SHIELD Shipments to Be Delayed Into Next Month

We’re grateful for all the enthusiasm that’s been expressed for SHIELD, our new portable gaming device.  And we’re eager to get it into your hands.

But we won’t do that until it’s fully up to the exacting standards that NVIDIA’s known for. And some final quality-assurance testing has just turned up a mechanical issue that we’re not happy with.

So, while we announced last week that SHIELD will go on sale this Thursday, we’ve taken the hard decision to delay shipping until next month.

The issue relates to a third-party mechanical component, and we’re working around the clock with the supplier to get it up to our expectations.

We apologize to those who have preordered SHIELDs and to all those who are waiting for them to go on sale. But we want every SHIELD to be just right.

We’ll let you know when we have an exact shipping date in July. We think it will be worth the wait.

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  • Anthony silver

    not bloody good enough!! don’t give a release date and 5 days later pull it! so amature and upsetting!

  • Gothalion

    Complete and total garbage. There needs to be some sort of good will shown to anyone who pre-ordered. Or youre going to see pre-orders canceled.

  • GDM

    ugh. really? you announced less than a week ago that it’s going to ship, then you delay it the day before it’s supposed to go out the door AND charged some of your customers already? wow. have fun competing with the new snapdragons by the time the shield actually comes out… way to fuck it up. i’ll be cancelling my preorder, as i know many others will.

  • GDM

    i’ll take a free case, that MIGHT sway me from cancelling.

  • Vic 20

    This will bite you guys…

  • GDM

    amateur is right… way to save QA until the day before it is suppose to launch.

  • GadgetboySTL

    How can this happen so close to the release date? How many were manufactured that have to be recalled or were any shipped to any retailers at all? Can you imagine if this was Microsoft of Sony shipping one of the next gen consoles?!?!?!?!? Loved to see how much this eats into their P&L statement.

  • Ashmedie

    It does come with a case, a really nice one too

  • This is super upsetting for early adopters.  But I hope the mechanical issue makes it a better product.  

    It’s just really unfortunate that you pushed up the release date, lowered the price, created tons of hype, and then didn’t deliver.

  • Phil Winkel

    extremely lame. Paypal Resolution Center, here I come.

  • Phil Winkel

    case is 30$

  • Ashmedie

    My mistake then

  • trdpatrick

    Preorder = CANCELLED.  I’ll put that money towards a PS4.

  • xphyle

    How many sales do you think you will lose from people like myself cancelling their orders?

  • Grant Johnson

    well, thanks for finding the flaw. I’m disappointed, but not as much as I would have been had I found the flaw before you guys did.

    BTW, what component was it that was not correct?

  • Miguel Parra

    Disappointed, pre-ordered May 14th and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. People at the office wanted to see it before deciding if to get one or not.

  • guest1110

    Lame, and my Credit Card got charged for the full amount.  Customer Rep, couldn’t even pull up my order number.  They suck too.

  • digitalFatteh

    Apology NOT accepted.  You mean to tell us that you only just decided to do QA on the actual hardware up to a week ago and after only just announce a price cut.  You know what this will look like right ?  A Money Grab.

  • Disappointing, but if their were mechanical issues with the device that would be even more disappointing. However I do a agree that for those who pre-ordered it, like myself should get some kind of compensation, like a free case or custom lid, otherwise I have a feeling a lot of orders are gonna be cancelled.  

  • Hi Grant. Thanks for your patience and understanding. It is our intention to deliver a perfect product that meets our standards. We were not willing to ship until we can ensure all units are 100%. We are not disclosing specifics on the component. 

  • Chris Anton

    what the hell? you guys announce a day before it goes on sale that you can’t ship it? Shouldn’t it be in the process of shipping already?!? I mean, you announce a week before that it’s shipping, your qa testing should already be done! If this has to do with it not working with that damn nyko peripheral, I am extremely upset.. becuase nyko sucks anyway.

  • So I saw that my credit card had been charged for my pre order but I didnt have any shipping information so I went to check my email and saw that nvidia decided that maybe it was a good idea to test this thing before they released it and that it’ll “allegedly” come out in a month so I called customer support to cancel my pre order. I tell the person on the end the line my reasoning for cancelling and she responds with a doubtful “let me check my resources”. After determining that Im not lying to her she tells me that my product has already been processed and sent to the shipper and to expect shipping info shortly. We go back and forth for a few minutes and I subsequently hang up.

    Has anyone been charged for this yet? 

  • Grant Johnson

    Thanks will. I’m a big fan of your videos, you do a great job of making me want the shield even more than I would have. Keep up the good work.

    I can understand the choice of not disclosing information on the component that was faulty as it may tarnish your relationship with the vendor.

    I can only hope it was something vital like the quality of the hinge or a noisy fan or something that I would feel would ruin end user experience. Those mechanical parts need extra love and care for sure.

  • Brian_Caulfield

    Thanks for the comments, everyone. We’re very sorry for the frustrating delay, but we want SHIELD to be just right when it’s launched. Regarding the requests for specifics on the third party component, we’re not giving specifics. Ultimately, SHIELD is our product, so we take full responsibility for its quality.

  • Fro7en

    Same here. I actually needed this in this certain time for when I’m going out of town for a while. No I guess I’ll get a PS Vita. Way to go NVIDIA. 

  • GDM

    that’s too bad. you’ve lost quite a few preorders, myself included. maybe when it actually launches, if i’m still interested in the shield (i have a strong feeling you’ll miss your july date as well, this might as well have been a kickstarter gadget), i might pick one up… but i dunno, you guys boned this up pretty well man. what’s with waiting until the 11th hour to do testing? i’m willing to bet you guys knew it was going to be delayed last week and chose to sit on it until today. some proof might be found in the press having released press unboxing videos and then about an hour later having to pull them all down or make them private. a little too coincidental if you ask me.

  • Phil Winkel

    i would not get a vita, lol. get a couple books and deal with it, this really sucks but vita is just horrible

  • Michael Kramer

    I was charged the full amount on June 21st, 2013 after recieving a email the day before stating the price drop and a emial the same day stating I would only be charged the lower amount. I spent over a hour today with their customer disservice (India) and arguing about the money gone from my account and no product. They said it was only a pending hold and the money was still there but I had forethought and had called the back first and they said no the money was gone from my account as a charge. I asked their CS if the hold will stay on until the product shipped (which is now unknown) and she said yes. So I told he I am charged for the product which has not shipped and paid for vaporware. She basically said yes. I finally got fed up and CANCELLED my order and told them to have the money back in my account within the next 48hrs. She agreed.


  • Brian_Caulfield

    Thanks for the comments about information being communicated by customer support reps. We’re looking into that right away.

  • Fro7en

    To be honest, Now I am fucking confused. Newegg on Youtube just uploaded an unboxing video of the Sheild.. WTF IS THIS NVIDIA ! 

  • Brian_Caulfield

    Thanks for the feedback. We did not see this issue on pre-production units.  Our final QA process on production units
    uncovered the issue.

  • Brian_Caulfield

    Thanks for the feedback. 

  • Michael Kramer

     I have been a early adaptor for many products and know the amount of work it takes to test things but we have always given ourselves time to fully test out the product before releasing it to the public. If we gave a release date we had it tested and finalized at least a month before the release date

  • MZ

    Would you guys prefer to get a broken device and be disappointed? Yes it sucks, but NVIDIA doing the right thing by their customers and fixing the defect is the right call.

  • GDM

    of course not, it’s how they handled it that pisses us off.

