Capture Every Win With GeForce ShadowPlay

by Scott Herkelman

At last – NVIDIA introduces an advanced game capture tool that lets you capture and stream your greatest gaming moments, with little performance hit to frame rates. That’s the promise of ShadowPlay, launching with the upcoming release of GeForce Experience 1.7 on Monday, Oct. 28.

We built ShadowPlay to solve a common problem. Gamers love to record their games and share those magic moments, good or bad, with friends and fellow gamers. But doing so has meant a forced compromise: tools are expensive or slow, or both. And it’s hard to rack up kills when you’re running software that kills your frame rate.

Now you can share your greatest gaming moments with more people.
Share your greatest gaming moments.

GeForce ShadowPlay is a high-performance, fast and free gameplay-capturing tool that’s available exclusively to GeForce customers. It’s also super easy to use, having the H.264 encoder built directly into GeForce GTX 600 and 700 series GPUs.

How It Works

ShadowPlay has two user-configurable modes. The first, shadow mode, continuously records your gameplay, saving up to 20 minutes of high-quality 1920×1080 footage to a temporary file.

So, if you pull off a particularly impressive move in-game, just hit the user-defined hotkey and the footage will be saved to your chosen directory.

The file can then be edited with the free Windows Movie Maker application, or any other .mp4-compatible video editor, and uploaded to YouTube to share with friends or gamers galore.

Alternatively, in manual mode, which acts like traditional gameplay recorders, you can save your entire session to disk.

The beauty of ShadowPlay is that, because it takes advantage of the hardware built into every GTX GPU, you don’t have to worry about any major impact on frame rates compared to other, existing applications.

A straightforward tool for capturing and sharing your wildest gaming exploits.

Twitch Streaming Coming Soon

And there’s more to come. We’re working hard to integrate Twitch with ShadowPlay so you’ll be able to stream your games to friends and fans worldwide.

Soon, all your friends will be able to watch you play while you enjoy all the performance you’ve come to expect using your GeForce GTX GPU.

Share your gameplay on Twitch.

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