Capture Every Win With GeForce ShadowPlay

by Scott Herkelman

At last – NVIDIA introduces an advanced game capture tool that lets you capture and stream your greatest gaming moments, with little performance hit to frame rates. That’s the promise of ShadowPlay, launching with the upcoming release of GeForce Experience 1.7 on Monday, Oct. 28.

We built ShadowPlay to solve a common problem. Gamers love to record their games and share those magic moments, good or bad, with friends and fellow gamers. But doing so has meant a forced compromise: tools are expensive or slow, or both. And it’s hard to rack up kills when you’re running software that kills your frame rate.

Now you can share your greatest gaming moments with more people.
Share your greatest gaming moments.

GeForce ShadowPlay is a high-performance, fast and free gameplay-capturing tool that’s available exclusively to GeForce customers. It’s also super easy to use, having the H.264 encoder built directly into GeForce GTX 600 and 700 series GPUs.

How It Works

ShadowPlay has two user-configurable modes. The first, shadow mode, continuously records your gameplay, saving up to 20 minutes of high-quality 1920×1080 footage to a temporary file.

So, if you pull off a particularly impressive move in-game, just hit the user-defined hotkey and the footage will be saved to your chosen directory.

The file can then be edited with the free Windows Movie Maker application, or any other .mp4-compatible video editor, and uploaded to YouTube to share with friends or gamers galore.

Alternatively, in manual mode, which acts like traditional gameplay recorders, you can save your entire session to disk.

The beauty of ShadowPlay is that, because it takes advantage of the hardware built into every GTX GPU, you don’t have to worry about any major impact on frame rates compared to other, existing applications.

A straightforward tool for capturing and sharing your wildest gaming exploits.

Twitch Streaming Coming Soon

And there’s more to come. We’re working hard to integrate Twitch with ShadowPlay so you’ll be able to stream your games to friends and fans worldwide.

Soon, all your friends will be able to watch you play while you enjoy all the performance you’ve come to expect using your GeForce GTX GPU.

Share your gameplay on Twitch.

For more information on ShadowPlay or GeForce Experience 1.7, check out our feature story on

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  • cri8tive08

    i am in it to win it great deal

  • 360 Fov

    wow this is awesome!!

  • stealthgyro

    Does this address hard drive write concerns? If so how, I’m really curious, compressed on the fly? One of the issues with Fraps/DXtory performance issues are actually your write speeds to the drive you’re recording to.
    This video is what made me concerned about how it handle hard drive writes.

  • Selcouth

    The trick is. Save the movie file to lower compression. So?

  • Brian_Caulfield

    We compress on the fly to H.264,
    which is much more compact than FRAPs. You will see very little HDD churn.

  • Daniel Jay Dee

    this looks pretty cool, i wouldn’t want it anywhere near my SSD though.
    but with the minimal performance impact as claimed, would this still perform well with a 7200rpm mechanical drive?

    probably a stupid question.. but…

    will the software only be compatible with nvidia cards, or will team red also be able to benefit from this?

  • Michael Romano

    Read the blog post… “available exclusively to GeForce customers.”

  • Ranze Perez

    Will this be able to record on resolutions higher than 1080p? I’m using a 1440p monitor.

  • Sabun

    Sounds like what you can do with SimpleScreenRecorder on Linux, which is pretty awesome! Any chance ShadowPlay may come to Linux in the future?

  • Steve Muggins

    Will there also be an option for recording voice as well? Or would that have to be done with a separate program and then be synced to the video later?

  • Even K Mjøs

    Any chance it will also be out for Linux sometime?

  • Adrian-Florin Vișan

    The thing is they use the HARDWARE H.264 compressor, they do this on the fly without using almost any CPU processing time. This is a lot more efficient then just using another app that will do this wasting precious performance.

  • Enrico Prova

    Nice, I’d have liked it on my 560ti too though

  • BigDaddy0790

    So, you get compressed files. Then you compress after editing. Then you compress after uploading. Meh. Lossless still beats this if you need quality.

  • Demiart967 .

    Capture for HDD with compression is a long time no problem, there are already programs that can use Intel Quicksync for capture to hard drive. Most interesting part is streaming to twitch and others. Often hardware encoders for streaming are weak at quality – a bright example is Live gamer HD card from avermedia – stream video quality is awful with low bitrate comparing to CPU compression. I hope my GTX780 will perform better. Hurry up guys, we are waiting for shadowplay since this summer…

  • Ben Young

    It’s not incredibly likely. Nvidia’s finally begrudgingly starting to put some real time into their official drivers for linux as well as the open source version. I think it’ll be some time (if ever) before we see Shadowplay roll out.

  • Sabun

    One can hope 🙂
    Maybe with SteamOS’s release as an official Linux distro later on, Nvidia will provide even better Linux support. Doesn’t hurt to ask though!

