NVIDIA Drivers for Windows 8.1 Release Preview Now Available

[Editor’s note: This story has been updated with direct download links to drivers.]

NVIDIA released WHQL-certified GeForce drivers today for Windows 8.1 to coincide with the availability of the Windows 8.1 Release Preview from Microsoft.

You can install the new GeForce driver version 326.01 for Windows 8.1 from Windows Update after you install the Release Preview.

NVIDIA has long been committed to working with Microsoft to ensure the best possible Windows experience for GeForce users. Our close working relationship with Microsoft allows us to provide WHQL-certified GeForce drivers via Windows Update on Day 1 for key milestones such as this Release Preview.

It’s a substantial effort that requires hundreds of man years of engineering time and thousands of hours of testing and certification, but it’s essential to ensure optimal performance and stability for the world’s largest gaming and productivity platform.

For more information on Windows 8.1, please visit: http://windows.microsoft.com.

The list of supported GeForce GPUs for Windows 8 can be found here on NVIDIA.com.

Here are direct driver links:
Desktop GPUs: GeForce 326.01 for Windows 8.1 Preview 32-bit
Desktop GPUs: GeForce 326.01 for Windows 8.1 Preview 64-bit
Notebook GPUs: GeForce 326.01 for Windows 8.1 Preview 32-bit
Notebook GPUs: GeForce 326.01 for Windows 8.1 Preview 64-bit

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  • my brother has win 8.1 pro x64 gtx680 and used that driver and doesnt get sound trough hdmi

  • Can you guys please publish the driver, I can’t get it from Windows Update!

  • uninstal nvidia drivers you have installed and it should come to windows update

  • Thanks Ronne, but still no go. I use an Alienware laptop with Nvidia Optimus, Windows 8.1 does not detect nvidia driver just intel.

  • Agreed, I am running a Dell XPS One (newest model) and it isn’t showing up yet even after uninstalling the old driver

  • Contraindicated

    Windows Update does not recognize that I need this driver no matter what I do. Why is this not available as a stand alone download like all other Nvidia drivers?

  • Alex Benavides

    Now i can’t use any 3d app ¬¬ and windows update just doens’t show the new driver. I have a gtx 660m (msi ge60)

  • Quesocristo

    Well, if you are a mobile user with Optimus don’t download Windows 8.1, it will always detect your Intel card as primary. So the best thing to do right now is to wait for a standalone download…

  • Geforce Experience is showing than I have driver version 325.71 installed?! How do I get this newer version?

  • disqus_ReHMEiCDO0

    no 3d vision!!! come on- where is 3d vision support?

  • luigi lops

    Optimus cards won’t get reconized by update

  • Yeah I didn’t get this driver with my update either for my home PC.

  •  Nope,  uninstalled all my drivers and still can’t get the update.

  • IMaysky

    In Windows Update is only 325.71

  • No go here either. Using Dell XPS One. Please publish the driver. Thanks.

  • i have optimus on my asus rig and i installed driver 314… cuz it worked best for me but  games arent using nvidia card …bullshit

  • are you guys even reading this?? The Driver is not available via update.

  • guru3d.com has  325.71 driver

  • bdl14

    where is driver?in update-no 🙁 , in store-no 🙁

  • Chris_Daniel

    Hi Huge and others,
    We apologize for the delay. You are correct that the driver is not showing up yet for some users/GPUs. We are working closely with Microsoft to correct this and make the driver available by end of the day. 

  • John Copeland

    Will not work with Samsung Ultrabook. Does not show in WIndows Update, all current Windows 8 drivers have Control Panel crash errors.

  • jpdias


  • jpdias

    Already tried to find the new driver in windows update and it doesn’t show up, already desinstaled previous drivers and tried everything, please publish the drivers

  • Ali Séb Chervaz

    Me too 8.1 Pro x64 and the contol panel crash. Why put this driver on Windows Update instead of nVidia Official site ??? Non sense …

  • robert johnson

    I can’t get these through windows update either despite having uninstalled the drivers. I think it would behoove NVIDIA to post these manually somewhere on the NVIDIA website until Microsoft can iron out the bug

  • robert johnson

    The best procedure I have found right now for the Windows 8.1 preview is to remove all NVIDIA drivers from the control panel. Once done restart the PC and you should be in VGA mode. Go to Windows update in the control panel and check for updates. At this time the 325.XX series is the highest one available until NVIDIA provides Microsoft with a newer driver.  (rjohnson11, EVGA volunteer forum moderator)

  • Terje Presthus

    No 670 driver yet.

  • Thanks Chris!

