod in the conference’s Chrome area.

Finally, we’ll have an NVIDIA Pod at the event’s Developer Sandbox stocked with NVIDIA-powered devices and a quadrocopter controlled by SHIELD. You can also learn more about our powerful developer tools, including Nsight Tegra, a complete development environment integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio.

If you’re around, drop by and talk to us about how we can help you take advantage of the growing array of hardware, applications and services built around Android.