Let the Unboxing Begin: NVIDIA SHIELD Is Here

by Will Park

Today is a big day for gamers and for NVIDIA. We launch SHIELD at Newegg, GameStop, Microcenter, Canada Computers and NVIDIA. Get your hands on the first ever high-performance gaming and entertainment portable.

Here’s what you get:

  • High-powered Gaming: Powered by the world’s fastest mobile processor, NVIDIA Tegra 4, SHIELD introduces an entirely new class of portable gaming with rich, immersive graphics.
  • Gamer Controls: The console-grade controller gives gamers ultimate precision, ergonomics and feel to play over 100 controller-enabled games available on Google Play.
  • Stunning Visuals and Sound: SHIELD has a stunning 5-inch HD retinal touchscreen. Combined with the custom-tuned, bass reflex audio system that powers deep, rich sound never before experienced on a handheld device.
  • 100% Android: SHIELD comes with the latest Android Jelly Bean operating system — for instant access to hundreds of thousands of great apps and games.
  • PC Gaming Made Portable: With PC Streaming BETA you can experience the performance of GeForce GTX gaming on SHIELD — from any room in the house.
  • Play in New Ways: Game, tweet, fly a Parrot AR.Drone or drive a Sphero ball — SHIELD lets you do all the things you want, and even some things you never thought possible.

We are very proud of SHIELD and hope you love it as much as we do.

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  • Andre Prasetya

    Haleluyah! NVIDIA SHIELD launch!!! i’ll get mine in 3 weeks, the agony of living far far away from US.

    PERTAMAX gan!

  • HiLuckyB

    So Nvidia can you explain why people that ordered last week on newegg have there shield shipped already, And some one like me who ordered with you on May 14th hasn’t got shipping info yet?

  • GHKazoo

    Hmmm… NewEgg is already showing out of stock on all Shield related items.  However, up through yesterday, you could still pre-order it.

    Did they go through their entire pre-order inventory?  Comments suggest that they didn’t receive enough to cover their pre-orders.

    GameStop still shows it as unavailable online or at stores and still uses ‘pre-order’.

    I hope you all get them in a timely fashion.

  • GHKazoo

    The Nvidia site is also showing out of stock.  Were there that many preorders?  Or is something else going on?

  • xphyle

    My Shield arrives TOMORROW from Newegg.  Got my tracking number and everything.  However, a bit of false advertising on Nvidia’s part in that the Shield does NOT ship with the latest version of Jelly Bean (4.3).  FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!

  • sontin

    I guess they did not build a huge amount of inventory like Microsoft with the surface. It’s more a order => production process.

  • http://blogs.nvidia.com/ Will Park

    Hi there

    Sorry to hear that you haven’t gotten any shipping info. If you ordered through shield.nvidia.com on May 14th, you should contact Customer Care. If you ordered through a partner, please contact their respective Customer Care teams.

  • http://blogs.nvidia.com/ Will Park

    Apologies if you feel we misled you in any way. Depends on how you look at it. Jelly Bean is the latest major version of Android, and we do ship with Jelly Bean. 

    4.3 was just launched, so expect to see an OTA update on your SHIELD in the near future for this 🙂

  • http://blogs.nvidia.com/ Will Park

    It’ll be worth the wait 🙂

  • M1kkko

    Does PC streaming support Linux?

  • HiLuckyB

    I still haven’t received an email saying my Shield has shipped, But after looking around the store.nvidia website I found that my shield has shipped. So i’m happy to see this, But the website is not very user friendly when trying to check your orders and the lack of email needs to be looked into.

  • HiLuckyB

    If you can run geforce experience on linux then you might have a chance.

  • http://blogs.nvidia.com/ Will Park

    Sorry to hear about the confusion, but glad your SHIELD is on its way! Have fun with that thing 🙂

  • Christopher Columbus

    I’m playing with my SHIELD right now.  Newegg shipped them yesterday so it would arrive today on release day.  Sounds like Newegg is handling the SHIELD shipments better than the company that made it.  Odd lol.

    Only thing is I ordered 7 SHIELDs for me and 6 other friends and didn’t receive a single T-shirt like they promised. Not sure if this is only for people who ordered through NVIDIA but their press release claimed they would come with ones bought from retailers too. Guess not… but it’s not really a big deal.

