SHIELD Pre-Order Moved Up in Response to Growing Buzz

by Jason Paul

Good news: our partners are so excited about SHIELD that they’re moving up the pre-order date for our amazing new open platform gaming portable.

You can now pre-order your SHIELD today.

Check out what some of our partners are saying about SHIELD:

“SHIELD is a brand new kind of gaming portable and we’re thrilled to be one of the few retailers who will be carrying it,” said Stephen Weller, director of product management at Newegg. “Our tech savvy customers love gaming and are anxious to get their hands on it. In fact, we’ve decided to move up the pre-order date for those customers who want to be among the first to own a SHIELD!”

“Gamers look to GameStop as their defacto gaming destination,” said Joe Gorman, vice president of mobile at video game retailer GameStop. “As Android gamers look for a place to get the latest and greatest gear, it made total sense for us to carry SHIELD. We believe this handheld console will revolutionize the Android gaming market.”

Here’s where you can pre-order SHIELD now:

Look for Micro Center to go live with a pre-order page within the next few days. We’ll update this post with a link to it when they do.