  • Dionm

    I don’t see why not as its really just a “resolution” but they used that as a reference as most people play on 1080P screens.

  • Ranze Perez

    I asked because when AverMedia first came out with Live Gamer Portable HD, I got one but was disappointed I’m unable to use it on my 1440p monitor. I had to downgrade my resolution to 1080p for it to work… which is just unacceptable and defeats the purpose of having a higher resolution monitor.

  • kuchuk

    That’ll probably be in the audio tab. Looks like all of the categories probably have a drop-down menu.

  • Clement

    will this be on the 675mx ? i really hoops so i know my GPU is more powerful then 650 desktop especially with the 1000(core clock)

  • George

    I dont think it records your screen i think it record the output from you gpu so screen resolution wont matter

  • Rauven

    Yeah, i don’t feel like upgrading my gtx 560ti to a 600/700 gen just to use these new features, i’ll probably just get another “now cheap” 560 ti and do a sli while waiting for the 800/900 gens since i can still play almost any game at max or high settings in 1080p with a decent fps

  • Jonathan Ong

    will it be able to use on other graphic card ?? besides nvidia ?

  • ben

    can you run it on amd too?

  • Robert Kaiser

    I saw that it will be using the built-in hardware function of the 600+ series GPUs to do the encoding. Will there be an option to do software-based encoding for those of us with older cards?

  • Zach01000101

    No, and I doubt it will be possible to mod it for AMD because it is designed specifically for cuda cores.

  • dj crossfade

    i hope they give you 2 audio options at the same time 🙂 that way u can record teamspeak
    and in game audio so that u can master the audio in sony Vegas

  • Sneaky

    Im really excited for this and hope my GPU supports this beta test. I had lots of issues with setting up dxtory for bf4 and you might have just solved my problems. My only concern is audio as i heard you cant record your own voice just yet. But if the video recording is as good quality as advertised im sure i cant work around such a small issue. Its cool to see you guys putting this together.

  • Erdal Ergec

    Is there any other recording software which can record temporary files like this? I would love to have a recording tool which makes temp files and saves them only when i want to with a hotkey like this tool!! Anyone knows any?

  • Gabriel

    If you get some lag on, it’s just a “couple” of people F5ing.

  • Johnathan Marsh

    xFactor did a video on this explaining what it includes as of now.

  • Johnathan Marsh

    Share this video around, xFactor explains most of the questions people have been asking here.

  • Gabriel

    Can’t use with any processor below i3 2100. Lame.

    (660 here)

  • kungFUpanda

    quad core processors are not supported??? why? I mean highend quads are pretty powerful than i3-2100

  • ZipTags

    Just done some recordings in BF3 but when i go to play back the recording there is no sound ? the recording is super smooth on 1080 but is this just set to using the nvidia sound and not what you have in your own PC ,I am using Asus stx . Any one have any idea or is this just a bug ? ,I have the sound setting on in shadowplay and recording set to high and yet their is no sound on play back ? is there a fix for this please ANY ONE !!!

  • ZipTags

    X factor is a nerd

  • SmokingCrop

    I don’t have any sound when I use shadowplay.. and yes, ingame audio capture is enabled..
    Is it because I use a Xonar DGX soundcard?

  • John Williams

    It works with an i3 but not an A10? Hmmm…

  • zygame

    Ya,I’ve got the same problem but I’m using a 1680×1050 screen,this software still recording in to change it,guys?

  • Phross

    Is there any possible way to use Shadowplay for other applications, like, say, Photoshop?

  • anon

    no mobile support even with my GTX680m

  • Mikail Rdfl-Xtc Mondol

    Shadowplay not responding, amd fx4100, gtx 660ti !

  • Gabriel

    I have a Xonar DGX, and there is sound in the videos from ShadowPlay.

  • Gabriel

    Thanks nVIDIA for this. Even if it’s a beta, it’s just awesome.

    Celeron G530 /w 660 Ti.
    Add -shadowplay to your “GFExperience.exe” shortcut and it’ll work on anything better and equal to a G530 CPU.

  • Nejdine Carter

    Dito on this. Just made my first recording, and im using a 1680×1050 monitor, and the output video was stretched. Not pretty. Good quality though, and i would be using it all the time if i could change it to the same resolution of my screen.

  • Agust

    As a user of GTX 780 SLI on 2560×1600 monitor the recording quality is horrible. I was expecting this when reading that it will record at 1080p. There’s no scaling just shrink in frame size therefore, the quality is really bad.

    I’m sure with 1080p it will be great. Hopefully there will be support for 1440p and 1600p. Please consider!

