NVIDIA to Unveil Next Steps In Our Not-So-Evil Plan to Shape Visual Computing

by Brian Caulfield

If NVIDIA were run by secret agents from the future – and, having seen some of the technology around here, sometimes I wonder – this would be our not-so-secret plan: to pour visual computing into the world’s water supply. Put another way: we’re out to put visual intelligence everywhere.

It’s a radical idea. Forty years ago, when the first SIGGRAPH conference was held, visual computing was a far-out notion. Twenty years ago, when NVIDIA was founded, visual computing was limited to a few high-end workstations and supercomputers. Today, we’re selling processors for handhelds, graphics cards for gamers, powerful tools for visual artists and engineers, and accelerators for the world’s fastest supercomputers.

Time to unveil the next steps in our plan to shape the future of visual computing at SIGGRAPH 2013, which starts Sunday. Our headquarters for this effort, once the exhibition portion of the conference opens Tuesday: booth 803 at the Anaheim Convention Center. We’ve packed our booth with examples of how widespread the idea of visual computing has become.

A few highlights:

  • For your hand: you’ll be able to play with NVIDIA SHIELD, our new Tegra 4-powered gaming portable, and new Tegra 4-powered tablets from HP and Toshiba;
  • For the cloud: NVIDIA GRID solutions, including the NVIDIA GRID Visual Computing Appliance with technologies from Autodesk, Adobe, SolidWorks, RTT and virtual desktops and applications with Citrix;
  • For your desk: PCs running our flagship GeForce GTX Titan GPUs will run demos from Witcher 3, an upcoming action role playing game, as well as our Waveworks water effects demo;
  • For the road: look for a full slate of tech demos – including a demo of an augmented reality car configuration system – as well as a Tesla Model S with its Tegra-powered all-digital dashboard.

Expect some surprises as the week progresses.

You’ll also be able to listen to talks from partners such as Pixar, Weta Digital, Adobe and Honda at our Visual Computing Theater, adjacent to our booth.

You’ll be able to catch more than a dozen Tech Talks from NVIDIANs on topics such as high-performance graphics for next-generation 4K displays in Room 211 on the second floor of the convention center.

And we’ll be hosting nine hands-on training sessions with our Nsight Visual Studio developer tools in room 205A.

In short our agents, um, colleagues, will be everywhere.

If you’re attending the show, visit our SIGGRAPH page for more information. And if you can’t get to Anaheim, we’ll be live-streaming talks from our Visual Computing Theater and posting highlights from the show and news to our corporate blog.