    Chris, not sure if it helps, but it might be something related to Nvidia Optimus. In my case I’m using an Alienware M14x R2 and Microsoft doesn’t detect any graphic card other than Intel’s Ivy Bridge.
    Whenever I try to install any Nvidia driver, once I boot Windows, I get a black screen with no turning back, I actually had to boot using safe mode, remove Nvidia driver and keep running with Intel’s graphic card.Device Manager keep saying “Microsoft basic display adapter” instead of Nvidia’s 650M.

  • Are you running Windows 8.1?

  • Chris_Daniel

    You will need our new 326.01 driver from Windows Update. Older drivers will not work properly with Windows 8.1.

  • Need the driver now :/ I’m using a GTX 660M and can’t find the driver on windows update.

  • I think Hugo is trying to give you as much info as he can. I also think the problem is related to Optimus support but I’ll that one to you.

    And I’m just curious… Is it going to take you a lot to release the driver? And, could you post here after the problem is solved?

    Thank you in advance. <3Nvidia!

  • if this is real i hail you!

  • Hmmm

  • I think Hugo is trying to give you as much info as he can. I also think the problem is related to Optimus support but I’ll leave that one to you.
    And I’m just curious… Is it going to take you a lot to release the driver? And, could you post here after the problem is solved?
    Thank you in advance. <3Nvidia!

  • Someone willing to take the bullet and try it? (And obviously come back here and tell us what happened)

  • It’s truly 326.01 but it doesn’t recognize my video card.

  • I took the bullet, couldnt install it (installer says not compatible) (i have a (gt 620m) also via device manger couldnt be installed.
    it isnt a virus though scanned it myself

  • well it says it is but who knows, same thing for me

  • Same laptop here (MSI GE60 with GTX 660M 2GB) and having trouble :/

  • Damn

  • Thanks for the reply

  • Quesocristo

    http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/topic/30294-nvidia-drivers-32601-for-windows-81-release-preview-released/ This forum is trustworthy, it is supposed to be for laptops, but im not sure if it’s for 64 or 32 bits.

  • What about this one? Does it work?

  • Quesocristo

    Im downloading it myself :/, should work though for laptops. (also, the download is a .cab file and the download comes from microsoft’s servers)

  • ia am downloading it right now

  • cab doesnt mean neccessarily from microsoft its an “widely used” package format

  • same thing says its NOT COMPATIBLE

  • Alex Benavides

     I just used the factory reset (i kept all my data in D drive) and went back to win 8, u should do the same til they release stable things

  • Hans Maiser

    yes it is, just start setup, moded inf is already included.

  • Hans Maiser

    this website has only the name “laptop” – its the same 362.01 (i think), yes, you can dl there.

  • Alex Benavides

     In fact, I read that hibrid technology isn’t supported, maybe that’s why nobody with optimus or something like that can make it work

  • Growing impatient… They said “by end of the day”, and the day’s almost over.

  • yes your right!

  • i have a gt 620m it says not compatible either way

  • Hi, Chris. How long until the “end of the day”?

  • Hans Maiser

    cos its a desktop driver (due modded inf), not a mobile driver (laptop).

  • Hans Maiser

    ITs a Desktop driver only, for x64.

  • Would hate to do that. They said it’d be ready “by end of the day”, so I’ll wait a ‘lil longer!

  • sounds reasonable, 🙁 can you get the notebook one?

  • yeah, real deal but does not detect my card.

  • Hans Maiser

    sry, not today, im offline now, i’d check here, good guys there 😉 http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=379924

    ah, i see youre german, too 🙂 grüße 😀

  • -.-‘

  • Tim Fontana

    he never said it meant that. He stated both those facts, not that fact a proved fact b

  • Tim Fontana

    If this is the way forward for Nvidia, forcing us to rely on Windows Updates for drivers then the battle is won by AMD.

    This had better be a one off.

  • And here we are!! Waiting for this fix while AMD users don’t have this BIG problem… The end of the day in Hawaii?

  • Almost 10 pm in Colombia. Nothing yet.   😐

  • Living in NL with asus notebook (with intel hd4000 and geforce 650m GT) nothing here yet. also waiting so I can finally test this windows (as applications are too slow on the standard graphic card)

    Nvidia, please make drivers downloadable as stand alone packages again.

  • Still no update for GTX 675M. Can you please publish the driver.

  • Still no Windows Update for GTX 675M! Can you guys please publish the driver

  • Sasha

    WTF happened to you, Nvidia?
    How long do I have to wait for your work, for which I will pay my money?

    Why the owners of ATI’s easy to fully use their computers, and I as a disabled person, which depends on NVidia can `t afford it? For almost a day had passed since your answer, but no work on your part was not done.