  • jason sundaram

    Thanks for letting us know and i dont mind waiting because afterall you are getting a perfect product. Thanks for the videos on the shield Will and hope to buy more products from Nvidia.

  • jason sundaram

    Guys dont get to angry with Nvidia its just couple of days and afterall you are getting a product that is 100% than before which had flaws.

  • Lee Aaron

    Will, I pre-ordered and I am not upset about the delay. I don’t care when you found the flaw, I commend you guys for stopping the roll out and fixing it instead of giving us an inferior product like some other companies would have done. I do agree with others however that some form of compensation should be given to those of us that have already been charged for the device (myself included). We should get a free case or maybe $20 refunded or something just because we have paid for a product that we can not even use for about a month after we were expecting to. That would only be right. Thank you guys again for making sure the product is perfect before selling it but as a consumer having this announcement the day before release does show that somebody doing QA clearly messed up on Nvidia’s end.

  • digitalFatteh

    They made the right call but have shut down on questions of the defect. 

    Are they going to ‘fix’ the defect on all production units or is it going to be a fudge fix to get it shipped.  Would it be best to cancel now and wait for the second generation units that would have the defect fully fixed or hope that it is actually fixed out the door 

    After all they are not saying what the problem is so how will anyone know if they ‘fixed’ the defect other than the company themselves.

  • jason sundaram


  • jason sundaram

    Please dont CANCEL your Orders

  • jason sundaram

    it will be worth the wait.

  • Matt Legowski

    I agree it’s disappointing but given the situation it’s better than the alternative of sending out known-defective units and dealing with either a recall after-the-fact or massive warranty claims / returns due to whatever it is.  FWIW I’m holding onto my preorder; it’s not like this delay is much in the grand scheme of things and certainly far less of a delay than anyone that ordered an OpenPandora back in 2008 experienced. :p

  • Phil Winkel

    it’s a month, potentially more. The new “estimate” is by the “end of July”, that’s of course if nothing else goes wrong.

    100% more is a bit of a stretch. The hype is high right now, they just announced a price cut, and then this happens. New snapdragon processors are coming out in July…

    so yeah. Preorder cancelled. fuck this thing, they blew it.

  • GDM

    Nearly 2 months is a little more than a couple of days man. And by that time who knows what awesome new devices will be out. Plus, wouldn’t you rather wait for a proper review of the final device before blindly throwing $300 at it? What if it sucks, or what if it’s great but it doesn’t feel great in your hands?

  • PanAsianPanda

    Disagree. The Vita is a stellar product with accelerating support. Regarding the mechanical issue: Let’s assume they’re being honest with their customers right now. What would you rather have? A delay on the initial shipment, or all the bitching that would happen if it was consumers that catch the issue in N weeks? I think that they may be trying to make things perfect, although one has to assume they realize no product, especially 1st gen, is perfect.

  • digitalFatteh

    Overcharged.  I can understand why my bank rang me up becuase the digital payment company is on its fraud watch list here.

  • Phil Winkel

    barely any games on vita. It’s a piece of garbage. it will end up collecting dust. I have played PSP / PS1 games from the PSN store almost exclusively; the vita games library is extremely lacking.

    vita itself should have been an android device. The vita OS, and it’s apps, are all really bad. Facebook, bad. The browser is horrible. The software keyboard is horrible. All of those issues would have been non-issues had vita just went with android.

    Android and iOS are going to kill handhelds. Who would buy a shitty proprietary gaming handheld and pay 40$ for games anymore, when you can get a phone or tablet that runs a real OS with millions of apps and play games, many of which are free or paid games average 2-5$ each. 

    Have fun on that vita, it’s of a dying breed. 

  • Jack Martin

    Thank you Nvidia for not putting out a sub-par product. Sure I may be disapointed in the short term. But to know that you are all willing to do what needs to be done in order to guarantee a top-notch product is commendable. I used to buy amd, but today you made me a customer. Thank you.

  • Jack Martin

    If you need hype to buy the product then you wont like it the week after you got it in the mail. Ive got hype for the thing and i will untill the day i buy my Shield 2…. and Shield 3….Shield 4 etc.

  • Brian_Caulfield

    Thanks for the comment. We did not see this
    issue on pre-production units that we’ve been testing for some time. It was the final QA process on the production units that uncovered this issue. Apologies for the delay. 

  • Phil Winkel

    never said anything about needing hype to buy a product. I am familiar with android and already game on several android devices, so I have a good idea of what I would be getting with a shield… 

    My point was simply that this launch was looking really great, and now it’s not. THis was a niche product to begin with – now the hype has been negated by negative press, not good for the shield.

    I applaud what nvidia is trying to promote here, but man this is really unfortunate.

  • Brian_Caulfield

    Thanks for the comment Phil. We didn’t see this
    issue on pre-production units, as a result this delay was a surprise to us, too. It was our final QA process on production units that uncovered this issue.

  • Tom McLeod

     2 months? The estimate from Nvidia right now is one tops, could very well be less. Just because newegg picked a random day doesn’t mean that it’s true, they have less information than Nvidia does.

  • Vic 20

    So we’re spinning this as courageous or honorable as apposed to plain old bad planning and worse communication?  Roger that, I’m ready to face you bold new world! AAAwwwaaayyy!

  • dcchambers

    Pre-ordered from NewEgg and got a $10 credit towards my next purchase….not a lot but certainly nice of them at least. No word from Nvidia directly but they should definitely show some love to the early adopters.

  • digitalFatteh

    Thank you for the feedback on the production unit.  It is with sadness that I’ve now placed a cancellation for the 1st generation SHIELD unit from NVIDIA. 

    I wish all the best and fun times to early adopters but I think I’ll wait for the product to mature a few years down the line.

    Best of luck.

  • Brian_Caulfield

    Thanks for your understanding, Matt. We want to make sure that once you get your SHIELD it feels just right.  

  • Brian_Caulfield

    Thanks for your understanding, Jack. Our customers deserve the best, and we’re working hard to make sure once your SHIELD arrives it feels just right.

  • Rick Todman

    Nvidia needs to put on the Big Boy Pants and make this right. Email us, offer some type of game voucher, discount, or free accessory. It still makes no sense why this wasn’t QA/QC at least a month before it ships. No bueno nvidia. You have 1 week before i cancel. Figure it out.

  • xphyle

    Nvidia.  Thanks for saving me $300 on the Shield pre-order that I had through Newegg and $200+ on the GTX-660 video card order that I had placed through Amazon.  I cancelled both today.  Based on the lack of class and communcation that you showed to your customers who pre-ordered the Shield, I want nothing more to do with your company.  I will be putting this money towards either a Playstation 4 or an Xbox One (BOTH of which are using AMD chips, and after this debacle, I can see why they chose AMD).  Good luck in the future.  Based on the number of cancelled orders you will have, you’re going to need it.  

  • AlphaTerminus

    Dear ________________,

    Thank you for contacting the NVIDIA online store.

    We have received your request to cancel shipment of your order;
    unfortunately we were unable to do so. Your order was processed for
    shipment immediately upon completion, and no changes were able to be

    You will be receiving a shipping notification email shortly. If you do
    not wish to receive the shipment and you would like a refund, you may
    refuse delivery.

    Jomar L.
    NVIDIA online store
    Customer Service

  • AlphaTerminus

    None because they are not letting us cancel.

  • Forbiddina

    i pre-ordered one and i’m quite upset but if its something huge like the hinge heaven forbid get it right. dont want another original ds on my hands. still loved the ds though

  • xphyle

     Well, I cancelled mine via Newegg.

