How Cloud Gaming Means You Can Take It With You

by Andrew Fear

If you had come to me 12 years ago when I started working at NVIDIA and told me that one day I would be able to play my PC games anywhere I wanted, I would not have believed it. It seemed technologically impossible.

Flash forward to today and that is exactly what we are doing with NVIDIA GRID cloud gaming. With GRID technology, playing video games will soon be as quick and easy as watching Netflix. No more disks to shuffle or waiting for long digital downloads and patches before playing.

Two great tastes
Two great tastes: Our GRID cloud-gaming platform and SHIELD gaming portable are a powerful combo.

As a gamer who has many different devices in my home – PC, Mac, Android – boxes, clam shells, tablets and phones – cloud gaming has always been a dream of mine. I love first-person shooters and many times, the game may only be available on Windows. My laptop happens to be an Apple, so when I travel I can’t enjoy the same games I can at home.

The beauty of cloud gaming is you can take your games anywhere, and now with NVIDIA SHIELD, you literally can take it with you. I was lucky enough to do early prototype testing of SHIELD open-platform gaming portable and being able to lie in bed and play BioShock Infinite or Metro Last Light is amazing.

Pair SHIELD with GRID and it’s a perfect marriage of portability, performance and gaming. And since it’s all in the cloud, your saved games are always available to you. You can start playing your game at home, save it and pick up again right where you left on your SHIELD. You are going to love this feature.

This year at E3 2013, we are showing off GRID streaming to a variety of devices including SHIELD, Windows PC, Android Tablets, Ouya game consoles and Apple MacBooks. It’s the future of game streaming in one location.

Showing off GRID at NVIDIA's E3 booth.
Showing off GRID at NVIDIA’s E3 booth.

The brains behind our cloud gaming servers are the GRID K520 and K340 boards. Both are available now for cloud gaming operators to purchase, install and deploy on the world’s first dedicated cloud gaming platform.

To expand the availability of GRID technology around the world, we are partnering with leading server manufacturers to build GRID cloud gaming servers. SuperMicro, Cirrascale, ASUS and Quanta are all working with NVIDIA. Through these partnerships, we can build a single cloud gaming server, which can stream more than seven-hundred 720p HD quality games all running from a single rack.

Our GRID software partners are also supercharging our ecosystem, building an amazing platform for streaming games. These partners – Agawi, Playcast, Ubitus and G-Cluster Technology – all are working on building cloud gaming services around the world.

It’s an exciting time to be a gamer, and I for one am proud to be working at a company that is helping define the intersection of technology and entertainment.

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  • Augustas Saldaitis

    Will you be partnering with Steam or Origin, to add game streaming ?

  • Brian_Caulfield

     Sign up for notifications to get all the latest. Thanks!

  • AnshumanSeth

    You know you’re doing something good when your 14 year old nephew comes and demands a shield from you and is wondering how the heck can he play his favorite PC games on a android console!! He’s a believer now after I explained GRID to him 🙂

  • James Bunyard

    Sounds fantastic when will it be available fully as I’d rather wait to buy into the Grid than fork out on a console again.  

  • jonnberg

    Only if there is a cloud service that runs Steam. Not interested in buying games again.

  • Elronza Williams Jr.

    I’m buying a Shield! Sony has let me down with my 3G PS Vita that I have
    had for over a year now. I bought the PS Vita expecting great games
    just like the PS3 and full PS3 remote play only to be let down. And
    worse I bought a ps3 after I bought my Vita only to be pissed off
    because of Sony’s lies. And now they Sony say’s I have to buy a PS4 in
    order to have full remote play. Forget that crap! With up to 4000k TV
    output and Android and Cloud gaming and PC streaming and the build
    quality of the Shield having fans and cooling vents unlike my 300+$ 3G
    PS Vita the Shield is future proof!

  • Ken Spaziani

    After a recent driver; whenver I do streaming with my Nvidia Shield… sound only comes via PC speakers – no longer from the shield – No idea why, if anyone has encountered this please do let me know of a work around or fix