Next Gen Gaming Notebooks Will Be Fast Like Usain Bolt, Thin Like Manute Bol

by Brian Choi

Fast, like the record breaking pace of the world’s fastest human, Usain Bolt. Thin, like the willowy frame of ex-NBA star Manute Bol. That’s what the launch of our GeForce GTX 700M line-up of notebook GPUs means for gaming notebooks.

When it comes to fast, the star athlete is the new GeForce GTX 780M, the fastest notebook GPU ever created.  I know, I know, “Can it play Crysis 3?”  The answer is, yes, playable at 1080p with all settings on Ultra. Need more? Look for an SLI notebook with two GTX 780M GPUs to be announced in the coming weeks.

We’re upgrading our GTX product stack up and down the line with performance jumps: GTX 760M is 30% faster than GTX 660M, GTX 770M is 55% faster than 670M and the GTX 780M is 31% faster than the GTX 680M.

Thinner Than a Standing Dime
GeForce GTX 700M products aren’t just fast, they’re efficient.  GeForce 700M Series GPUs have unparalleled performance per watt, unleashing the thinnest chassis ever seen in the gaming segment. Take the new Razer Blade: it’s thinner than a standing dime and loaded with the pixel pushing power of a GeForce GTX 765M GPU.

Powered by the GTX 765M: the new Razer Blade

GeForce GTX 700M GPUs are also loaded with “automagic” features like:

  • GeForce Experience to automatically optimize your games for the best performance and visual quality on your specific notebook and keep your GeForce drivers up to date.
  • GPU Boost 2.0 to adjust processor clocks to maximize the performance of your notebook seamlessly and automatically.
  • NVIDIA Optimus technology extends  battery life by automatically switching the GPU on and off so that it runs only when needed.

The next wave of gaming and enthusiast notebooks are almost upon us and all the top gaming OEMs chose the GeForce GTX 700M series for this refresh cycle. Look for a slew of GeForce GTX gaming notebooks to roll out next week.