  • Paul

    I cancelled my pre-order. While I am sad that the date was changed I am actually ok with not getting a broken product. I intend to purchase a shield but the new timing doesnt work out for me so I will wait till after the summer. Really sorry to see so many people canceling their preorders. I cant wait to reorder in a couple months.

  • Phil Winkel

    Jomar sounds pretty useless. 

  • Brian Milligan

    While disappointed, just thought I’d write something counter to the rage and say I’m not cancelling my pre-order and hope the best for the product.  While this is unusual to hit a defect delay on the eve of launch it beats getting products that need to be instantly RMA’d.

    Showing us original pre-orderers some love would be classy though, I paid extra on shipping to support this product directly from NVIDIA (from Canada).

  • GadgetboySTL

    “created tons of hype, and then didn’t deliver”

    sounds like my prom date

  • Because you’ll never see games like Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, Call Of Duty, Mortal Kombat, and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on Android or iOS.  Plus PSN is KNOWN for it’s indie development to bring you an online marketplace that has Android games ported and exclusive indie games that destroy anything found on Android.  For cheap prices just the same.

    PSN + gives you different games free every month and the subscription works across both PS3, PS4, and Vita.

    The 3DS is better with it’s game selection (I have one of those too) but the PS Vita offers console grade games. Not Angry Birds and “Modern Combat” knockoffs and you’re not waiting months hoping a game will add controller support for your specific controller,  if it ever does at all.  Not to mention the fragmentation caused by there being 400 different Android devices and multiple iOS devices so games need to be programmed for each one.

    Sure the VITA selection is lacking right now but the PS4 will revitalize the Vita.  The PS4 is going to stream both PS3 and PS4 games to the Vita for remote play.  Console exclusives that you won’t find on PC let alone Android.

    Which is way better than streaming a few certified PC games to your SHIELD considering you need to have an expensive NVIDIA GTX 600 series or higher and a computer that can handle it.

    Granted I have all of that,  not many people want to invest that kind of money into a computer.  I too pre-ordered the SHIELD,  but I am sick of the arguments that mobile platforms are going to take out REAL handhelds with REAL developer support.  It’s never going to happen so give it up.

  •  The case is $39.99 actually… which amounts to about $43 after taxes.  Total ripoff.  I will be waiting for the Nyko one that will probably be $20 or less.  Not to mention they also have a hardshell version that will probably still be cheaper than Nvidia’s overpriced fabric case.

    $20 for a piece of plastic is ridiculous… just because they call it a TAG it doesn’t eliminate the fact that it probably cost them 20 cents to make.  Same with the carrying case.

    The $50 price drop on the SHIELD wasn’t enough… this device should be $250 at the MOST and the accessories should cost no more than $15.

    I got TWO $10 gift cards from Newegg since I had two orders.  Which is cool but it has to be used in 90 days or it expires.  Also,  who knows if NVIDIA actually did this or if it was NEWEGG picking up the slack and offering the gift cards THEMSELVES.

  • I received $20 gift card from NEWEGG since I had two orders.  Although that’s a great sentiment it’s still not helping with me trust NVIDIA to ever get this product out.  Plus that was NEWEGG that issues the gift card not NVIDIA… so now a company that SELLS your product has to take the fall for your mistakes?

    This is just insanely unprofessional.  Those of you taking the role of NVIDIA apologists need to quit it already.  There is absolutely no excuse for them to have announced a shipment date,  charge customers, and then 24 hours before shipment they somehow notice some defect that magically appears after MULTIPLE rounds of QA testing?  Maybe if it was some low budget company but a company like NVIDIA it’s just embarrassing.

    How can a company this large overlook a defect that somehow becomes incredibly apparent at the last minute,  but was overlooked before?  That leads to only two possibilities which is that the defect is so minor that it was hard to see,  OR they are seeing poor sales and want to wait another month to see if they should drop the price again.

    It’s even stranger that they are not disclosing what the defect is.  That means that they overlooked something so embarrassingly obvious,  that it’s actually LESS embarrassing to delay the shipment,  than it would be to send the product out the way it was.

    The way to fix this is make sure it ships before mid July and either throw in a free Carbon Fiber Tag or offer a discount on that overpriced carrying case.  Not everyone is rich you know.

  • Is anyone else noticing the convenient timing of all this?  They drop the price by $50 so they can rake in more orders,  move the release date up 3 days to build more hype and get even more orders,  then charge everyone for the SHIELD, and then delay the release last minute for a month due to some defect they won’t mention?

    Sounds like a great way to hold onto our money and gain interest off it to cover the production costs you lost due to the defect you overlooked.  Then blame it on a third party vendor so your hands look clean.

    It makes more sense that they knew about this defect a few weeks ago. I bet they dropped the price BECAUSE of the defect and then at the last minute finally gained a conscience and decided to delay it the night before release so they could charge everyone first.

    There’s no excuse for a last minute delay over something that should have been fully tested a month ago. NVIDIA is pulling a fast one on all of us.

  • Phil Winkel

    Uncharted wasn’t that great on vita imo, it looked good but really idk why people like that game so much. Call of Duty? Moving on….

    I agree if you’re in it for the “streaming” or “remote play” then the vita is probably better. PC to Shield streaming seems kind of gimmicky. There’s no way I would rather play a PC game on a Shield, than on a mechanical keyboard with nice 5600+ dpi mouse. However, No one is forcing anyone to buy a brand new computer or gpu to use a shield. The streaming is an added bonus for the shield, and I guess it’s one of their main sales pitches, but I don’t really plan on using it whatsoever. It sounds cool, but honestly if I’m at home within wifi range of my PC, I’m just going to go play on my PC. Very few of the pc games I play would even work well with a controller, and even the ones that might work with a controller would jsut suck because you would be at a disadvantage anyways – mouse + keyboard vs controller, former wins anyday.

    I think you’re a bit unfamiliar with using controllers for Android gaming… there are plenty of ways to do it without “waiting for support”. You can play all touch-based Android games with a PS3 controller over bluetooth using the Sixaxis app. There are other apps such as Game Keyboard that allow you to map hardware keys and analog sticks to virtual touch events. You don’t need to wait for games to add support for  gamepads; they are all touched based and there is plenty of software/apps that allow you to map hardware keys to touch events. 

    Imagine if your vita ran Android instead of it’s crappy OS. Facebook actually works. Google chrome, Google Gesture Keyboard, gmail, millions of apps, tons of free to play games, tons of cheap games, etc, etc. It would be way better. PSN store is a step in the right direction, it’s cool how they have lots of old PS1 / PSP games available, and PSN members get a lot of freebies and stuff, but they could just have their own android app store and do the same thing. I think you underestimate the impact that android/iOS is goign to have on handheld gaming.

  • Phil Winkel

    tinfoil hats aside, it makes no sense whatsoever and is completely inexcusable. I received an email from nvidia regarding my order, I was thinking oh great a tracking number, then it’s like cockslap 1 month delay. lol. Now I have to go out of my way to deal with a fucking paypal claim.

  • Altanore

    Delay or have a defective Shield, what’s your fancy?  Some stuff just doesn’t show its ugly face until the very last minute, it happens.  Props to Nvidia for wanting to release a very high quality product.  Only thing I do not like was the lack of communication from Nvidia while shipping dates are changing all around us.

  • First off you’re wrong as I am familiar with Android and iOS
    completely.  More than you it seems.  If a game doesn’t have PS3 support the Sixaxis app requires you to take screenshots and fiddle
    with stupid button images and messing with all kinds of Y/X axis settings just
    to get the right analog stick to WORK.  Getting it to work well is
    another story especially with games that require both sticks.  People don’t want to have to setup profiles for every single game and fiddle with difficult menu settings just to play a game.  They want to TURN it on, start a game, and PLAY.

