How the Quadro K6000 Changes the Face and Pace of Visual Workflows

by Adam Scraba

We’re still months away from the gift-giving season, but artists and designers are putting the new NVIDIA Quadro K6000 graphics card at the top of their wishlists.

For visual professionals working in everything from VFX-heavy filmmaking to product design, project timelines are shrinking while data sets are exploding in size. The Quadro K6000 lets them push the envelope more than ever.

NVIDIA Quadro K6000
The Quadro K6000 redefines the possible in visual effects.

Combining the world’s most powerful GPU and the world’s largest graphics memory (12GB), the Quadro K6000 enables the quality and realism of visual work to be scaled up to unprecedented levels earlier in workflows than previously possible.

We put this new card in the hands of some of our most demanding customers and their feedback has been incredible. Check out the videos below to see how artists and designers are using the Quadro K6000 to fundamentally change how they work.

The Foundry MARI: Visual effects artists are able to create richer, more detailed character and set environments completely in CG with the Quadro K6000.

Autodesk Maya: Animators can work at previously unheard of levels of realism right inside Autodesk Maya to make better modeling decisions earlier.

RTT DeltaGen: Automakers like Nissan can now review more design iterations faster and with more realism than ever before using the Quadro K6000 in the RTT DeltaGen design review tool.

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  • cecilys

    wow ghoooud stuff

  • Sagar Rawal

    I can’t wait for these to come out!
    Two of these plus a K20X in a Maximus configuration FTW!


  • Carl Gunther

    Will this be better than the Titian? Is this card just for designers or is it also for gaming? If I had to choose one card to get the absolute best graphics & FPS which NVIDIA card would it be?

  • julialy

    This card is for content creators…
    If you are gaming go get the Titan.

  • TITAN-UP_Pro


  • Ryan Gadz

    What if you are a game developer?

  • julialy

    If you are working excessively with 3D models, go ahead and buy one in the Quadro series.

  • Ryan Gadz

    They are so much more expensive for comparable hardware. In the past I’ve always had Quadro or Firepro, but it seems like money could be better spent on a 3 way sli of GeForce 780.

    What are the pros and cons of going GeForce instead?

  • julialy

    Are you working excessively with 3D models..? If you are not, go ahead and buy a GeForce.

  • Ryan Gadz

    I want to play my games on one monitor while using Maya on the other. I like making use of complicated lighting scenes and 10M+ poly models in Mudbox.

    From what I can tell, the pro cards have always had more accuracy, antialiasing for wireframes, and better performance when multiple windows are opened up.

    But, would the sheer number or CUDA cores benefit more for rendering scenes? This is where I lose the most time and I can deal with ugly wireframes.

  • julialy

    yes it will benefit more, if the program supports CUDA

  • David Peterson

    do not get the titan. waste of money unless you want to run 7 tri monitor games at once. i have a 4GB GTX 770 and run fallout 3, fallout new vegas, Skyrim, and battlefeild 3 tri monitor at the same time and never have a problem or max out card all games i have run at close to 120FPS

  • Thomas Hock

    K6000 doesn’t have optimized game profiles. meaning This K6000 may get its butt kicked by a GTX770 2GB card because the drivers aren’t ment for games

  • Alucai Vivorvel

    Well, duh. You said it yourself, it’s not meant for gaming. NVIDIA won’t care about gaming performance on a card whose purpose is for creating said games, not playing them.

  • Ben Wolfe

    I love these cards! Some of what they can do now days in graphics is just astounding!

  • Tim Vechik

    If you are working in a professional environment, the reliability and support for industry-standard platforms (AutoDesk, Adobe, etc.) means less down time and fewer headaches due to potential kernel panics, bad packets, etc. As someone who is still working with the non-professional cards with the standard AMD card in my Mac Pro, the allure is very real for sticking with those battle-tested card sets.

  • heyue0821