NVIDIA Adds More Fuel to Rocketick Technologies

by Jeff Herbst

We’re doubling down on our investment in Rocketick Technologies, a promising startup that’s changing the landscape of chip design and verification by harnessing the power of the GPU.

As part of its $3 million Series C funding, we’ve put in $1 million, following our initial $1.5 million investment two years ago. Other investors, including Intel Capital, also put in money this round.

RocketickWe’ve been following Rocketick, which is based in Israel with an office in Silicon Valley, for several years. They are cleverly using GPUs to accelerate chip design verification cycles by up to 50 times, giving it a huge advantage in an industry where the complexity of simulating a chip grows exponentially. In fact, we license Rocketick’s technology for our own chip designs.

Rocketick is one of hundreds of small companies sprouting from all corners of the world using GPU technologies related to games, visualization, computing, cloud and mobile. To help promote these activities, we’re holding our third annual symposium in Israel next month to identify and promote additional promising companies that share Rocketick’s ambitions.

Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming events and to learn about other innovators using the GPU for visual and computing applications.