    I have the Gameklip and PS3 controller and
    recently upgraded to the MOGA Pro.  The MOGA Pro is better than the PS3 controller but still the problem is there’s
    no universal driver yet so you have to stick with games that added the
    support in the Pivot App.

    “B” Mode lets me use it with emulators
    which is pretty much all I do on Android anyway.  The actual android
    games suck and using touch controls in a first person shooter is
    HORRID.  You’re out of your mind if you think differently OR you’re just
    a casual gamer who plays Angry Birds.

    iOS 7 is finally adding MFi support (native controller support) so I think the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV are much more likely to improve mobile gaming than Android is.  Apple’s app store gets better games,  gets games faster, and their interface is way smoother and easier to use.  I am curious to see what kind of controllers come out for my iPhone.

    Also with PC games…
    keyboard & mouse is better for FPS games but I like using my 360
    controller for anything else.  Especially action games that include
    fighting and jumping.

    Android and iOS will never be the same as handheld.  The only thing it will do is cause CASUAL gamers to be less likely to purchase one.  But anyone who is an actual gamer is never going to replace Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo products with Android.  No matter how hard you try to push it.  Unless you’re some avante garde gamer who likes quirky games that don’t work well then more power to you.

    I HATE playing games with the touch screen unless it’s a game that is totally touch based.  Not games with “virtual controls” that replace the need for precision and skill with AUTO-AIM. But there are some touch based games that are fun.  Nothing compared to console games though.

    Plus XBOX One and PS4 are going to be more like mobile devices since all of your phone and tablets will have access to the system from anywhere in the world.  Downloading content to your console and even interacting with games from your mobile devices.  They KNOW what they are doing and they are going to defend against mobile devices very well in the next generation.

  • My “fancy” is NVIDIA doing grueling testing on a product before announcing a release date.  If they are so concerned with perfection then you would expect the QA testing to be so meticulous that it would be impossible for them to overlook something so major that it could cause the entire production to stop and be delayed a month.

    The product being release June 27th means they had to of already produced the SHIELDs and packaged them.  I HIGHLY doubt that happened.  Which is why I’m saying they knew about this defect a week ago and decided to drop the price to “lessen the blow” of the news.

    The only excuse for waiting until the last minute is to lock in as many buyers as they could.  It’s easier to convince people not to cancel a pre-order than it is to convince people to pre-order AFTER they announce the delay.

    Call that a tin foil hat all you want.  Anyone with the least bit of logic and knowledge of business would realize this makes NO sense.

  • I replied to your other msg about the VITA.  No hard feelings though as it’s just a matter of preference.  But the facts are the facts.  PS3 controller and MOGA Pro just don’t compare to a real controller.  Hence the entire purpose of why you’re probably buying the NVIDIA Shield as it seems to be better integrated.

    If you were satisfied with the PS3 controller then I can’t see any reason to purchase the SHIELD if you’re not even going to be doing PC streaming.

    The Tegra 4 will provide zero benefit until they make games that are exclusive to TegraZone and require the Tegra 4 chip to fully utilize it.  Until then the Tegra 4 chip is primarily to handle PC streaming and 4K resolution output to future TV sets.

    I mean the SHIELD is only a 720p screen…the phones offer 1080p screens that are the same size and even some are 6″ now with the Galaxy MEGA and upcoming Note 3. MOGA Pro plus a Note 3 would be way better than a SHIELD if you’re not doing PC streaming.

    Buying it just to play a few Android games like Modern Combat and NOVA is going to be disappointing.  So you should really rethink your reasoning for buying it.

    PC Streaming is better than you’re making it sound. It’s the same reason I like the Wii U and the upcoming remote play with PS4.  I would love to be playing a game like Metro Last Light and then when I get tired I can go sit on the couch or lay on my bed and continue the game from where I left off. It’s not healthy sitting in front of a screen that large 24/7.  

    Plus not to get graphic… but I love taking my games into the shitter too. I bring my Wii U Gamepad into the bathroom at the moment and PC games maxed out would be even better.

    I use a giant HDTV as my monitor rather than a small pc monitor.  So things may be different for me.  Plus it’ll be maxed out graphics since my PC is doing all the work.

    Also sometimes if the TV is being used for something else I can watch TV while playing a PC game on the SHIELD.  That’s the real reason I’m getting it.  Then I can ditch my Android phone and just use the SHIELD for any Android games that come out.

    I use my iPhone 5 as my actual phone now anyway and it’s much better.  I’m more curious to see how Apple handles the mobile gaming phenomenon.

  • Jin Ong

    I pre-ordered one 3 days ago using Paypal. Something happened and they canceled my order and refunded me right away. Paypal is now holding on to my money for 3 days and has not giving me back my money. -_- i am so fed up.

  • Chris Anton

    :_( my heart hurts

  • According to their official website it’s shipping by “Late July”, so hardly a few days =/

  • @Brian_Caulfield:disqus : 

  • @Brian_Caulfield:disqus : Since you have delayed it, will you at least look at a release in Europe? There is plenty of time to set it up now and you will reach a bigger market.

  • Chris Anton

    I want 20 bucks! hey nvidia, if you dont need the money for this product like you stated before, how about setting up some angry consumers at all the retail locations for shield? namely, gamestop, maybe just give us a free case and some more tegrazone games and we’ll be even.

  • Well NVIDIA, I am disappointed that the release date has been postponed, however as a consumer I am happy to wait for a quality product than receive a defective one that I need to deal with. I for one have dealt with lots of sub par devices hyped to the heavens. Its good to see a company taking responsibility and making sure that what they deliver is top notch.

    To all of you squabbling about them making more or less money, lets get one thing clear: From the get-go NVIDIA has taken every step to listen to their testers and consumers and make adjustments to their device to ensure that what they deliver is the very best. They aren’t the industry’s leading graphics cards manufacturers for nothing. I would rather get a decent device and wait a little longer, than a fancy paperweight. And for the rest of you who think otherwise, red ring of death anyone?

  • Vic 20

     Again, This is not an issue regarding what people want to receive. OF course everyone wants a properly working system. The issue is that a company of Nvidia’s size should have and could have done a better job project managing the release of the Shield. They also clearly need to learn how to communicate with their customers. say whatever you would like, but NO ONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO PROJECT MANAGE WOULD SET A RELEASE DATE BEFORE BEGINNING QA/QC. Mistakes and errors happen on every project, and that’s why any project manager worth their salt knows not to pull rookie behaviors like Nvidia has with the shield. I love the product idea, and will probably still purchase one, but don’t kid yourself, some over at Nvidia is getting spanked hard for pulling some bone headed moves over the last month. 

  • Vizeroy Asklenius

    Erm.. the final QA process should have happened weeks before launch. How did you expect to get several 10.000 units on time to the shops and people who preordered, when your final QA was done after production launch??
    This sounds like a really bad process.

  • Vizeroy Asklenius

    So Nvidia made you a customer by not doing QA at a time it should have been done and “discovering” an issue a day before launch?
    In automotive, you would have been fired for that kind of stunt.

  • Hermann Hahn

    was sagt eigentlich Ashraf Eassa, der Chefoptimist für  Nvidia in Diensten Seeking Alpha dazu…?

