Tegra 4 Kicks ‘Riptide GP 2’ Into Overdrive

by Will Park

Improved graphics, a new stunting system, new tracks, new (upgradeable) hydro jets and a full career mode.

These are just some of the new features available now in Riptide GP 2 – the sequel to the only console-quality watercross-racing game on mobile devices.

Riptide GP 2 includes Tegra 4 optimizations that allow extra-crisp graphics on high-res screens, complex shaders, high-res textures, dynamic lighting and real-time shadows.

And, with the all-new Vector Engine 4, the game builds on the original game’s stunning visuals with completely remodeled riders and vehicles.

The new stunting system allows for crazier stunts – 25 stunts in total – you can unlock to earn more “boost”. There’s also a new career mode that doles out XP points you can use to upgrade your hydro jet, unlock new stunts and increase your rider’s performance.

And, to make sure you don’t lose your progress through the game, Riptide GP 2 makes use of Google Play Game Services to sync your achievements across your devices.

Whether you’re looking for some heads-up online multiplayer racing action or you want to upgrade and customize your watercraft, Riptide GP 2 delivers the most visually stunning watercross game on mobile.

Download the game today on Google Play for $2.99.