    It’s time to move on to your competitors.
    And friends to advise on social networks..

  • how about GTX680m? NONE of my game able to run on the windows 8.1, bad move for me, hope driver come out soon

  • disqus_ReHMEiCDO0

    When will the new driver be posted via windows update??? Its been 3 days now!!
    Just post the driver on NVidia’s website if its not going to work via windows update, you are upsetting a lot of your customers.

  • robert johnson

    I still don’t see the driver as of yet and the one posted at Mega doesn’t work

  • robert johnson

     It’s not available yet which could mean that it is not NVIDIA’s problem but slowness on the part of Microsoft….

  • Florin Muntean


    please provide a driver for NVIDIA NVS 5200M.
    The win 8 driver is crashing the whole Win 8 .1 when installing it.

    Called your support and they are not willing to give me a beta driver.


  • Chris123NT

    How hard is it to just publish the driver?  Drivers via WU NEVER works properly.

  • Louie Alexander Vassall

    this is unbelievable nvidia i have been waiting 2 days for yours drivers why its taking so long? i cant use my gt 650m im stock using intel HD4000……i check the damn windows update there is nothing in it

  • Still waiting… You should ***ing kidding all of us guys…

  • When you see the driver 326.01 for the GTX 660m on windows 8.1?

  • When you see the driver 326.01 for the GTX 660m on windows 8.1?

  • USMarineCorps01

    Please release the driver… I’m unable to adequately use my alienware m14x r2 and have no means of enabling my external displayport monitor.

  • Hi,
    please provide a driver for NVIDIA NVS 5200M ” Lenovo T530″


  • Hi Chris, are there plans to release drivers for quadro series?

  • No news from Chris Daniel yet?

  • i got the driver for my card that supposed to work.

    “nVidia – Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1, Graphics Adapter WDDM1.2, Graphics Adapter WDDM1.3 – NVIDIA GeForce GT620M”

    Got that from the catalog.windows.com  Guess what. It doesnt recognize my graphics card -.-

  • I just CAN’T believe the fact that Nvidia doesn’t even care telling their customers what is happening. That’s just un-professional and a really bad practice.

  • Got it, my driver is now released version 326.01 and came by windows update … I waited it yesterday and today all day …. I was with the uninstalled driver and had the windows update find updates and she was found. My graphics card is a 630M

  • Louie Alexander Vassall

    your lucky man i´m still waiting

  • No luck for me… GTX 660M here

  • working now. came through w update, thx nvidia , bit late but better then never

  • I also just got the windows update for my 630M with optimus. let’s hope I can actually run 3d applications again. It’s been hell.

  • Quesocristo

    Do you have Optimus tech on your laptop?

  • I do.

  • Tim Fontana


  • Tim Fontana

    Same issue on my 650M

  • IKR!

  • Hell and a lot more…

  • Quesocristo

    Yeah, i do too, but Optimus makes the IGP render the monitor, so Windows will only recognize it as primary, therefore WU won’t search for Nvidia drivers :c, i was wondering because there are some laptops without this failed tech.

  • Chris_Daniel

    Unfortunately the distribution of our drivers via Windows Update has been much slower than we expected. Many GPUs should be receiving drivers now, but some are still in the queue. As a result, we are preparing driver packages to post directly on nvidia.com. I’ll provide an update in a few hours. 

  • Thanks for the support Chris, always good when you guys hear us.

    Quick update, Optimus with 650M, nothing yet through Windows Update.

  • Hi Hugo,
    how could you manage to get in safe mode and remove the driver. I habe exactly the same problem with a black screen, but everytime I try to get in safe mode it doesn’t work and finally it resets windows 8 automatically

  • Hi Chris,
    I would really like to do that, but how should I get the driver from the windows update? Exactly as Hugo, I get a black screen before I see any part of Windows. For me it’s not even possible to go to safe mode. I guess the only solution would be a standalone installation before installing windows 8.1

  • Benny, did you try pressing F8 (or Shift + F8) before Windows load, after the BIOS boot and choose “Troubleshoot”?

  • Tim Fontana


  • Quesocristo

    Got the drivers :D, if someone hasn’t gotten theirs yet, wait a bit longer, looks like MS or Nvidia is working on it.

  • Same here! Guys, 650M is out!

  • Theo Dule

    y580 660m still no windows update:( Do I have to uninstall drivers?

    Edit nvm WOOT!

    No it just detected it:P But thanks!!!!

  • Try uninstalling + reboot and check for update.

    In my case I had no driver installed, so I didn’t need to uninstall.

