Android Games You Can Play On SHIELD Right Now

by Jordan Dodge

A great gaming device deserves amazing games. This is just one of the reasons we pre-loaded every SHIELD with Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II – at a silky smooth 60 FPS – and Expendable: Rearmed.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II: pre-loaded with every SHIELD.

But it doesn’t stop there. Not even close.

A host of talented development studios, from around the world, have delivered big time with their games for Tegra devices. With 35 SHIELD games optimized for Tegra and over 65 additional Android games with built-in controller support, gamers will have non-stop entertainment on the go.

So let’s take a look at what you have to look forward to.

Five Brand Spankin’ New Games Went Live Today

Blood Sword: Sword of Ruin
Developer:  OneQ Soft

Unveiled at CES, this action-packed role-playing game has come a long way. Blood Sword: Sword of Ruin is set in an ancient, magical world. This gorgeous looking game has been optimized for Tegra 4 devices, including SHIELD, with high resolution textures, dynamic shadows, normal maps and realistic smoke and fire effects.


Choplifter HD
Developer: inXile

Choplifter HD players take on the role of an up-and-coming rescue pilot asked to join an elite, international helicopter rescue team. Pilots are trained to command a variety of helicopters deployed on more than 30 different missions.

Combining reality with elements of fantasy, missions will range from captured military prisoner extraction to saving survivors of viral outbreaks. Pilots must bank, hover, touch-down and sometimes even shake zombies from their chopper during lift-off in order to make their rescue and complete their mission. Choplifter HD dares players to risk their lives to save others.


Chuck’s Challenge 3D
Developer: Niffler

From the design genius behind the classic Chip’s Challenge, comes Chuck’s Challenge 3D, a fiendishly addictive puzzler that’s packed with features that will tease the brain and challenge the fingers. You take Woop, a puzzle-lovin’ alien capable of altering time and space, through countless levels and see where your times rank on the online leaderboard.

The game also comes with a level editor that lets you create, upload and share your custom levels for everyone to play and rate, all from within the game.

The team at Niffler was particularly impressed with SHIELD, noting that “NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 processor allowed us to add special effects to Chuck’s Challenge 3D which normally would be reserved for PC & Mac, such as real-time shadows and refractive water. NVIDIA, as we see with SHIELD, continues to blur the line between desktop and mobile gaming.”


Space Ark
Developer: Strawdog Studios

Join the Arkonauts as they bounce their way across the universe and discover grey, broken worlds and collect precious crystals that allow them to terraform new landscapes. You’ll progress through 30 missions across five diverse worlds by unlocking powerful weapons, crystal upgrades and planetary shields.

Strawdog’s Technical Honcho, Simon Morris, commented on how great the game looks with the power of Tegra processors: “With hundreds of 3D objects on screen, rich animated worlds and characters, all rendered with real-time lighting and gazillions of particles, NVIDIA Tegra really gives some serious bang for buck.”


Tainted Keep
Developer: Ravn Studios

Find out what dark and sinister evil awaits in this console-quality sword and spell dungeon crawler. The once idyllic village of Greenhaven is now a near lifeless husk, the souls of its inhabitants having been drained by the powerful wizard Morg, who has used them to create the abominations that now occupy the mighty keep that was once the source of protection for the village. As Xobia, enter the keep to find the source of Morg’s power and put an end to the misery that has been unleashed on the hapless village.

Ravn Studio’s CEO, Stine Waern, had high praise for what SHIELD is capable of, “SHIELD is it by far the fastest mobile device we’ve worked on and it lets us put console-quality graphics on a handheld device.”


Play The Best – Tegra-Optimized For SHIELD

In addition to the titles available for the first time, a number of existing TegraZone games have SHIELD support. Many feature new Tegra enhancements.

In addition to all the great Tegra-optimized titles, there are a ton of additional games currently available on Google Play that feature controller support and play well on SHIELD.

The full list can be found on the SHIELD website at

Game. On.

