Simpler, Faster, Better: GeForce Experience Out of Beta, With Millions of Users

by Chris Daniel

GeForce Experience is moving out of beta and into its first production release.

Download GeForce Experience here. Or, install it as part of our latest GeForce 320.18 Game Ready driver, also released today. GeForce experience arrives just in time for the release of our flagship GPU, GeForce GTX 780.

We designed GeForce Experience to help you maximize your PC’s performance in your favorite games so that they look and play better. GeForce Experience delivers on this promise by always keeping you up to date with the latest GeForce Game Ready drivers and by delivering optimal game settings tuned to your PC, instantly and automatically, so that you can spend more time playing games.

Since January’s beta release, GeForce Experience has been embraced by the gaming community. PC Gamer called it “…an incredible bit of software and important for PC gaming moving forward.” In beta, GeForce Experience has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times. More than 30,000 feedback submissions were received from around the world.

Coming to a PC Near You: ShadowPlay
Much of this feedback is incorporated in today’s release, and we now support optimized settings for over 80 games. Plus we have much more planned for GeForce Experience in upcoming releases.

For example, a very cool new feature called ShadowPlay is coming this summer. It lets you capture and share all your greatest gaming moments with friends. ShadowPlay takes advantage of dedicated hardware in Kepler-based GPUs to enable ‘always on’ game capture, shadowing your gameplay without the significant performance impact and large file sizes of today’s capture methods. If you pull off an outrageous mid-air maneuver in “Battlefield 3,” you simply hit a hotkey and your moment of glory is instantly saved and ready to share with your friends.

Your feedback has been enormously valuable in helping us to deliver a great experience. Enjoy GeForce Experience and keep the feedback coming.