    It could be still being published by MS though.

  • USMarineCorps01

    I’m working alienware m14x r2 intel hd4000 + Nvidia GT 650M -thank you!

  • Paulo Roberto dos Santos Gonça

    What about 640m? I’m getting nothing here but I’m afraid that I haven’t uninstall it properly.

  • Paulo Roberto dos Santos Gonça

    FINNALY *-*

  • deep639

    I have a nvidia gt 640m though i still dont see the update. do i uninstall the driver?

  • Paulo Roberto dos Santos Gonça

    I have a gt 640m too and the driver is already on Windows Update. you should uninstall the driver and rebot the notebook.

  • Louie Alexander Vassall

    FInally im downloading the drivers from windows update! i will come back and tell if works or not i have a GT 650M

  • deep639

    i uninstalled it but on rebooting the driver was already installed. windows update still doesnt show the new driver update. maybe the update is being released gradually so I’ll wait. Thanks.

  • FINALLY downloading it. Thank you (and damn you too) NVIDIA for making me start learning how to program in Ruby -.-

  • Louie Alexander Vassall

    Ok people i download the drivers and everything is working fine thank nvidia

  • Thanks For Driver NVS 5400M today i get it through windows update

  • Chris_Daniel
  • Chris_Daniel

    Direct download links are now available. Links are provided in the blog above.

  • I’ve downloaded driver for 64bit notebooks, removed old driver before installation and reboot my notebook, but it is still reporting about lack of compatible devices. My graphics is GeForce GT 550M.

  • It’s 64 bit not 62 bit but thanks for the direct links.

  • johnny.r00k

    62 bit? Yeah, right
    BTW, where are the drivers for win 7? I bet there are more win 7 users than there is win 8

  • Sasha

    Same on GT 620M.

  • This driver does not add any special feature, but without it everyone who upgraded to Windows 8.1 can’t use their computers.

    It’s not a matter of what’s the most popular OS, it’s a matter that everyone should have their GPU working, doesn’t matter the OS.

  • Nvidia said that in July a newer driver will be released to all OS, so just wait a while.

  • Theo Dule

    LOL 62 bit drivers…Looks like 64 bit drivers were too much to make;) LOL

  • johnny.r00k

    Thank you very much for the answer. I appreciate. But, you have to understand my frustration. I moved from the Red team’s card to a brand new GTX 780 and I am still waiting for driver that actually work with all my games and apps.
    Anyways, I think I can -an will -, give the Win 8 drivers a test myself while i wait. After all, Win8 and Win 7 share same DNA.

  • johnny.r00k

    C’mom, I don’t want to be rude but, that’s BS. And what about GTX 780 owners? No matter the OS, we should have our GPUs working in every application too, don’t you think?

  • Is it really unbelievable? Why don’t YOU try to create drivers for an incredibly complex GPU to run on a preview version of an OS? CHILL OUT.

  • Chris_Daniel

    It’s a new power savings feature of 8.1. 10% savings by dropping to 62-bit 😉
    Thanks for the catch. We’ll get it updated.

  • Illi

    Wat? 62 bit version?

  • Skytechh

    So is there going to be drivers for GT750M or no?

  • Theo Dule

    for 10% leave em 62 😉 lol

    Thanks guys you rock!

  • Wootles

    So is this going to destroy my GPU like the 320 drivers did? Cos if so, i expect compensation Nvidia.

  • After all my problem is solved by Windows Update: it finaly found drivers for my graphics. Try to check for updates now.

  • Why wrote 62-bit???

  • please i need support for the Sony VAIO because i have a NVIDIA G210M in my notebook VAIO and No have drivers installed

  • 1000moths

    My word, I have to say reading these comments has made me lose faith in human intelligence. 8.1 is a PREVIEW people, it clearly states before you install it that you shouldn’t install unless you’re prepared for some things to maybe not work as they do in RTM versions of the OS. 

    Yet all I see here is a bunch of whining children who are having a hissy fit because they are experiencing exactly what the warning states could happen!!
    Grow  up people, seriously.

  • Peter Mattsson

    I have a Thinkpad T61 with the NVS 140M… It’s included in the list of supported graphic chips and the drivers install without problem. But when I try to connect to a miracast device (netgear push2tv ptv3000) I don’t get any new projector in my devices list. Is the NVS 140M not compatible with Miracast?

  • eveafterdark

    in the supported products tab it says that the 326.01 driver supports 230M GT. I have a vaio vpccw1z4e fitted with 230M GT and when I try to install the driver for Win 8.1 Preview x64 the setup runs system compatibility and says “graphics driver couldn’t find compatible graphics hardware” ???

