How the Quadro K6000 Changes the Face and Pace of Visual Workflows

by Adam Scraba

We’re still months away from the gift-giving season, but artists and designers are putting the new NVIDIA Quadro K6000 graphics card at the top of their wishlists.

For visual professionals working in everything from VFX-heavy filmmaking to product design, project timelines are shrinking while data sets are exploding in size. The Quadro K6000 lets them push the envelope more than ever.

NVIDIA Quadro K6000
The Quadro K6000 redefines the possible in visual effects.

Combining the world’s most powerful GPU and the world’s largest graphics memory (12GB), the Quadro K6000 enables the quality and realism of visual work to be scaled up to unprecedented levels earlier in workflows than previously possible.

We put this new card in the hands of some of our most demanding customers and their feedback has been incredible. Check out the videos below to see how artists and designers are using the Quadro K6000 to fundamentally change how they work.

The Foundry MARI: Visual effects artists are able to create richer, more detailed character and set environments completely in CG with the Quadro K6000.

Autodesk Maya: Animators can work at previously unheard of levels of realism right inside Autodesk Maya to make better modeling decisions earlier.

RTT DeltaGen: Automakers like Nissan can now review more design iterations faster and with more realism than ever before using the Quadro K6000 in the RTT DeltaGen design review tool.