Lights, Camera, Action: How Autodesk and NVIDIA Make Moviemaking Easier, More Realistic

by Etienne DeGroot

Like a one-man band for moviemaking, Autodesk Smoke video editing and effects software running on NVIDIA Quadro GPUs empowers digital artists to play the roles of writer, director, editor and post-production specialist – all in one.

Bringing to mind harmonicas, hi-hat cymbals and tambourines in one glorious cacophony might not be most people’s idea of a good thing when it comes to movies. But check out the amusing, action-filled short film by Jeremy Hunt below – it may change your mind.

The 8-minute short, titled Fix It In Post, tells the story of an ordinary guy whose day takes some extraordinary turns. It was created to showcase the capabilities of Autodesk Smoke 2013, which itself was used to make the film. Smoke integrates high-end visual effects into nonlinear workflows familiar to digital editors.

The NVIDIA Quadro K5000 for Mac and Quadro 4000 for Mac, the world’s most powerful professional graphics cards, significantly accelerate the performance of the visual effects tools on Smoke used for compositing, color correction, motion graphics and more.

The technology combo allows digital video editors and producers to turn their unique vision into visual reality. They can decide what a character should say, what a shot should look like, how a scene should play out, how a set should be lit, etc. And, it breaks down the barriers of cost and complexity that have traditionally hindered small film productions.

Plus, digital editors don’t have to waste time exporting files and moving data from application to application. With Smoke on Quadro, time-consuming multiple-application workflows are replaced by a single, efficient application to deliver new creations quickly. That should be music to any editor’s ears.