    I’m LOVING this thing though.  The interface is so smooth that it’s hard to believe it’s running on Android.  It’s as smooth as iOS when being pushed by the Tegra 4 chip.

    PC Streaming works with zero latency and the controller feels comfortable.  The screen is very sharp and crisp looking too despite being 720p instead of 1080p.  Movies look good on it too.

    Overall I’m impressed with the product and I think you guys will be too.

  • Altanore

    Mine is still pending @ Newegg.  Ordered May 20th.

  • Altanore

    I pre-ordered May 20th.  My order hasn’t even processed, it is still in a “Pending Pre-order” state.  If they didn’t receive enough stock, seems like they were only sent like 10 units.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=508549521 Jamie O’Connor

    is there any news on shipments outside of the US? 
    I have been following this thing since CeS and the regional selling is a bit lame.

  • Christopher Columbus

    That’s strange.  I ordered in May also and I had shipping confirmation on Tuesday morning.  But I also paid for overnight shipping.

    THERE IS A FEW THINGS YOU GUYS SHOULD LOOK OUT FOR.  I got to test out 7 different SHIELDs in my shipment so I could pick the best one for myself.

    I noticed that on a few of them the D-Pad makes a loud clicking noise when you press “UP”.  Some clicked when you pressed the “A” button and both were distracting if you don’t use headphones.

    The one I took for myself and 3 others didn’t click at all and were very quiet.  So it’s a random thing and not on all of them.

    One of the SHIELDs had these weird scuff marks on the back even though the back has protective plastic that you peel off.  It was underneath that.  Not a huge deal but it could be a turn off to someone getting a new product.

    The packaging for the SHIELD also just falls apart when you open it, because they didn’t use strong enough glue for the molded eggcrate pieces.

    Also on a funny note,  I found a latex finger cot inside one of the boxes underneath the SHIELD.  At first I thought it was a condom because I saw only a glimpse of it before opening it all the way.

    Just shows you how badly they were rushing this product.  But with that said I have done some extensive testing and here is a few things I love about it.

    * The SHIELD controller works with all of the emulators I’ve tried out of the box.  No third party app needed.  I didn’t even have to map controls on most of them.  This was one thing I was looking out for and I’m very pleased.  The response is instant and the emulators recognize it as a “NVIDIA CONTROLLER”.  So looks like they spent a lot of time on the drivers for this thing.

    * Android games actually run the way they were intended to run with the Tegra 4.  I’ve tried games like GTA Vice City with the resolution and view distance maxed out and it runs at a smooth 60fps.  It wouldn’t even do that on my Galaxy S3.   If they actually gain the attention of some real developers they could make amazing games for this thing on par with PS VITA graphics.

    The 2 games they include with the SHIELD are seriously a joke when it comes to pushing the power of the Tegra 4.  They look like PS1 games.  Would of made sense to include one of the graphic intensive games to show off the Tegra 4.

    * The PC streaming feature only works with games you’ve purchased through STEAM.  The games native resolution is downgraded to 720p so the game doesn’t look “maxed out” but still looks pretty darn good on the SHIELD.

    When playing BIOSHOCK INFINITE there was some freezing issues unless I was in the same room as my router.  But this is a beta feature at the moment and I expect it to improve.  The good thing was that there was no latency with the image or controls when it was running uninterrupted.

    * The screen is nice and bright and has a great sharpness to it that is appealing to the eye.  Makes Android look real sexy.  They clearly spent a lot of time on making the interface run smoothly too.

    * They have a “virtual mouse” that you can control with the right analog stick,  and do a left click with the right trigger.  It’s surprising how well it works and how smooth it is.  I was able to navigate android fully without touching the screen.

    * Typing on the screen is a little strange at first but you get used to it.  You have to sort of grip the screen from the sides while the SHIELD is on your lap.  You could also just use one finger and point forward to tap each letter but it’s slower.  You could also use the controls to pick each letter as if you were using a XBOX controller without the keyboard attachment.

    Overall I really like the product.  I just hope they improve the PC streaming feature and also get more Tegra 4 exclusive games in the TegraZone store.

  • Christopher Columbus

    Wow what a surprise.  You turn out to be a complete liar.  LOL did Mommy finally agree to pay for your SHIELD?  You were attacking me and exclaiming that you cancelled your SHIELD pre-order and Nvidia GFX card order because you are done with NVIDIA.  Yet here you are buying it anyway.

