Where Will You Play SHIELD? E3 Attendees Confess

by Brian Caulfield

In the backyard. In bed. In the bathroom. In the office while the boss isn’t looking.

Thousands of gamers at the annual E3 videogame conference in Los Angeles are filing through our booth this week to get hands-on time with SHIELD, NVIDIA’s portable gaming device. 

Gamers flocked to NVIDIA's booth for a chance to get their hands on SHIELD.
Playing with SHIELD.

And they’re already thinking about where they’ll use the device to sneak in some gaming. About two dozen SHIELDs loaded with more than twenty games were placed out for the show attendees to play with.

“I’m going to play this on my couch, while my son is watching Sesame Street,” Tiffany Marshall said, as she used a flamethrower to toast zombies. “He doesn’t need to see this kind of thing – but I love zombie games.”

Bruno Vlasky wasn’t afraid to say what other attendees merely hinted at. Where does he plan to use his? “In the bathroom,” he said with a grin.

SHIELD doesn’t just offer up a complete roster of Android games – but the ability to stream PC titles, giving gamers the ability to play titles like Borderlands 2, Metro: Last Light, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in places few PC gamers have gone before.

More than a few attendees were transfixed, merely grunting – eyes locked on the action — when asked what they thought of SHIELD as they blasted zombies or maneuvered through Shadowgun or Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Others had no trouble talking and gaming at the same time. “I think this is great,” Dave Birt, who works at Fry’s Electronics, said as he slashed away at virtual enemies in Blood Sword.

His daughter, who was playing with a SHIELD alongside him, agreed. “This is going in my purse,” she said.

One gamer even said he saw SHIELD as the perfect way to relax when taking time off – from his job in the gaming industry.“It’s cool,” said Dan Raimondi, who works at a videogame developer. Where would he use it? “While on vacation,” he said.

Now that’s a man who likes his work.

NVIDIA staff at E3 answered questions about SHIELD.
NVIDIA staff at E3 answering questions about SHIELD.