Slim New HP Servers Put Super-Sharp Graphics Power on Multiple Desktops

by Justin Boitano

In the movie ‘Blade,’ Wesley Snipes played a character with a knack for slicing up vampires with a ridiculously sharp katana. In the real world, nothing chops faster through tough computing problems for creative-class samurai than a powerful GPU.

Slim, but powerful: HP's new
Slim, but powerful: HP’s new WS460c Gen8 Graphics Server Blade.

Today, HP announced the updated HP WS460c Gen8 Graphics Server Blade — the first blade server to put the wickedly sharp problem-solving power of NVIDIA GRID GPUs on the virtual desktops of multiple users at the same time.

Slash past the buzzwords and the significance is plain. These servers will put powerful tools in the hands of the most demanding users – artists, designers, engineers and architects – with all the advantages of hosting and managing those desktops centrally.

With NVIDIA GRID K1 or K2 GPUs, a single blade system running virtual desktops or applications can now support multiple users per blade. It’s a simple upgrade to blade infrastructure:  new blade servers come with GRID GPUs available in side car chassis.

There’s more coming. Our goal with NVIDIA GRID: give every virtual-desktop user the graphics power they expect from their workstation or PC.

Visit the HP website for more information

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  • mpeniak

    Great!!! Sharing to:

  • Brian Caulfield


  • Richard Harris

    So I’m wondering about details of grid

    Earlier I was under the impression that there were grid servers that somehow would link over the network to systems that would use the GPU power, but is it that you need to put the GPUs into a terminal server?

  • Justin Boitano

    We have a range of GRID solutions which are designed to deliver the power of GPUs to virtualized users from the datacenter. We have a turnkey server/virtualization solution we call GRID VCA which delivers the virtual desktop solution you describe in a plug & play manner. We also sell NVIDIA GRID GPU cards to server OEMs for deployment into enterprise customers who are looking for GPU accelerated VDI & the capabilities to manage a VDI solution like Citrix/VMWare. The latter is what HP was announcing support for.

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