Wield the SHIELD: Three Really Big Games For High-Powered Android Devices You Can Play Now

by Jordan Dodge

When SHIELD ships next month there will be more than 25 titles tuned for our new Tegra 4-powered open gaming portable, in addition to the thousands of Android games on Google Play. But gamers don’t need to wait to play some of these Tegra-enhanced titles.

A number of these great games are locked and loaded in Google Play, and already work on Tegra 3 devices. Let’s take a look at three of the best…

Burn Zombie Burn
Developer: Tick Tock Games
Publisher: Kavcom, Ltd.

Burn Zombie Burn_002

Your mission is simple: Help Bruce survive hordes of zombies as he tries to keep Daisy alive. Burn, batter, shoot, maim, blow up, mince, and obliterate as many zombies as possible in pursuit of the damsel in distress. A variety of arenas, game modes and challenges provide hours of zombie-hunting excitement with the same graphics and features seen on PlayStation 3. SHIELD gamers will get access to exclusive levels.

Now with even more zombie-toasting action than when we showed this game in February. 

ARMA Tactics THD
Developer: Bohemia Interactive
Publisher: Bohemia Interactive


The best elements of the renowned ARMA PC franchise came to mobile and launched exclusively for Tegra-powered devices. ARMA Tactics THD is an unusual mashup of genres. This turn-based close-combat strategy game lets players take control of a four-member Special Forces team in an open world that isn’t restricted by rails or pre-determined strategies. You’ll enjoy Tegra enhancements such as higher geometry count, post-processing bloom, increased objects, and improved shadows, weapon effects and physics simulation. Translation: it just looks really good.

Dead on Arrival 2
Developer: N3V Games
Publisher: N3V Games


N3V Games is searching for a few good gamers. A zombie apocalypse is coming, and before the game launches for Android, the developer is looking for your help to beta test the game. As a beta tester, you’ll fight through hordes of the undead in this top-down, third-person shoot-em-up that features several specialized weapons and some seriously devious traps. Be one of the lucky few to experience wave after wave of zombie fighting pre-launch by signing up on their official website.

Burn Zombie Burn and Arma Tactics THD are featured in TegraZone and can be downloaded from Google Play.

Registration is ongoing for the Dead on Arrival 2 Multiplayer Closed Beta. So, be sure to sign-up here to be a part of making the zombie experience even better.