  • DigiBlade

    Hi, the driver has a problem with duplicate screens.
    I have Samsung BX2450 and LG 47″ LE5500 with my GTX560. when I use duplicate screen FHD with TV ON no problems duplicate is perfect. When TV OFF the screen appear as 1920×1080 BUT the text and windows are much larger.
    its hard to explain, its show 1920×1080 but the resolution is like 800×600 (not the wallpaper or the taskbar, just everything else. new windows, IE windows ETC…
    BTW, its the same with my other TV LG 55″ 55LM671Y.

    please FIX IT 🙂

    Thank you.

  • I’m having trouble playing world of warcraft, using directx 11. The driver stops working.

  • I’m having trouble playing world of warcraft, using directx 11. The driver stops working.

  • Towers2000

    Upgraded to 8.1 and stuck in Safe Mode. None of the options from Beta Fish work. HELP

  • Towers2000

    I get a blue/black screen

  • JassonBlack

    Any news about making NVdia Optimus work with Windows 8.1?
    This post is the first in google when you search for Optimus and Windows 8.1.

  • Andre Trubnikoff

    ASUS N75SL with Geforce 635M here, newly released win 8.1 enterprise preview, drivers automagically downloaded and installed just fine (WIndowsUpdate)… but… the very first game that tried to switch from Intel’s HD3000 using Optimus gave me black screen, the menu music kept playing.

    Going to sleep mode and then logging in again helps to switch back to HD3000 and see my desktop, and also I managed to snap back out of it by ALT+F4 and then FN+F8 (which is meant to switch between int/ext display, I guess).

    Hope that helps, Nvidia! I’m not whining, just patiently waiting for the fix =)
    Keep on keeping on, you all are doing a good job there.

  • Secondary card for Lenovo Y510p (GT750M) does not works with the latest 326.80 driver. Integrated GT750M does works.

  • MagazinePuma .

    I noticed that my graphics card, ge force 750m sli, is not supported. When will it be supported? Or am I mistaken?

  • Very detailed post! To be sure with above poster! I’ve your site bookmarked!


  • Andrew Stringer

    is anyone else having problems with NVidia experience on windows 8.1 i.e. it doesn’t load but installs fine?

  • Hi, After i updated to 8.1, my movie maker stopped working. Will it be solved when i update nvidia drivers?

  • Angelo Dayanghirang

    Chris how about geforce 710 m ? I update windows 8.1 ? where can i find the update to fix the nvidia ?

  • Animesh Budhoo

    hey.i have a toshiba p850 with both intel and nvidia graphic cards..i recently updated my windows from 8 to 8.1 and after that i cant run games like dota2 and farcry..also i can t find the nvidia settings in device manager..i dont know if its norma,just precising..any tipss?

  • Bernard de Asis

    cant install driver for nvidia geforce MX420

  • anurag

    i have hp envy k013 tx its a ultrabook which one the driver should i download because nvidia is not working at all..

  • בצלאל שפירו

    Slava Shapiro
    Hi every one I have windows 8.1and I have problem with my nvidia driver,can somebody tell which driver I need instal on my comp.
    By the way I have a xtreamer ultra box need help.

  • Dennis L. Ayers

    Why does it take so long to update and install nvidia drivers??? I mean wow??? Like an hour or so???

  • mostafa mahgoub

    since i downloaded driver update, all games are slower frame rate per sec and then freezes>?????????????/11111111

  • Munesh Chauhan

    I am facing a similar problem related to Cuda5.5 install on Windows 8.1. I presume that when I was installing cuda 5.5 toolkit, I also selected graphic driver install option. Since win 8.1 already had a Nvidia graphic driver (of a different version than cuda), that resulted in a conflict. When I rebooted I am stuck at a blank screen. Now the issue is how to go into safe mode and uninstall the nvidia drivers. I referred many online forums and found that I need to have a recovery boot stick/cd. But I did not create it when win8.1 OS was functional. Since I upgraded free from windows 8 professional to windows 8.1, I need windows 8.1 recovery stick/cd. kindly advice if any one has some clue on this problem.

  • Jesse Johnson

    Hi all!
    I was just wondering why my games aren’t working on windows 8.1?
    I can’t get my Minecraft, Portal, Portal2 or Team fortress working…
    Every time I load a Steam game, it has a sort of orangey tint and after the VALVe intro has finished just closes. As for Minecraft, when I click “Play!”, it crashes!
    Please help!! =(
    ~The Edible Gazelle

  • Charles Mule

    ah guys am charles,am having problems with putting games on my toshiba windows 8.1 ,they are very slow what do i need to do?