Virtual Private Clouds Go Viral – No Vaccination Required

by Justin Boitano

Like a summer blockbuster to your local cinema, NVIDIA GRID technology is coming, inevitably, to a business near you.

Large enterprises often have the resources to set up their own private cloud-based IT services. But for smaller businesses relying on graphics-intensive applications in their work, NVIDIA GRID technology is enabling a new set of outsourced “virtual private clouds,” or VPCs for short.

It’s these midsize businesses – and smaller – that need the ability to provide their employees with secure access to critical tools, scale up quickly to meet demand, and protect intellectual property by keeping it safely in a data center. But without the hassle and cost of multiplying the size of their IT departments.

In a harbinger of the proliferation of virtual private clouds, two cloud services companies today unveiled infrastructure-as-a-service solutions that use NVIDIA GRID at their core. These services allow engineering, design and architectural firms to provide their employees with secure access to 3D drawings from GPU-powered virtual desktops running on just about any connected device.

Out of Boulder, Colo., comes Ajubeo with its new Graphics Virtual Desktop. The service provides employees with true PC graphics performance while virtually accessing sophisticated 3D design and engineering tools – such as Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit – from PCs, tablets and smartphones.

CT Networks customer Steven Kratchman Architect, P.C., created this rendering using an NVIDIA GRID-powered cloud offering.
CT Networks customer Steven Kratchman Architect, P.C., created this rendering using an NVIDIA GRID-powered cloud offering.

Separately, CT Networks of Hauppauge, N.Y., has announced a service for firms looking to virtualize Autodesk AutoCAD and Adobe Creative Suites. The cloud-based offering allows firms in design, architecture and other industries to collaborate and modify 3D designs without sacrificing graphics performance – even when remotely accessing files onsite with customers or urban planning teams.

NVIDIA GRID technology is the spark to massive change in how businesses can deliver virtualized solutions to their workforces. CT Networks and Ajubeo are at the tip of what we’re certain is a coming wave of cloud service providers helping small and midsize businesses navigate these waters.

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  • Chris Anton

    What would Justin Boitano do 
    If he was here right now, 
    He’d make a plan 
    And he’d follow through, 
    That’s what Justin Boitano’d do.

  • TheCubicGamer

    Will GRID be available in Canada? (Both business-wise and cloud gaming-wise)

  • Justin Boitano

    Haha 🙂

  • Justin Boitano

    GRID K1 & K2 GPUs have been certified in Cisco/Dell/SuperMicro Servers. They’re passively cooled cards so you have to buy them for specific models of servers & the OEMs do the thermal testing to call them “certified”. They are generally available through tier 1 OEMs or as after market options globally.

  • Andre Prasetya

    I want to play SF 4 on this GRID via Shield, but but but I live in Indonesia… I wish there is a GRID provider here ASAP

  • Sarah Pedersen

    I have never been a big fan of cloud computing in general, but this looks promising also for private peoples with more than just on pc. The graphics power provided by GRID would be just that kind of power I am looking for. Keep up the good work Nvidia 😀