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  • Phil Winkel

    should really just build a touch mapping app that would allow you to map the shield buttons to touch events. Then you could play a lot of touch games with shield as well. I’m not sure why this wasn’t part of the SHIELD itself.

    The gamekeyboard app might work.

  • Anzhel Bozhinov

    Bring it to Europe!

  • Karl Zylinski

    The link to Hamilton’s great adventure is broken (g before http://)

  • Sarah Pedersen

    Yes please bring it to Europe! I really need Shield right now, since gaming on my ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity is quite uncomfortable : (
    I already got a lot of games installed on both the Android platform and on Steam. 
    When will it come to Europe? And what about the price? 
    Please hurry Nvidia!
    Btw I love your products^^

  • domahman

    When is project sword coming out?  

  • Jin Ong

    I tried to stream Boarderland 2 and Skyrim on my Shield but it wont respond to my control on the Shield. Anyone help???

  • MicroByte

    I’ve been playing my Shield for 2 days now and am really impressed.  A number of games from the Shield Store are just amazing on the device – GTA, Dead Trigger, Riptide GP 2, Shadowgun being some of the best.  It was great to be able to go into the options menu on some of these games and put everything to max without the Shield even breaking a sweat!

    I also downloaded Mupen64, SNES9X EX+ and PPSSPP.  All run great and I now have my dream of a truly great handheld N64.  PPSSPP is amazing when you get the setting correct as well.

    Just wanted to share, this is a really great device!

  • Elislurry

    LOL good luck bro.  Asking for support on blog comments isnt going to get you anywhere. 

  • Paul Lightfoot

    had the same issue, my fix was a fresh install of windows, the beta of steam, gtx 320.49 drivers NOT BETA, geforce experience 1.6 version NOT BETA. after that everything worked flawlessly. give it a try if all else fails. 🙂

  • guest1110

    ShadowGun:  Deadzone, don’t work very well on Shield, controller lags, and game crashes.  tried mapping but didn’t quite work, coudn’t even throw the Grenade.

    Also, micro SDXC works, for READ ONLY, no WRITE…WHY!??

  • Will Park

    Hi there. Have you tried formatting the card as FAT32? NTFS will be read-only. 

  • Will Park

    Thanks for the kind words! 🙂

  • Will Park

    Hi Jin – have you tried hitting up ?

  • Jin Ong

    Yes, someone in the forum helped me solve the issue. My controller works now. Thank you.

  • guest1110

    Hi Will,

    Thanks for the Reply, however, i have microSDXC 64GB.  i think FAT32 will only see 32GB.  did some research, and looks like a stock Android issue (since Android isn’t pgmed for external SD).

    I hope there’s a fix for this when ya’ll update ability to save games onto microSD.  in the meantime, i can always pull the microSDXC card out and save files over a laptop.


  • Andre Prasetya

    I have a microSD XC 64GB formatted to Fat32, its doable, check this out

    Have not tested on Shield as its not arrived yet but I have tested it on an Open Source ROM on SGT-N7100 and it works fine, tested on a chinese Jiayu G3S as well and its flawless.

  • Andre Prasetya

    I agree, a touch mapping app would work, I hope nVidia read this

  • Phil Winkel

    I recommend Tincore Keymapper.  you have to download the APK manually though; the play store thinks shield is not compatible. Tincore works fine on shield if you manually install the app 

  • Phil Winkel

    Shadowgun Deadzone works perfectly fine on my shield. I have recorded a gameplay video at–kctUyYSJ0

    If your shield has issues playing shadowgun: deadzone, i’d try running some benchmarks and make sure it’s not the hardware

  • Tulai Paul

    Mobile has become really entertaining . The author has nicely sited some of the brilliant games. We should also say that one can get even more varieties when joining hands with chartboost or appnext

  • DaveTech

    Numerous video games from Shield Store are just amazing about the system. All these android games are wonderful with high resolution including shield. I will try all of these on my iphone. android games

  • Linda Caplinger

    Sorry for the late reply Karl but it appears to have been fixed in the interim.

    Many thanks,