Undercover with NVIDIA’s Guerrilla Marketing Team (Video)

by Brian Caulfield

We can’t say who they are. We won’t say what they look like. But we can say they’re good at their job.

As show attendees crowded into bars and night clubs, a team equipped with powerful projectors roamed the streets, throwing thirty-foot high images of SHIELD gameplay onto buildings around downtown Los Angeles.

How do you tell the world about a gaming platform unlike any other amid the noise at the annual E3 video game conference at Los Angeles? You get creative.

Images of SHIELD gameplay were projected onto walls every evening at E3.

And SHIELD, our new open gaming portable, was everywhere at E3 this week.

Gamers wandered the show floor wearing black and green t-shirts bearing the SHIELD logo. Green chalk drawings of the SHIELD logo appeared on the sidewalks around the convention center and throughout the downtown LA city streets.

And at night, the specter of SHIELD hung above the heads of the show’s attendees, drawing curious looks.

It was worth the effort. That’s because even at one of the world’s biggest gaming industry gatherings, few attendees knew what SHIELD was – or what it could do.

To tell that story, gamers were lured to our booth with free t-shirts. The moment a gamer wearing the shirt stepped in front of a high-definition screen at the front of the booth, they were shown on the screen with images of SHIELD gameplay projected onto their chest.

A few won SHIELDs or our latest GeForce GPUs. The rest were ushered into our booth for hands-on time with one of roughly two dozen SHIELDs.

Word seemed to be getting out. “I had no idea what it was,” said Charlie Chiapetta, an Android game developer who stopped by NVIDIA’s booth for a t-shirt.

Now not only is he going to buy a SHIELD (“definitely”). But he’s going to add controller support to his latest Android game so that he can play it on SHIELD.

One down, thousands more to go.

Step right up: attendees who walked up to NVIDIA’s booth wearing a t-shirt with the SHIELD logo would see images of SHIELD gameplay superimposed on their chests.