  • Dave Appleton

    Well this doesn’t effect me, still can’t see any signs of the Europe release but as the PC streaming feature is in beta stage I would take a guess they at ironing it out before announcing the release here in the Uk. I think there is a bit of an over action in this thread ( cancelling pre orders ) and in some cases looks to be just an attempt to get free stuff. I’m not defending Nvidia this was poor to find/announce a day before release but at the end of the day this is the right call. It’s better to delay and have a better final product as if this was discovered after the consumers has it in their hands this becomes a Major problem. True If I lived in the US I would be very annoyed but we don’t have it in the UK at all with no option of a special preorder package so you can’t be too upset :).

  • GHKazoo

    I’m kinda with the dissenters here.  I just don’t believe it.

    Hey… if it’s really as NVidia’s claiming, then they did a good thing and they’ll take whatever hit is coming their way.

    It’s just the timing.  As others have said… how can this be announced today?  Thousands of units have theoretically already been shipped to B&M stores.  They announced an earlier ship date just a couple of weeks ago.

    Is their manufacturing so tight that they didn’t receive production units until a couple of days ago?

    Their reticence to describe the real problem also bothers me.  OK.. maybe it’s none of our business, but still.

  • diluted_nz

    If I bought a Shield I wouldn’t even bother using it for portable gaming.  This would save me having to take my computer into my living room if I wanted to play on a bigger screen, since I could just hook it up to my HDTV and stream from my PC.

    It’s got HDMI output, and a USB port (which I hope manufacturers will make hubs for) so perhaps you could use it with a tv and a proper controller.  Or a mouse and keyboard. 

    What I’d really like to see would be the ability to have LAN style functionality, so you could play a game on your main computer, and someone else could play the same game on the Shield.
    Instead of spending money on 2 computers, if you wanted to play local co-op, you could invest in one powerful system and use the Shield as the second one.  
    That’s the only way I can see it being worth purchasing; I can’t see the purpose in paying to play on a smaller screen when you might as well be using your main PC…

  • Brian_Caulfield

    Many thanks for the feedback. We hope that when you do get your SHIELD, it fully meets your expectations. 

  • Brian_Caulfield

    Very sorry to disappoint you, Miguel. I hope that hope that when you do get your hands on SHIELD, it meets your expectations. Thanks for the feedback. 

  • domahman

    Why not take a risk and challenge the portable market for the masses. full 1080p edge to edge display with tegra 5 and replaceable module with tegra 6. Sell at zero cost then license fees on future games like Xbox and PlayStation. if you can detach screen and shell and make the board upgradeable, that would be sick!

  • domahman

    Get a crowd funding and commitment on such a system. people will prepay for such a system if the idea is pitched. tegra zone will become prominent. apps will be optimized.

  • Chris Anton

    Good choice on a Vita, you just need to get the ps4 too and you can play all those ps4 games on your Vita. plus, the price of a vita and a ps4 is about the same as a Shield and a 650 or higher graphics card, a good one anyway.

  • Thanks for the kind words and your support of SHIELD 🙂

  • Thanks for the feedback, Lee. Your comment has been noted. 

    And you’ve hit it right on the head. We will not ship product that isn’t up to our standards. Thanks for your understanding!

  • We’ll have more videos coming soon. Stay tuned! 😀

  • Brian_Caulfield

    Thanks for the feedback. We want to make sure that when gamers get  this device, that it meets their expectations — both when they first open the box, and after months of hard use.

  • king of noobis

    please get it done before the 10 of July i live in lebanon and one of my friends is going to buy it from the united states when he get there. from the 1 to the 14 of July 

  • king of noobis

    or i won’t buy it

  • jason sundaram

    I don’t actually see this delay as a black mark or any reason to be concerned. I see this as a great sign that Nvidia gets the consumer market. This may sound crazy but hear me out and i would be getting a product that is good so thanks nvidia for spotting what the fault was and i dont know why the people are getting so angry by this.

  • Brian_Caulfield

    Understood. We do hope that when you do get to use SHIELD, however, that it meets your expectations. 

  • Brian_Caulfield

    Many thanks for your understanding. We hope that when you do get SHIELD, that it meets all your expectations. Again, apologies for the delay. 

  • kevinsenna

    I think its not the “Hardware” part that this got delayed, because nvidia still refusing to tell us the detail of what kind of defect in the hardware.

    there’s so much chain in manufacturing that if a hardware or some component is defect, its not taking a short time (about a month) to fix it just after the discovery of “defect”. It just not making any sense.

    I think this problem had something to do with ShadowPlay, a feature that nvidia graphics card user promised to be launched at 25 June, and guess what, it got pushed back too.

    I think ShadowPlay and SHIELD is correlated somehow, i think it is the core feature that SHILD will need in their steam game streaming feature, and they discovered that there’s a flaw, then pushed back the launching of SHIELD all together.

  •  You basically copied and pasted this quote from an article someone else wrote.  Pathetic.

    People trying to say this is good for the consumer market need to go jump off a bridge already.

    THIS was an unprofessional MISTAKE… to applaud them for it is just fanboy behavior.  The testing not being done at the last minute is something I find very hard to believe.  We’re not getting the whole picture.

  • digitalFatteh

    So do I.  I love the concept behind it & the idea of being able to stream from my PC (including Big Picture) sounds and looks fantastic.

    But just to many red flags raised at this current time.  Being overcharged and the banks fraud markers open on Digital payment provider was a little odd.  Lack of information on the issue and the communication blackout from yourselves being another.

    I’ll look forward to the video reviews out after the new release date as at present I honestly feel that any video out before then will be a little tainted by the fact they are not the units the masses will be receiving and would not show a true full picture.

  • HisDivineOrder

    More Tegra delays.  This is why you’re having so much trouble finding vendors to use Tegra chipsets.  You really need to get your stuff on schedule or set safer schedules.  This likely the entire reason you need Shield to prove Tegra4’s value.  If you weren’t always missing your Tegra deadlines, people would be lined up to use your parts.

  • Lee Aaron

    You sound quite upset. Did you know that Microsoft has secured a deal to release Xbox and PC games on Android and iOS? I think you are seriously underestimating the future of mobile gaming. Have you played Real Boxing? The graphics on that game and some others are already easily comparable to Vita game graphics and Android is evolving with stronger and stronger chipsets all the time. Our consoles and PC’s will not die off, but mobile gaming is coming, and it will carve out its own large space in the gaming market.

  • xphyle

     Chris, I read the same article.  And I found the entire thing to be pathetic.  Trying to spin the delay as if it was a good thing.  Comparing it to Apple’s ‘antennaegate’.  Whatever!  SO many people are cancelling preorders it isn’t even funny.

  • Vi

    I feel like if Nvidia would just come out and explain what happened customers would be much more understanding and forgiving. Having told us this one day before its supposed to release is a HUGE slap in the face and I completely understand why people want to cancel.  That being said I am not cancelling my order, but more information on this subject would be greatly appreciated as waiting a month or more is definitely an extremely big deal. I really wanted this product to succeed, but I feel that Nvidia has shot themselves in the foot at this point. Very sad moment after all the good news on this product. 

  • jason sundaram

    wow! well done for spotting that out and stop crying about the shipment being late like a kid would do and try to be mature and wait for the release because Nvidia are trying to fix this as soon as possible.

    And anyway stop trying to fake your name “Cristopher Columbus”. do you think you traveled around the world and do us a favor and stop CRYING because the release date was pushed to july and just wait.

  • jason sundaram

    Stop crying because the release date was pushed back to a later date.

  • jason sundaram

    i dont mind because i have known Nvidia having 100% quality products. 

