NVIDIA Readies Full Support for Windows 8.1

by Sasha Ostojic

As Microsoft gets ready to release its first major update to Windows 8, NVIDIA is preparing to provide full support for OEMs, developers, enterprise customers and end-users.

Microsoft will soon share the final version of Windows 8.1 with PC manufacturers, who will begin selling Windows 8.1 devices on Oct. 18th. Current Windows 8 customers can update their systems for free by downloading it from the Windows Store, beginning that day.

NVIDIA will provide WHQL-certified Windows 8.1 drivers to OEMs when Microsoft releases the new operating systems to OEMs. In the coming weeks, NVIDIA will post the new drivers for Windows 8.1 on NVIDIA.com, so that GeForce customers can enjoy all of the new Windows features as soon as 8.1 is released.

Windows RT users with Tegra-based devices will also be able to take advantage of Windows RT 8.1 on Oct. 18th. Windows RT users can update their devices through the Windows Store for free.

Windows RT 8.1 offers many changes and improvements to Windows RT including the addition of Outlook, third-party mobile device management and better controls for enterprise IT support. Delivering such a comprehensive update only 10 months after Windows RT launched required extremely close collaboration between NVIDIA and Microsoft programmers and engineers.

We will continue to work with Microsoft and our OEM partners to ensure that NVIDIA-based systems deliver delightful Windows experiences.