by Jason Paul

We have great news to share with you about NVIDIA SHIELD. The high-performance gaming and entertainment portable is in full production and will begin shipping on July 31.

Last month, we made the difficult decision to delay the launch of SHIELD due to a mechanical issue we found in our rigorous testing process. Since then we have been working non-stop to put SHIELD through its paces and ensure it meets the highest quality control standards in the industry.

Order now and get a limited edition t-shirt, while supplies last.
Order now and get a limited edition t-shirt, while supplies last.

You can experience SHIELD for yourself at SHIELD Experience Centers at select GameStop, Microcenter and Canada Computers brick-and-mortar locations in the U.S. and Canada.

If you are ready to join the SHIELD movement and experience the ultimate gaming and entertainment portable, order online at NVIDIA.com or Newegg.com, or through a SHIELD Experience Center, and you’ll get a limited-edition SHIELD t-shirt, while supplies last.

Find the SHIELD reseller or Experience Center nearest you at http://shield.nvidia.com/where-to-preorder/.

Update: Additional online ordering information has been added to this post.

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  • https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawlHeYGVyWjBiyUXp5h123FDJy-_ll5Dq6s george

    will shield have a TV dock and support for 4 remote controls for coop multiplayer games like towerfall?

  • HiLuckyB

    TV dock? I don’t even know how that would work, The Shield can sit on it’s own and you just have to plug a hdmi into the back.

  • vidvox

    Will GameStop pre order customers be receiving the shirt when they pick up the device?

  • Gothalion

    Well.. technically yes. You could viably use bluetooth controllers connecting to the system wirelessly and then plug the system via HDMI into a TV. This actually isnt a terrible use for the shield. Its like Ouya… just good.

  • Myles
  • Christopher Columbus

    I was hoping for January 25th…  but as long as it’s officially coming out now.   I also want to know if those who pre-ordered already will be getting the t-shirt.  In other words people who pre-ordered from Newegg.

    Will we get a t-shirt for every SHIELD we pre-ordered?  I have 6 pre-ordered so do I get 6 tshirts?  How do we choose the size?

  • GHKazoo


  • GHKazoo

    I’d like more information of the status of the beta PC streaming software.  Is it available on day one?

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  • HiLuckyB

    As far as we know it should be available day one, But you are going to need Nvidia’s geforce experience running on your pc.

    After you have that installed and running go to the My Rig tab, And it will tell you if your pc is game streaming ready.

  • GHKazoo

    Thanks!  I’ll do that. 

    Next question.. I think I saw something about them posting info about supported routers (e.g. routers that ‘work’) or other requirements, but I never saw it.  Can I stream on a decent single-band router?  Or do I need a 5Gz band?

  • HiLuckyB

    For now this is all there saying about it. Routers: 802.11a/g router (minimum). 802.11n dual band router (recommended). A list of recommended routers will be provided at launch.

  • GHKazoo


  • John Lynn

    A list of routers is provided at this link:

  • Jin Ong

    Hi Nvidia, can you make an adapter (wireless) that specifically connects my computer to Shield without having to use the wireless router please?

  • HiLuckyB

    Why would they make a wireless adapter? A wireless router already does the job, And you have to have Wifi to set up the Shield when you first get it.

  • Chris Anton

    may i suggest you guys release an article about proper network configuration to get Nvidia Shield streaming perfectly after the release? I imagine there will be plentyyyyy of people asking questions. 

  • Matthew

    It keeps it charged at the same time I guess

  • GHKazoo

     Thought so… well.. I’ve been itching to get an R6300 or an RT-AC66U.

  • GHKazoo

    It can be done with a normal wireless adapter on the PC.  Here’s a link for Windows, and I’m sure Linux has equivalent.  If you’re on a Mac.. no idea.


  • GHKazoo

     Maybe he doesn’t have a wireless router. 

  • HiLuckyB

    Maybe, But you will need a wifi internet connection to setup Shield and Nvidia uses it for the pc streaming. I’m not sure creating a virtual wireless router with windows is going to work for pc streaming.
    It would seem odd to me that someone would buy a $300 Shield and not have a wireless router at all, But I guess it can happen.

  • GHKazoo

    The virtual router *IS* the wifi connection.  It should work fine.  Your PC is just acting like a router to the other devices.

    Someone might not have a wireless router because they’ve never needed one before, but they want the Shield and would prefer not spending an additional $200 for a decent router.

  • Jin Ong

    I live in the dorm, everyone in the building shares the same wireless router and it disconnects frequently.

  • Andre Prasetya

    Buy a MIFI, it will solve your problem

  • Andrew Holmes

    $200? more like $85. TP-LINK TL-WDR4300, $84 on newegg – more than decent.

  • Zach Kirk

    i was just about to post in this thread asking what someone would recommend for me to buy when searching for a dual band router. if the wdr4300 is more than decent why does it avg a 3/5 star review on newegg and not make nvidias list of recommended routers for the shield?

  • TheCubicGamer

    I have a quick question. Will the first generation of Nvidia Shield be updatable to Android 4.3? Heard 4.3 implements opengl 3.0 into the os. Does this mean when updated, Shield will have opengl 3.0 working on it? Nvidia? Brian?

  • GHKazoo

     I like to try to future-proof myself, so if I’m gonna blow $300 for the shield, I’m probably also going to go for the Asus RT-AC66U or the Netgear R6300.

    But, that’s me.  I understand others might feel that those are overkill.

  • GHKazoo

     If you want to go top-drawer, try the two in my comment above. (Netgear R6300 and Asus RT-AC66U)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000478092652 Jonathan Gibbs

    Did the date get pushed back again? Newegg is now showing 8/15/2013 WTF is going on?

  • Heytham Ajine

    It says 07/31/2013…

  • jonnberg

    I just got my FedEx tracking number for my shield pre-order (from store.nvidia.com). Does anyone have an idea if it is overnight? 

  • HiLuckyB

    When did you pre-order your shield? I pre-ordered on May 14th and haven’t seen anything yet.

  • jonnberg

    I got my order confirmation email around 2:30PM CST on June 14th. My tracking number came this morning around 11:40AM CST.

  • HiLuckyB

    That’s just perfect I ordered a month before you, And yours is getting shipped first. I should’ve known that Nvidia would mess this up as well.

  • jonnberg

    Doh, I meant May 14th. The first day it was available to those who signed up to be notified… Sorry.

  • HiLuckyB

    OK lol, Thats a little better. I ordered May 14th, 4:09pm EST so thats 3:09 CST, And so far i’ve seen nothing. No tracking # and they haven’t taken the money for it yet. So you must be lucky.

  • jonnberg

    Ah, they took my money right away through Paypal. Then I got a refund for the price difference when that happened.

  • HiLuckyB

    Yea if you payed with paypal they hold your money the whole time. I used my debit card so I got the money back when they delayed for the month.

  • Jin Ong

    I pre-ordered mine last week from Newegg, and I have already received UPS tracking number since last night. (I chose the the-next-day shipping option)

  • Jin Ong

    Hey GHKazoo, can I use WAP (wireless access point) devices to connect my PC to Shield without internet? 

  • HiLuckyB

    That just great I pre-order over 2 months ago, And i’ve got nothing yet. I should of known that ordering from newegg would of been a better idea then ordering from nvidia :/ On top of that I had to pay for shipping where newegg would of been free. Thanks Nvidia

  • GHKazoo

     If it is attached to a wired network and provides the ability to attach to it, sure.  It should work.  Got a model number>?