‘SHIELD Got Me Excited About Gaming Again,’ and Other Confessions from Reviewers

by Jordan Dodge

We’ve said a lot about SHIELD. Now it’s time to let everyone else do the talking.

With SHIELD now shipping from Newegg, Gamestop, Microcenter, Canada Computers and NVIDIA, the fun is just beginning.

“SHIELD got me excited about gaming again, and it accomplished that across two vastly different platforms,” wrote Jason Evangelho, for Forbes.

Here’s what else the critics have to say:

  1. SHIELD is a do-it-all entertainment device Used in tandem with those loud stereo speakers, we found ourselves comfortably employing the SHIELD like a portable DVD player from the early oughts, streaming The Daily Show via Hulu+ instead of watching old Friends DVDs.” – Engadget
  2. It’s a great Android gaming device “SHIELD is the best that Android Gaming has to offer.” – Ubergizmo
  3. PC streaming, now in BETA, is a new kind of gaming experience “… why would you buy a SHIELD over, say, a new Nexus 7? I can tell you why I’m buying one: PC game streaming.” – The Verge
  4. It keeps going, and going… – “Perhaps it’s Tegra 4’s power-sipping core or maybe it’s pixie dust, but SHIELD’s battery is a beast.” – Forbes
  5. It can fly- “The SHIELD is also compatible with the Parrot AR Drone app and its dual analog sticks can be used to wreak havoc control a Parrot Drone…  after using it, I can’t imagine attempting to [do] the same with touch controls. For my money, this is the only way to fly.” – CNET
  6. Console quality games –Sonic the Hedgehog is a classic with very broad appeal. It’s a bright, colorful platformer that wouldn’t even be out of place on Xbox Live Arcade.” – Tom’s Hardware
  7. It’s built to last* – “Build quality is so good I told Anand that I wanted to try running it over with my car.” – AnandTech

*Note: we do not recommend, endorse or condone attempting to run over SHIELD with an automobile. This will void the warranty. It might also damage your car.