NVIDIA’s Visual Computing Module Speeds Towards Glory

by Danny Shapiro

Mufflers. Transaxles. Tires.  When you think of the stuff that goes into cars, you don’t often think about the stuff NVIDIA makes. But with consumers demanding more connectivity, and multimedia power, from their cars, we’re driving deeper into the automotive industry.

The prize.
You know we want it.

That effort hit another gear this week when we were named a finalist for the top award in the annual Automotive News PACE Awards competition – often referred to as the “Academy Award for Innovation” in the auto industry. Among the folks who shape sheet metal into cars – whether on workstations or assembly lines – this is a very big deal.

The Premier Automotive Suppliers’ Contribution to Excellence (PACE) award recognizes companies who embrace innovation to exceed the expectations of everyone who spends time behind the wheel.

That’s not easy. Tastes are changing fast as consumer-driven trends such as social media, infotainment and e-commerce mean car buyers are demanding the versatility and visual pizzazz found in smartphones and tablets.

Helping Automakers Get Into Gear

Our Visual Computing Module.

The challenge: automakers, with their long and complex development cycles haven’t been able to keep up with the rate of innovation in Consumer Electronics.

So to get them get up to speed, NVIDIA offers a unique modular approach — with our Visual Computing Module — to help car makers quickly integrate the latest technology into their vehicles.

Finalists in the competition are determined by sponsors Ernst & Young, The Transportation Research Center Inc. and Automotive News – and the winners will be announced at the Automotive News PACE Awards ceremony on April 7, 2014 in Detroit, Michigan.

Keep your spark plugs crossed for us.