Video: (Your Game Here) How Tegra 4 Helps Developers Build Great Games

by Matt Wuebbling

Our Tegra 4 processor may be tiny, but game developers use it to create some really big gaming experiences.

In the video below, game developers like Bitsquid, Steel Wool Games and Vivid Games show off how our blazingly fast Tegra 4 technology produces games with amazing visuals.

Take “Flyhunter: Origins.” Steel Wool chose Tegra 4 to power features like dynamic shadows, depth of field and bloom-lighting HDR that give the game its cinematic-quality animation.

We also work with developers so they can optimize their games for maximum effect, and achieve their artistic vision.

From the expansive labyrinths of “Hamilton’s Great Adventure,” to the bone-crunching action of “Real Boxing,” Tegra 4-powered games achieve a visual fidelity that can’t be matched on any other mobile device.