  • jason sundaram

    i agree, i also live in the uk and waiting for the release in europe

  • jason sundaram

    well life isnt perfect SO WAIT for the official release date

  • xphyle

     Jason, why are you trolling this forum begging people to NOT cancel their orders?  Do you have some vested interest in Nvidia?  Shield had its shot, and Nvidia dropped the ball.  Most, like me, have cancelled their orders and moved on.

  • domahman

    Nvidia should focus on doing it right than spending precious time over promising then under delivering. Nvidia is almost synonymous with delay. focus all the energy where it’s suppose to be, good product gets free advertisement. I hope the snap on lid wasn’t causing the delay !!! LOL. party onc every milestone or a full day of helpful activities like basketball on every milestone.

  • Chris Anton

    HEY! I just realized my geforce experience app says i’m not ready for game streaming to shield because I don’t have your latest 320.49 beta drivers! It better not be a requirement to download the latest BETA drivers to stream to shield. Maybe whql releases, but beta?????

  • Manuel Lopez

    90% of the people upset here will buy this system anyways sometime down the line. I am sure this pisses people off. But this is a game system to begin with. This is no prosthetic or diabetic unit someone needs to prolong their life. If a gamer has extra money to buy a new system being offered they buy it. Waiting a bit longer won’t kill anyone directly. Because most gamers play other systems to begin with. As long as great games are available gamers will come. So while at this time The Shield sounds unpopular. After the Shield comes out and does what it is supposed to do. Many of these upset people will go out and buy a Shield. These posts are mostly about people being upset and let down. That happens in life sometimes and you have to look the other way. Just make sure we have great games to play and your legion of followers will be here. All my computers have Nvidia graphics chipsets inside. I have lots of patience with Nvidia. Heck if morons can buy a Xbox one for $100.00 more than the PS4. Waiting 1 month longer for a Shield isn’t such a bad deal.

  • Vic 20


    Thanks for pointing out that the Shield doesn’t insulin! I WAS WORRIED SICK! what a relief. Had I your keen awareness, my life would be substantially better…

    You know that part where you mentioned the shield, farther down the road, being out and people buying it provided it has good games? That part is why I and others are annoyed. When a company does as poor a job as Nvidia has with communicating with its customers about their enthusiast product then its a trouble sign for the future of that product. When that same company is Nvidia, it doesn’t mean that Nvidia has suddenly gone stupid. It means that they are not putting the same focus on this product as they would a major video card line. again, not the best news.

    All of that said, let’s sit the bench and watch. MY bet is this product gets half ass support. That said, if I’m wrong, I’ll buy you the next upgrade to this product line, presumably named Shield 2. Deal?

  • Chris Anton

    sounds like the ‘mechanical issue’ turned out to be ‘we forgot to ship the Shield in the boxes, oh well, we can ship them empty boxes.’

  • Chris Anton

    You know what Nvidia Shield needs? More hype. So, stick with me here, we… wait to ship it another month the day before it releases!! That’ll get everyone talking about it!  OH and HEY, we miss the launch of Ouya completely so, we don’t have to deal with that. PLUS a 50 dollar price drop is sure to get people conversing! like, ‘what were those folks at nvidia thinking? Thats a good deal!’ Will Park said with great relish. No hard feelings Will, you’re a hell of a spokesman. It was like taking an Nvidia Shield from a baby, which is easy cause they don’t know what’s going on. 

    I’m still buying your damned Shield, if you would give me the freakin thing already.

  • Chris Anton

    he’s just really emotional right now, you know…he’s got sand in his vagina.

  • Chris Anton

    Hardly feedback…it must suck replying to pissed off people all day. Sorry.  I made a countdown timer and everything for Shield, one day to zero time and it’s delayed, my life flashed before my eyes. I understand you want it perfect, and I’d rather spend my money on something that lasts. Soo….maybe have it manufactured american next time.

  • Thank you Captain Hindsight.  Your lectures about life are duly noted.  All those people who were charged $349 despite the price drop and last minute delay should just use your marshmellows and rainbows attitude to circumvent it next time.

  • The only child is the one who uses plagiarism of someone else’ work and mixes it into their own retarded thoughts in order to make a point.

    You can even see where the comment falls off.  It’s right when you start using your own brain to type after “hear me out”.  You weren’t even smart enough to continue the sentence with proper grammar.

    I find it hilarious that you actually believed your thought of “i get good product so tank you nvidiiaaa weeee” is on par with an article that actually points out the frustration with the delay,  but explains the alternative to their decision being worse.

    You thought your words would blend in well with that.  My guess is you didn’t even pre-order the SHIELD and are just trolling.

    Simply because you can’t seem to understand that people aren’t angry about the extra wait.  It was that NVIDIA waited until the day before shipment to announce it and already CHARGED people’s credit cards.

    Congratulations on knowing who Christopher Columbus is too, genius.

  • Chris Anton

    Remind me to never come over and play your wii u

  • AlphaTerminus

    I got the cancellation confirmation.  Thanks.  I will order when I’m back in town.

  • Singhapura

    Come on guys, have a little faith. Any company pushing out a new product will go ahead until a show-stopper occurs. You’re not going to tell your customers that you will delay until the very last minute and you will hope that the defect (whatever it is) will be solved by the time the product needs to be shipped. Having said that, managing expectations is also something any company should do and that has been done poorly. I’ll just wait for the Shield to be available in the bargain bins.

  • uproden

    I love how you have been able to just give these things away to anyone all through the process and when it finally comes down to the people who paid for them you completely let us down. NVidia has allot to learn about how to treat it’s customers, if this were a video card launch you would all be fired.

  • uproden

    Hey look, more Nvidia insult to injury…. Go try it at GameStop but forget actually getting one yourself.

  • Andre Prasetya

    Please make it right and you will have me as a new tegra fan boy. … drooling over Arma Tactics …

  • Can we get an update on progress? 

  • Vic 20

     I’m sorry but no. Why? Because… ;-p

  • How hard is it really just to send and email or simply update us on the progress, honestly? I can wait it would just be nice to know what’s happening with our orders.

  • discobrisco

    I’d like to get some more details, but even though it’s frustrating to wait a month, it’s nice to see nVidia taking the steps to guarantee they have the best product possible. I don’t see it being a money ploy becaause of the frustration coming out of it. If I could get a release date or a exact issue though I’d be much happier.

  • Lee Aaron

    Hello Nvidia Reps, I know there still probably isn’t an updated shipping date but I was just wondering if you had decided on possibly showing some love to the people that have preordered and have already been charged but still have to wait until it ships?

    Can we get any update on this at all? Brian? Will? Anyone?

    Again, I thank you for fixing whatever the issue is and I am glad that you are fixing it but I still have nearly $400 gone from my account in June (got shield and case from Nvidia site directly) and no product until probably a month or more later. I also purchased a 64GB class 10 sandisk microSD card for another $50 in preparation for receiving this unit that I did not need to buy yet so all in all I have spent $450 on this device in June and hopefully I will be able to play it by August.

    I will not cancel because I do believe the Shield will be a great product for me but I really want Nvidia to stand up a bit here for the folks that have already been charged and give them at least a little something for the fact that they have handed money over to you for a product promised at a certain time that they still don’t have.

    Thanks for reading my comment and I hope you guys realize that a little love for the early adopters and supporters can go a long way. This would be the best business decision. I know for myself as well as others that I’m much more likely to buy another product in the future from a company that actually delayed a product to fix it instead of just pushing it out the door and also did the right thing by those that have already paid for that product.


  • discobrisco

    They weren’t charged anything yet, and will only be charged 299 from what I heard.

