The Revenge of Pinkie Pie: Scenes from NVIDIA’s Prank War

by Brian Caulfield

It’s been escalating for a while now.

Fully adorned Christmas trees have shown up in cubicles. Employees have had their nameplates changed to “Justin Bieber.” Office furniture has been gift-wrapped. And, for too long, one man has been at the center of it all: NVIDIA’s Chris Holmes.

'They got me,' Chris Holmes admits.
“I have been officially gotten,” Chris Holmes admits.

That, sources say, is why Chris had it coming. That is why his Honda Fit was transformed Thursday afternoon, taking on the fearsome countenance of Pinkie Pie – the pink, magical pony worshiped by small children, loathed by women and feared by men of all ages.

“I deserved this,” said Chris, after he strode into the NVIDIA parking lot Thursday afternoon to discover what had been done. “I have been officially gotten.”

The story behind the story: a small faction of NVIDIANs led by software engineer Clay Causin were inspired after a report in the corporate blog quoted Chris saying his “many targets” have not been “brave enough to get even.” The result: a quick brain-storming session and a trip to the local art supply store.

The real craft here, however, lay in the set up. Colleagues scheduled meetings with Chris at odd hours. Others dropped cryptic hints. Posters of Chris went up around campus, put up by a mysterious group of “Bronies,” – as adult male fans of My Little Pony are known. The net effect: Chris was led to believe the hammer would come down Friday.

We love it when a plan comes together.
The plan comes together.

He was wrong. Instead, on Thursday, while Chris was distracted by a lunch appointment with a colleague, another NVIDIAN borrowed the keys Chris had left out on his desk. His Honda was then rolled into position outside his office, and quickly covered with pink paper. An enormous pink pony head was attached to the hood. Inside, the car was stuffed with balloons.

Chris, of course, was already planning his retaliation. The next day Clay’s cube was thoroughly redecorated. He is now the proud owner of a huge collection of Jar-Jar Binks memorabilia. Looks like this isn’t over. Yet.

Revenge is a dish best served Jar Jar.
Revenge is a dish best served from a Jar (Jar).

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  • Chris Anton

    Please tell me you’re hiring. I’ll take anything, even janitor. Ha, this is great.

  • Brian_Caulfield
  • Chris Anton

    haha, thanks, that would be a dream come true. unfortunately, I only have a little Art Institute of Pittsburgh knowledge in graphic design and programming as a hobby. Not exactly resume material… However, I’d work there just for the experience if I could! Not to mention help brainstorm pranks which is pretty sweet work I must say

  • StormZephyr

    They turn his car into pure pink awesomeness and he repays them with Jar Jar Binks? Not cool, bro.

  • Sarah Pedersen

    Haha, I laughed at this article when I read it^^
    I too love to give a good prank at work and at LAN parties my colleagues take their revenge on me. For example they write:
    My pc is very slow
    Dell (because I only have problems with Dell computers in general)
    ATI Radeon (I hate ATI/AMD graphics cards due bad experiences)
    I would love to have a job at Nvidia as something with 3D Vision, if it’s gaming or some sort of visualisation, since I love Nvidia 3D Vision very much. Maybe you could help me out with some software that supports 3D Vision, I would be very grateful : )
    Unfortunately I live in Denmark, so it’s a long way to America. Keep up the pranks, Nvidia hehe.