  • Agust

    Did not work on my 1600p either… Hopefully that will change soon. I did the same testing with HDPVR-2 Plus and returned it for refund a few days later. There are few that work with 1440p / 1600p. You can try Mirillis Action!, but that’s not “free”… Awaiting update Shadowplay lol


    Shame full session is limited to 3.8gb on w7 & unlimited on w8

  • Max

    No love for Dual-560 SLI 🙁

  • Jenna Yaner

    It’s only like that, because it uses built-in hardware on the 600/700 series. So there isn’t much they can do about it, unfortunately.

  • Sin Lee

    I’m also on 2560×1600 on SLi configuration. Quality isn’t horrible, it’s actually pretty good. Did a ShadowPlay recording of Batman Arkham City while playing at native 1600p and letting shadowplay record at 1080p. It recorded at native 1080p, no shrinking or scaling done. Can play smooth 60fps (v-sync on) and the 1080p video came out smooth 60fps.

    I do hope they allow us to record higher than 1080p though. Right now options are limited, can’t really adjust anything.

  • Johnathan Marsh

    You do realize that in this “Age Of Technology” “Nerd” is not even an insult anymore, right?

    It brings a grin to my face when someone refers to me as a Nerd or Geek. As a Self-Employed novice programmer, PC builder and IT Student I find it to be a compliment.

  • Agust

    Thanks for sharing. For me it does look bad for the ingame interfaces. It went from 16:10(2560×1600) to recording at 16:9(1920×1080) that’s probably why it looks bad. Playing the game itself is fine without any lag (FFXIV ARR).

    I guess I’ll test it with BF4 after midnight released and see how that turn out.
    But with more settings and additional adjustments SP can be really awesome.

  • Zachary Duenas

    Any possibility of this being able to record game input AND mic input like fraps?

  • Ranze Perez

    Guys, I just used Shadow Play and its recording pretty good on my 1440p monitor. The output is still 1080p @ 60fps. Based on some of your responses, I’m guessing the minimum requirements for this software to work as intended is to at least have a wide screen resolution with a ratio of 16:9 for the captured videos not to appear stretched or distorted. Let’s not forget though that this is still on beta and NVIDIA may add more advanced options later on. So far I’m impressed with the quality of the video it captures on my game play.

  • SirTapTap

    And, ideally, put mic and game audio on different audio tracks, UNLIKE fraps.

  • SirTapTap

    Encoded H264 will rewrite to a high-speed HDD just fine, there’s no need to record it to SSD anyway. 1080p 30 FPS is less than 50Mbps on my capture card, 100Mbps should be plenty doable on a high-performance HDD

  • IulianGeorgescu

    Is there any settins to record a mic and a webcam ?
    I saw at E3 presentation that mic and webcam are integrated but i don`t see them now.
    When these features will be available ?

  • Dub R TotalWar

    Yeh, Im wanting to know this too. It only seems to record on Audio source which is ingame audio. Hopefully they add multiple features or unfortunately im still stuck with fraps which eats FPS


    FRAPS still BADASS!!!!!!1

  • Peter Bay Bastian

    Wayland (replacement for X Server) allows something similar for people with Intel IGPs in addition to their discrete graphics, so you also get recording at minimal performance cost. The “shadow” feature should be trivial to add.

  • Anentropia

    I won’t (yet) use SP because: not a single option regarding resolution or FPS

    the current Windows MovieMaker (2012) has more options than that buildin..

    to top it of: it wants to record in 1080p despite i’m on a 5:4
    monitor @ max1280x1024, so I can’t even record in 1080p in theory..

    I can play games in 1280×960, so its the (formerly youtube supported) aspect
    ratio 4:3 but I right now I can’t even do 720p (unless I can change resolution in shift2
    just for the replay, so without having to restart shift)

    and the interpolation for such a weird resolution-difference would make
    the video look poor, despite its high nominal resolution…

    at least the fps is compatible with youtube supported 25+30fps, although directly recording in 30FPS would be better and barely need programming effort.

  • Clayton

    Will there be a laptop version? I have a GTX 675M

  • Aktien Broker

    Cool, no more need for expensive extra programs!

  • Ryan Mick

    Is there a way to have this work on my videocard. Everything else works but my card is a GeForce GT 630. Can you make it work with that card with an update please that would be great

  • Mario Tinton Prambudi

    Not going to show off my wins, I just want to show people my hilarious game moments. I have a 600 series at home, will try this ShadowPlay once I resolve my Windows 8.1 upgrade issue.

  • Doc

    So, is there any chance we can get this to not bsod? I’ve sent in two tickets per nvidia’s request and have yet to get this to work properly. I did manage to capture about 5 seconds of footage before it locked up PS2 and then shut Shadowplay down. And to this date, I cannot get shadowplay to turn on again. I’ve re-installed experience, but that is seriously a pain in the butt to get a program to run after it crashes.

    I’m running an EVGA GTX660ti FTW with 3gigs on it. 12 gigs of OCZ ram, granted it’s a 2nd gen i7. And still no go.