    Not to mention bitching about false advertisement on what version of android it’s running?  Like it makes a difference.  That’s even more petty than asking for a freebie.  They never said 4.3 specifically… they said it runs latest version of Android meaning Jelly Bean. 

  • xphyle

    Nah, I just like making fun of whiny bitches like yourself

  • xphyle

    And surprise, surprise! You’re still complaining about not getting a freebie. LMAO.

    And the latest version of Android is 4.3. Get with the program.

  • xphyle

    Fuck you.

  • Christopher Columbus

    Hahah poor little pig.  Did I strike a nerve?  What else are you going to lie about?  You bought the SHIELD after saying you cancelled like the lemming you are.  What a poor little liar you are.  LOL you wrote 2 different comments then had a brain spasm and edited it to say “wahhh fuck you”. Let that anger build you flimsy twink. It’s too easy. I   LOL you vile looking homo.  hahahhahahahahahhaaahahahahahahah

  • GHKazoo

     Nice review.. thanks.

  • xphyle

    I didn’t edit them, fucktard. The mods deleted them. And for the record the latest version of Android is 4.3. No surprise that I come back here any you are STILL, weeks later, batching moaning and complaining about not getting a free Tshirt. That’s ok, they probably don’t have any XXXL’s you fat fuck.

  • guest1110

    will TRIM for memory management be added for 4.3 on the Shield?  Anandtech’s review on the Shield, noted this…this is why i had horrible lag on my Nexus7 after filling up the flash drive a few times (and deleting alotta games i bought).

    main thing i’m concerned is, that i hope SHIELD doesn’t lose performance as it ages

  • Christopher Columbus

    You’re really bad at this.  Your nerves are showing.  I have you by those little acorns you call balls.  I almost feel sorry for you.  Good luck with that self proclaimed graphics design business nobody cares about.  You should call it Mommy Suckling Basement Designers Incorporated.

    I have to go enjoy my life now.  Something you aren’t familiar with I’m sure.  Besides I’m sure you’re busy ramming a pogo stick up your mom’s butthole to pay her back for your SHIELD pre-order. hahahahaha

  • xphyle

    Speaking of mom’s, tell your mom she left her purse on my nightstand last night after I poked her brains out.  She can come back to pick it up any time.  She told me that she wasn’t used my huge johnson, because she’s usually only trying to get off on your toothpick dick.  Which she says you probably haven’t seen in ages since you’re so damn fat.

  • jane doe

    FInally, I can continue my game while I take a dump……..

    ….dont lie, you know that this is what every PC gamer will do.

  • Azagathoth

    I wish PC streaming would work with my GTX 580. I’d buy one now if it did, but I’m not yet ready to upgrade my GPU.

  • miguel cormier

    Wait are you the guy in almost every nvidia shield review,unboxing,showcase? 🙂 if yes well just want to tell you that shield is amazing!! so far and i cant wait to the fully released streaming feature 🙂

  • 1wayjonny


    A user made a comment review about a REAL technical issue with the products D-Pad.

    What is of concern is I have this issue as well and can see the person post from Google.

    Its not here anymore as Nvidia should not be hiding peoples post about “D-Pad makes a loud clicking noise when you press “UP””

    This is a real issue and you should not be flagging peoples post for reviews to hide the issue.

    That is not cool!

  • Brian Joiner

    Same issue here.  Please dont delete real issues

  • http://blogs.nvidia.com/ Will Park

    Thanks! That’s me 🙂

    Enjoy your SHIELD!

  • http://blogs.nvidia.com/ Will Park

    Hi, thanks for your concern. Can you clarify where you saw this post? Do you mean our Google+ page?

    It is our policy to never delete legitimate comments. Unless the post was inflammatory or insulting, no NVIDIA representative would delete it.

  • http://blogs.nvidia.com/ Will Park

    First, apologies that we couldn’t meet your order needs.

    Demand for SHIELD on launch outpaced our supply. We are working hard to get more units back in stock online and with our partners as soon as possible.

    Well have more inventory soon!

  • Brian Joiner

    Here.. http://tinyurl.com/l7dl523   Is listed as being posted 5 days ago. But link does not give all the info now.    Look at post Nvidia Shield is here  . You will see preview that says D-Pad makes a loud clicking noise when you press “UP”.  But on actual blog it cant be found.