  • xphyle

    In other words, give me something for free.

  • Lee Aaron

    No, its not for free. I paid them already and they will have my money for at least a month before I get what I paid for. I’m not saying they should give people that haven’t already been charged anything at all but if you take my money for a sale that is supposed to occur on a certain date and you don’t give me what I paid for then something small is in order.. Even if it is as small as free overnight shipping, it is just good company practice.

  • Why do you say that like it’s a dirty word?  We shouldn’t even have to ask.  They messed up big time and apologists like you are the reason they get away with charging for products that aren’t even shipping.

    If you pre-order the Shield at Gamestop you only put $50 down.  Nvidia isn’t supposed to charge your credit card until it ships… and yet they charged everyone’s card anyway.  DESPITE knowing there would be a delay.

    Since Shields never left their facility nor shipped to retailers yet it means they knew about the defect at least a week in advance.  So they had plenty of time to put a STOP to any credit card charges.

    Instead they let it happen because it’s a good way to use everyone’s money in the meantime to help solve their own problems.  Lots of money that gains interest so they can bank on the chance that the post-release sales will make up for it.

    A free item is in order… no shame in requesting that.  Anyone who says otherwise probably didn’t even pre-order the SHIELD.

  •  From what you heard?  Did you not read the multiple comments from people angry about being charged for a product they didn’t receive?

    People who ordered months in advance and were charged the $349.99?

    Might want to re-read the comments.

  • xphyle

    Apologist? LMAO. Clearly you haven’t read ANY of my numerous postings below. I’ve already cancelled my Shield preorder, as well as the GTX 660 video card I had ordered. I voted with my money, and Nvidia lost. I don’t need to beg for freebies because I’m done with them. To those complaining about already being charge (wahhhhh) take it up with Nvidia customer service or your credit card company instead of crying about it.

  • discobrisco

    Any idea if I had a credit card that expired what’s going to happen. It obviously hadn’t charged me yet but are they going to give me an email update to say it hadn’t shipped or can I go somewhere to change the billing information. All help is appreciated

  • GHKazoo

    I went over to one of the several Gamestop locations in Virginia Beach.  I was curious if they had a demo unit.

    No one at the store had even heard of the NVidia Shield.  “You mean the Ouya?”

  • Makere

    Any estimate when it’s going to hit Europe? Also, would be awesome if I could buy a GTX760 and Shield bundle.

  • Lee Aaron

    Nvidia, can you just give us a little update on how things are going with SHIELD? Us folks that have pre-ordered and already been charged would really appreciate it. Thank you.

  • uproden

    Nvidia, I love your use of a PR firm to create fake “Oh it’s okay it’s late I’m just glad they are going to fix it” posts on here, classic….

  • Grant Johnson

    I’m a real customer, take off your tinfoil hat, not everything is a conspiracy. Some people just want this more than others, and some of those people are just patient and understanding. I can appreciate how others are not.

  • uproden

    Tinfoil hat, now that’s creative marketing dude! Touche!

  • Brian Milligan

    I had this happen and contacted NVIDIA customer support.  They needed to cancel my order and I reordered again.  I suggest you do that ASAP incase there is any supply issues.

  • Christopher Columbus

    If that were the case then nobody would be inviting anyone.  Every single one of you takes handhelds into the shitter.  I’m not alone… just man enough to admit it.  LOL

  • Christopher Columbus

    If they delay it again after July 31st then I’m definitely cancelling my pre-order.  I have this eery feeling they may just cancel the product altogether because the sales were so poor.

    The reason I say this is because I went into Gamestop to pre-order a SHIELD so I could get one on release day, and the people working there had NO CLUE what I was even talking about.

    Remember Gamestop is practically the ONLY retail store in America that will carry the SHIELD.

    I kept trying to explain that it was “Nvidia’s new android gaming handheld” and  “It’s called the SHIELD,  you guys are taking pre-orders for it,  I can show you the page on the Gamestop website”.

    The Gamestop employees were like “we never heard of it before… can you spell the name again?”  It took about 10 minutes and then he finally found it.  “Oh there it is,  How much do you want to put down?  The minimum is $50”  (Just my luck I did this on June 25th… so they still have my $50 and I have to wait a month)

    These guys aren’t completely clueless either.  Anytime I went in that store they knew everything about video games,  plus Gamestop sells iPods and iPhone gadgets now too so mobile devices aren’t out of their realm.  So that means NVIDIA shield just completely went over their heads.

    Not a good sign… He informed me that I was literally the only person who came in there to pre-order the thing and they NEVER EVEN HEARD OF IT.  The only reason he knew it exists is because of the SKU in the database.

    This says to me that NVIDIA doesn’t really care about this project enough to inform their retailers or advertise the product.  I’m guessing that this is just some very small faction of NVIDIA that was hired specifically to experiment with this SHIELD product.

    So that if the sales performance is bad or the device gets bad reviews they can just sweep it under the rug like it never happened.

  • Andre Prasetya

    does this means that the pre-production unit is using different hardware than the production unit ? something that other manufacturer did on R&D.

    I switched my order to newegg for the free shipping option, kindly make it right, I really wish I can play with it soon (Hopefully before the long holiday in Indonesia [5-9 Aug]). I don’t think I will stream something from my PC soon, I will use it mainly as my portable android console and as my movie player.

    Kindly give us an ETA if possible. Thank You.

  • GHKazoo

     Same thing here at my local Gamestop.  Also, when they first announced the delay, I told my buddies at work that I thought they might cancel the whole project.

    I am very disappointed that there hasn’t been word one since this announcement.  It’s been over two weeks.

  • xphyle

     Oh no!  A couple 16 year old geeks haven’t heard about the Shield!  It’s DOOMED!

    Seriously tho, this will be a nitch device.  Just because a couple of minimum wager Gamestop losers haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.  The device has been getting stellar previews so far from every journalist who has had an opportunity to have hands-on time with the final version.  If you’re that worried about it, but a Wikipad.  They are FANTASTIC!

  • Christopher Columbus

    You mean a niche device… not nitch.  You sound even dumber when you associate having a job at 16 with being a loser.  That makes so much sense!

    It was an adult male, a younger guy probably in his 20s, and then there was an attractive female working there too.  None of them were losers.  Just normal people working a job to make ends meet.

    Even funnier that you’re calling people geeks and losers at your computer on a blog created for a device that not even the “16 year olds geeks at Gamestop” are aware of.  So what does that make you?   A desperate attempt to separate yourself from the reality that you’re a huge dork by insulting other enthusiasts.  Don’t worry I’m sure there is a “nitch” market for people like you.  Hipster Geeks, I believe it’s called.

    My point was that the range of people working there should certainly be in tune with the Android/Phone/Video game world.  With the other guys comment that’s TWO separate Gamestops that have no clue what it is and they are the only store that will be selling them.  You would think NVIDIA would send out a note to educate retailers on the product.

    I never said that this means the device is crap.  Why else would I have pre-ordered it if I didn’t have interest in it?  I’m saying that it seems like this device reaches such a minimal market that it might be more cost effective to ditch the entire project.  The delay might just be a second chance to drum up some more sales before they axe the project.  A NICHE product isn’t a good thing and that’s certainly not what Nvidia is hoping for.

  • Christopher Columbus

    You’re a little snot nosed brat.  “Clearly” I could give two craps about reading your drivel.  As if it’s my job to sit and read all your comments.

    Nobody was “begging” for freebies.  He simply suggested that it would be nice to receive some compensation for the trouble.  Then you come along and act like this is a disgraceful request like a little pig.

