Barnstorming for GPUs: Next Stop, Tel Aviv

by Alain Tiquet

Our ongoing effort to fortify the GPU ecosystem focuses this week on Israel, where we’re hosting a conference to bring together startups, investors and corporate players.

At the heart of the get-together – our third annual edition of the event – will be execs from about three dozen young, local companies involved in visual computing, high performance computing and computer vision. They’ll swap insights and learn more about how NVIDIA’s latest innovations can accelerate their businesses.

Where the action is:
Where the action is: Israel attracts twice as much venture capital, per capita, as the U.S.

Typical of attendees will be companies like RealView Imaging – which uses GPUs to power its detailed 3D hologram projections from medical scans which users can interact with precisely; SQream Technologies – which relies on GPUs to sift through big data 10 times faster than CPUs; and Playcast – a global pioneer in streaming video games, much as Netflix streams movies.

There’s nowhere else on earth with more innovative verve than Israel, a story that’s been told compellingly in the 2009 best-selling book “Start-up Nation.” Its authors seek to answer why it is that Israel, per capita, has attracted twice as much venture capital investment as the U.S. and 30 times more than Europe.

There are currently said to be 5,000 startups in this country of 8 million, many in the broad sprawl of office buildings spiraling north and east of downtown Tel Aviv.

While NVIDIA is focusing this week on Israel, we are planning similar startup-oriented events in the year ahead in China and the Nordic region.

At the Emerging Companies Summit, our flagship annual event in March, in San Jose, we’ll be introducing an initiative called the Early Stage Challenge. It’s a fast-moving, stand-and-pitch style activity, where CEOs of new companies will compete for a $100,000 prize determined by an expert panel and the audience.