Attention, Creative Types: Power of Quadro, Coming Soon in Concentrated Form

by Shawn Worsell
Dell Precision M3800 workstation
The Dell Precision M3800 mobile workstation made its debut at SIGGRAPH 2013.

Whether you work with hammers or harmonicas, the right tool makes all the difference. It feels good in the hand. It’s light. It’s powerful. It makes you more productive.

The new Dell Precision M3800 mobile workstation – introduced recently at SIGGRAPH, the visual computing conference – is all of these things. It’s less than three quarters of an inch thick. It weighs just 4.5 pounds. And it packs the power and efficiency of our new professional-grade Quadro K1100M mobile GPU.

This is a machine for designers, engineers and architects looking to be productive, and stylish, anywhere. For more details on the new thin and light mobile workstation, check out:

More Quadro mobile workstation GPUs are coming. They range from the powerful and efficient K510M to the K5100M, which includes 8GB of dedicated graphics memory – the most ever built into a notebook, to power through complex models and graphics-intensive workflows. Notable features of this new lineup include:

  • NVIDIA’s Kepler architecture, featuring incredible performance and power efficiency
  • Industry’s largest 8GB frame buffer on the Quadro K5100M GPU
  • Certifications – Tested and certified to run today’s most popular and demanding professional design, content creation and engineering applications
  • NVIDIA Optimus technology ensures graphics performance is there when you need it, while intelligently extending battery life

The new Quadro mobile graphics lineup – including Quadro K5100M, K4100M, K3100M, K2100M, K1100M, K610M and K510M – also announced at SIGGRAPH, will be available later this year from major notebook OEMs worldwide.