    Meanwhile Newegg gave away $10 gift cards for the inconvenience. So it wasn’t so farfetched afterall you vile pig. I hope you cancelled before that happened like the vile pig you are.

    Some people don’t want to cancel their order and are still interested in the product.  The only person crying about it is the little pig who cancelled their order for an additional product that isn’t even related beyond a brand name.

    Plus contacting customer service and credit card companies can take up to 30 days to receive a refund of your money.  Anyone would be annoyed by that and acting like that’s nothing to complain about just shows you probably don’t even own a credit card or need to worry about finances.

    Mommy probably bought you your nvidia toys for your 12th birthday.  So her having to wait for a refund doesn’t effect you while you sit on your ass playing video games and picking your nose.

    If you’re done with NVIDIA then stop lurking in the blog and criticizing other comments from people who are still purchasing the product.  Pig.

  • xphyle


    Clearly I struck a nerve.  And yes, I got my gift vouchers from Newegg.  Thanks for the concern!  🙂

    Feel free to keep begging for your freebies, ya Cheapskate!  🙂

  • Christopher Columbus

    You didn’t get the vouchers. Haha liar. Keep squeeling little pig. You sweaty nerdy vile swine. The only nerve you struck is your mothers when she gave birth to your fat sweaty smelly ugly pig body. LMAO

  • Christopher Columbus

    By the way… how freaking ironic is it that you are claiming you got the $10 giftcards from Newegg, which you happily accepted,  but you’re criticizing a guy who ordered directly from Nvidia and got nothing for the inconvenience?  Then you have the nerve to insult him for being a cheapskate and asking for the SAME thing you already received.

    For an order you were NEVER charged for and ended up cancelling anyway along with cancelling a video card order?

    You sir,  are a nitwit with man titties.  Go run on a tredmill you fat fuck.

  • Christopher Columbus

    Don’t bother defending yourself to this idiot.  He criticizes you for suggesting a form of compensation,  after claiming that he received the same $10 gift card from Newegg that I received in response to the delay.  Even though he cancelled his order. (Which is probably a lie,  but for the sake of argument we’ll pretend he did)

    So that means he happily accepted a free handout even though he was never charged and no longer wanted the SHIELD, because he’s an impatient child.  Plus he cancelled a video card order for no reason all over a slight delay.

    But somehow you’re a cheapskate for suggesting compensation on an order you placed directly with NVIDIA,  were prematurely charged full price for, and still remained a loyal patient customer despite getting NO HANDOUT.

    So a third party company gave away free handouts and never charged customers for pre-orders,  but Nvidia themselves takes your money and doesn’t even apologize.

    He’s the cry baby cheapskate who stole a $10 giftcard and cancelled his order.  So we really don’t need to analyze his opinion anymore.

  • xphyle

    LMAO. You really are desperate. Funny that you clearly spend most of your time in front of your pc based on the bloated paragraphs that your write in defense of nvidia and the shield.

    As far as the fat comment, I suggest you look in the mirror. You’re clearly trying to compensate for something. Based on the amount of time I spent in the gym, there’s no doubt in my mind that I could snap you in half like the pathetic little twig that you are. So feel free to put down the Cheetos and bring it, kid.

    I’m sure you probably won’t get this right away because you are too busy looting and vandalizing with your minority friends over the Zimmerman verdict.

  • Lee Aaron

    Will someone at Nvidia please say something about SHIELD? We would really like to know how the progress is coming along. I don’t require a release date or anything, just a simple communication letting us know that 50% or 60% or even 20% of the already produced SHIELD’s now have the 3rd party component fixed or upgraded… Tell us something… It is getting harder and harder for me to leave my almost $400 sitting in your company bank account without any communication as to what is going on or even an estimate of how things are going or when we can expect to get what those of us have already paid for. Please give us a reply. Thank you.

  • HiLuckyB

    2 or 3 days after they delayed the Shield, They took the hold off the money in my account. If there’s still a hold on your then that is odd, And im with you that Nvidia really need to update the people who are still pre-ordered at this point.

  • Lee Aaron

    I paid with PayPal so that is why I never got my money back. I like using PayPal because my actual account info never goes anywhere but in instances like this it kind of sucks that the money is already gone.

  • Christopher Columbus

    Keyboard tough guy. Your bloated paragraphs are equal to mine. I know for a fact you’re a fat fuck who plays on the computer all day. I did me a little research. You are one ugly pig.

    Anyone who pathetically resorts to physical insults like a high school argument over a computer is clearly a child still living off mommys nipples. The one who starts the tough guy thing is always the pussy who looks like a twink. I’ve confirmed that already by looking up your information. You are a complete nerd who sits on message boards your whole life. Lmao

    Your dad is even a failure lol. Also I’m Italian but good job. Christoper Columbus and you think minority. By the sound of how cheap you are you’re probably a jew

  • Vi

    For the love of god can we please get some information Nvidia??? I’m not crying over the delay or canceling my order but since I used PayPal and was already charged I would greatly appreciate SOME information on SHIELD. This is not fair to your customers at ALL and i am seriously starting to wonder if there is something going on here.

  • Lee Aaron

    Okay, I just read this article ( ) and it says you can play with SHIELD in August before its NEW SHIPPING DATE… Is this true Nvidia? Are Shields now not going to be shipping in July anymore?

  • Hey guys, thanks for your patience.

    We know know you’re all anxious to get your hands on your pre-ordered SHIELD.  Rest assured we’re working to get your devices shipped by end of July. 

    We’ll confirm dates soon.

  • guest1110

    I hope ya’ll added the original Android Browser…Chrome is sooooo slow…although the UI on Chrome is nice.

  • guest1110

    any new updates on SHIELD?

  • Christopher Columbus

    Gamestop claims the release date is 7/25/13.  Can we get a confirmation?  I really hope that’s true.

  • Christopher Columbus

     Release Date 7/25/2013 is listed on Gamestop website.  Is this correct?

  • guest1110

    Sure hope so!  Will, Brian…any comments?

  • Christopher Columbus

    I would imagine there is some validity to it since Gamestop originally listed 7/31 the same as Newegg.  But Gamestop changed to 7/25 two days ago.  Newegg still says 7/31 so hopefully they just haven’t updated yet.

    7/25 would be great since it’s only a week away.  Much better than waiting another two weeks.  I rather have it a week early than receive any free item or discount as a consolation prize.

    Make it happen NVIDIA!  The least you could do is shorten the expected waiting time.  Everyone is assuming that even 7/31 is a hopeful release date at this point.  So to push up release a week early and actually COME THROUGH this time would be a great suprise and lessen some of the soreness.

  • Vi

    Agreed. This needs to happen.

  • xphyle


  • wu chaoshi
  • Christopher Columbus

     Yea… thought so.

  • Myles

    At least he didn’t carry out a genocide on a native people in the Caribbean, Christopher Columbus.

  • Vi

    Can you please make it so we get shield by July 31st? Its not really releasing on the 31st if we dont get it till sometime in August. This is a cop out NVIDIA. Come on and at least get it to people that pre-ordered by the 31st. Come through for once.  

  • xphyle

    Yes Nvidia, hurry up and get Chris Columbus his Shield so he’ll stop whining about it like a little girl. That way he can stop beating his meat to pictures of his mom 24/7.

  • Did the launch get pushed back again? is showing 8/15/2013 as of this morning. WTF is going on Nvidia?

  • xphyle

    Newegg has emailed out tracking numbers and shipping notifications to those who preordered. They are shipping today.