  • Yossarian

    You can use a low profile audio program such as mumble to record while waiting for a better solution.

  • Tim:)

    How to download ..

  • Ondon

    please, make windowed mode capture, not only fullscreen

  • William Ho

    In addition of twitch, please add custom rtmp streaming so that we could stream to a different provider! (youtube, wowza, local streaming etc) 😀

  • barry

    First off, @NVIDIA please update your comment app to save your comment when you register, cause its pretty annoying writing out a comment, finding that FB login doesnt work and registering manually, only to have your comment disappear.

    So anywho… I may be missing something, but this will not work for me. Flick the switch, everything is green, but in game if I use withe shortcut, ALT+F9 for manual or ALT+F10 for shadow, nothing happens. No icon appears on screen, no video is saved to output folder.

    Anyone else having these issues?

    EDIT: Thanks Ondon, your comment solved my problem! I second what Ondon says, please make avail for Windowed mode for us dual screeners 🙂

  • IulianGeorgescu

    When is release for us to use microphone and a webcam ?
    Doubles my time now, i have to record the video, after that i record the voice, put them into the editing program, do some editing, finish, upload to youtube.

    For a 30 min video is a 3 hours work. Just because i can`t use my mic.

  • Andy Broderick

    Came here to say Shadowplay is incredible. While all 3rd party software heavily slows down my PC, Shadowplay seems to do it seamlessly, and with superb quality while compressing the files, realtime. Dude, that’s really something. I never advertise stuff and I have no idea how you managed to do this, but this is almost revolutionary.

  • Jeff Cyr

    Is this able to record microphone input? What about the audio from other programs I.e: Skype (For voice chat with friends during gaming

  • Bill

    I can’t get this to record my mic input, but it does pick up the voice of others in Skype while you’re gaming.

  • Jeff Cyr

    it doesn’t record mic input at all, it’s not meant to, if you want to you’d need to either use a third party software or have something loop your voice so it picks it up.

  • SandersCSclips

    if the 630 has a kepler gpu ( GK chip cards ) then yea, im sure it will work.

    run GPU-Z and if it says GK ( i think thats a GK 208 on that card ) you should be good.

  • Jason Thoma

    yall need to get the mic input going like ASAP without it the program is useless to me.

  • Grant Rusk

    It does have an option to record voice 🙂 change the audio (from the screen where the switch is to turn on ShawdowPlay) from ‘In-game’ to ‘in-game & microphone’

  • Steve Muggins

    Yeah, it does in the latest update. My comment was relevant when it was posted.

  • Dylan Michael Ballard

    when i try to edit it the open-gop settings used in ShadowPlay during the encoding process are causing errors when trying to pass the video through AviSynth into any kind of encoder and/or player.

  • riley phillips

    im having this problem(and ive only tested it on rising storm) where it doesn’t record the ingame voice or my voice but it will detect the video i have playing on the second screen. is there a way to change what it picks up and what it doesn’t.

  • xXdimmitsarasXx

    PLEASE is it going to be working on the GT 735M soon? It’s quite a new product.

    The shortcut way doesnt work for me, it pops up the shadowplay window but it won’t record.

  • levifig

    This can’t come soon enough!!!!!11

  • David Hutchins III

    When will Laptops be supported?

  • NewYears1978

    Why does it only work with games in the nVidia experience? This makes it near worthless if I can’t use it on other games..only 4 of my 50 games are supported.

  • Guest

    Why do you not have it compatible with mobile graphics cards? I have a GTX 650m which is more than capable of capturing. But because its not listed as compatible, I cannot use the feature -_-

  • Zackary Ferris

    OK I just upgraded my video card from a nvidia geforce 1gb 210 gddr3 to a 630 2gb gdd3 now Ive been updating all my drivers but when I went into my features for nvidia cards it says I dont have a 600 series or higher (this doesn’t make since to me cause I payed for a 630 2gb series and im not receiving my extra features as promised) can someone help?

  • Impire

    why cant i use it when i have GTX 675m It says 600 or more….

  • Giraffackle

    It says gtx 600 or above. The 630 is gt. Sorry dude, i have the same problem here.

  • Mohanad Abdul Kalek


    After update of call of duty ghost you will Get VAC banned by use this program – GeForce ShadowPlay.

  • Mohanad Abdul Kalek


    After update of call of duty ghost you will Get banned by use this program – GeForce ShadowPlay.

  • TekHawk

    Really want to know this to >.<

  • Nathan Gilliam

    I love it! It’s very convenient and easy to use! Great job NVIDIA, this is great!

  • Jonatan Döden Simonsson

    Does it also record skype? Just wondering…

  • Air

    “every GTX GPU”? I think that you mean “only GTX 600 series and up”.

    every GTX GPU
    every GTX GPU
    every GTX GPU
    every GTX GP