42 Elaborate SimCity Cities Shaped Like NVIDIA’s Logo

by Brian Caulfield

Some great cities are built for commerce. Others are built around places of learning or government. These virtual creations were inspired by enthusiasm for NVIDIA. 

When the latest version of SimCity was released, Alexander Ivanov, a regional marketing manager in our Moscow office, got together with his friends at SimCity publisher Electronic Arts.

They then asked members of Russia’s SimCity community on the VKontakte social network to create virtual cities in the shape of NVIDIA’s claw logo.

The 42 cities created by SimCity mayors have amazed even us.


A Classic, Updated

First released in 1989, SimCity was a revelation. The open-ended game has no winners or losers. Instead it challenges players to manage a simulation of an urban environment that only stops evolving when players stop playing.

While the game was an instant classic, it was limited by the crude graphics capabilities of the time. But even as new versions of the game grew more sophisticated, city streets – and the city’s built around them – couldn’t imitate the curves you’ll find in the real thing.

That changed with the latest version of SimCity. The city simulator now allows players more freedom to build create curvier roads and railroads, giving cities a slithery organic shape that can complement – or conquer – any landscape. They can even take on the shape of NVIDIA’s distinctive logo.


The results of our two-week contest, which ended May 12, have been amazing: 42 cities ranging from a dense, tightly-packed metropolis to leafy suburbs with sweeping avenues.

The creators of the best two entries – Alexander Andaralo and Evgeny Nikolaev – got USB drives from Porsche Design, and praise from their peers on Russia’s largest social network.

“There are lots of NVIDIA fans among SimCity players who just loved to create something with the brand they love,” Ivanov said.

Check out all the entries on our official VKontakte page.