  • http://www.facebook.com/paulandtonyacomputerrepair Paul Lightfoot

    i had one issue with the shield so far which was not being able to stream steam games to my shield which i fixed. otherwise the shield has been the best portable device i have ever used. i do wish however that it had a built in camera for portable skype calls etc. other than that i have no complaints

  • jonen

    bring it to Europe please

  • http://www.facebook.com/cedric.chiron.7 Cedric Chiron

    moi je la veux en FRANCE bordel !!! 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/cedric.chiron.7 Cedric Chiron


  • sontin

     I used Borderlinx to get it here in germany. Got my Shield a few hours.

  • Sagar Rawal

    I pre-ordered months ago and am still waiting for mine thanks to a shipping snafu by Newegg.

    Seeing all the coverage on how awesome the Shield is, and me not having one has made me a sad panda. 🙁

  • http://blogs.nvidia.com/ Will Park

    Thanks for the link. After thoroughly checking our comments systems, it seems this comment no longer exists. It’s possible the original poster deleted their comment.

    Now, if your having issues with SHIELD, I strongly urge you to visit shield.nvidia comment for support and/or submit a support ticket. Hope that helps! 🙂

  • Brian Joiner

    Thanks Will, Contacted support and they declared it a manufacturing defect and shipping another out to me.  Thanks for the reply.

  • guest1110

    Got my SHIELD!  Excited…however, watching Netflix with my Velodyne Bluetooth headset, and sound is kinda skipping, some static, and seems like it’s slowing down the streaming.  This doesn’t happen with my other Android phone, tablet…

    any way to fix?  also, ShadowGun Deadzone, controls are very laggy, and game keeps crashing on me.

    And can we get GOF2HD with game control support?

  • Rando91568

    I hope that you are behind on shipments, I expected to be able to go into my local Gamestop and pick one up in August 1st or 2nd but they dont have them nor do they have a clue of when they will get them. I can order one but with all due respect I have no intentions on spending $300 on something I cant at least touch first. Please get them to the stores, I have Gamestops and a Microcenter near me.

  • guest1110

    getting the same thing with MXplayer.  Static clicking in the background using Bluetooth.  Pls, fix

  • Andre Prasetya

    newegg.com already show “in stock” a relief for me as they have not notified me about my order. I hope I can get mine sooner.

  • 1wayjonny

    I have contacted them as well for a RMA. I have not had the offer to ship me a new one yet but hope this will be smooth process.

    Loving the Shield though don’t get me wrong. =)

  • 1wayjonny

    Seems like the missing review / post is back as well from “Christopher Columbus” below.

    That was not there when I visited last.

  • http://blogs.nvidia.com/ Will Park

    Glad you got it sorted out! Defects happen, but we are dedicated to standing behind our fans 🙂

  • Rick

    Is the clicking issue on the Dpad indicative of a wear issue or can I ignore it without expecting wear and damage sooner than a non clicking one?

    Also, is the D pad supposed to be able to “float” and be moved around a bit where it is mounted?

  • http://blogs.nvidia.com/ Will Park

    Hi Rick

    Yes, the D-pad “float” you’re noticing is normal behavior. 

    If you feel uncomfortable with the clicking issue, please contact our support team at support.nvidia.com. 

    Hope you’re having fun with SHIELD!

  • http://blogs.nvidia.com/ Will Park

    Hi Rando

    We have rolled out SHIELD Experience Centers at select GameStop and Microcenter locations. I’d encourage you to go hands-on with a SHIELD at your nearest Experience Center. 

    Find one here:

    Hope that helps! 🙂

  • Rando91568

    The nearest one for me is 100 miles away. I’ll have to wait until it gets into all Gamestops or Microcenters

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513224260 Jason Nelson

    I  can’t find this device ANYWHERE.   GameStop says “No stores with inventory within 100 miles”, Microcenter on backorder, NewEgg sold out.

  • Rando91568

    When is it going to be available at Gamestop? My birthday is next month and ive been saving:) I also have $100 in store credit at Gamestop. 

  • safa serdar

    Hello Mr. Will PARK
    When ll we see nvidia shield in TURKEY?
    please answer my question bcz I am waiting for a long time that the console!

  • Ayiddddd

    Hi, Is there any online store that ships to singapore?