Auto Innovators Motor Into NVIDIA’s Headquarters

by Danny Shapiro

Imagine being able to see when your lunch date is due to arrive – in real-time – as they fight their way through cross town traffic. That’s Glympse, and it’s just one of a new generation of startups at the intersection of the Internet and the automotive industry.

Glympse, a person-to-person location sharing startup based in Seattle, Washington, will be just one of the web startups, automotive suppliers, and investors participating in the AutoTech Council’s October meeting being hosted at NVIDIA’s Silicon Valley, Calif., headquarters this week.

Motor City 2.0?

The event is the latest example of how Silicon Valley, a region better known for semiconductors and web startups, has become a major automotive hub.

That’s in part because Silicon Valley investors are pouring money into upstarts, such as Glympse, whose services are being built into a new generation of automobiles.

Mercedes-Benz has already announced that Glympse, which offers an app that lets anyone with a smartphone share their location online, will be built into its next-generation A-Series.

Other companies attending, or presenting, at the event include Pandora – whose Internet radio can be used in a wide-range of cars and OpenMobile, a San Francisco company that lets apps built for Google’s Android mobile software run on non-Android devices.

And NVIDIA has moved into the auto industry’s fast lane, too, putting visual computing products better known for their role in smartphones and PCs into dozens of new car brands.

Fuel Up With New Ideas


Expect a lively exchange of ideas at this open-to-the-public event about what’s coming next in a market that’s seen automakers pour a new generation of rich multimedia and communications services into their products.

And that’s just the start. On the agenda Friday: emerging in-car apps and enhanced in-vehicle driver experiences, gesture-driven controls, safety warning systems, and collision avoidance systems.

Learn more and register to attend at AutoTech Council.