Get Ready for New Tegra 4 Powered Windows RT Devices

by Mark Aevermann

Microsoft is introducing a major revamp to Windows RT at its annual BUILD conference this week.

Dubbed Windows RT 8.1, this is no mere update. Windows RT 8.1 streamlines many aspects of the RT experience and adds new features such as built-in Outlook, the ability to search across different apps, and improvements for enterprise users such as NFC printing, better VPN support, support for Microsoft’s Workplace Join, and greater support for services offered by mobile device management vendors.

The update paves the way for new Windows RT devices running on NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 mobile processors. Microsoft’s VP of Planning, Mike Angiulo, recently commented on the implications, stating “NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 processors will put Windows on more powerful, more portable devices than ever before.”

Devices powered by Tegra 4 are going to scream through web browsing, briskly handle multiple apps and instantly switch into high fidelity gaming. All while delivering the portability and battery life ARM-based processors are known for, and on the industry’s most secure Windows platform.

Rene Haas, our VP of Computing, echoed this excitement recently, saying, “The upcoming release of Outlook for RT will enhance the capabilities of RT devices, fulfilling the Windows RT promise of work and play, on one device.”

We can’t wait to show the world the new Windows RT 8.1 experience, especially on Tegra 4 – the fastest mobile processor NVIDIA has ever delivered. You can download the Windows RT 8.1 Preview through the Windows Store now. Microsoft has stated the final product will be available later this year.