Tegra Note – A Stylus-Packing, Tegra 4 Tablet Starts Preorders at $199

by Matt Wuebbling

Our Tegra Note 7 tablet is packed with features – such as our Tegra 4 mobile processor, a superb stylus, exceptional audio, a groundbreaking camera, 100% Android software and, of course, great NVIDIA gaming.

And now you can pre-order it.

The EVGA Tegra Note 7 is available through NewEgg for just $199 in the U.S. In the UK, ADVENT started pre-orders for its Tegra Note 7 on Nov. 7.

Packing heat: The  Tegra Note 7 is built around our Tegra 4 mobile processor.

Tegra Note’s stylus has superb responsiveness and features at a fraction of the cost of competing Android tablets with a stylus. NVIDIA DirectStylus technology gives it active stylus capabilities — such as fine point and broad stroke control and palm rejection — at passive stylus prices. It also comes bundled with apps for convenient, stroke-based note taking.

The device’s camera uses Tegra 4’s processing power and the Chimera computational photography architecture to deliver features never before seen in a tablet camera. Tegra Note also brings to Android SmugMug’s Camera Awesome app — one of the top camera apps on iOS. Exclusive Tegra 4 features include tap-to-track and 120 fps video with slow-motion playback and always-on HDR (coming in a future over-the-air update).

“Android users are going to love Camera Awesome and the special features we’ve created with NVIDIA exclusively for the Tegra Note platform,” says Don MacAskill, CEO at SmugMug, the developer of Camera Awesome.

NVIDIA GeForce Partner Expands into Android

Tegra Note is a complete tablet platform designed for our partners to take to market. It includes NVIDIA’s hardware and software (right down to over-the-air updates), to our industrial design, accessories and network of partners in game development.

Our U.S. launch partner is EVGA, one of our premier partners and distributors of NVIDIA GPU products for almost 15 years.

Premium Features: Tegra Note 7 includes a superb stylus, exceptional audio, a groundbreaking camera, 100% Android software and, of course, great NVIDIA gaming.

Expect more Tegra Note-based tablets in the months to come. We’re working with many partners to bring Tegra Note to market. Among them are EVGA and PNY Technologies in North America; ADVENT, EVGA, Oysters and ZOTAC in Europe; Gigabyte, Shenzhen Homecare Technology and ZOTAC in Asia-Pacific; and XOLO in India.

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  • Ankit Shah

    This is a great tablet at a great prize. Can’t wait…

  • ahmed ehab

    I love it , superb performance , nice design , and of course magnificently amazing price.

  • Brian Caulfield

    Can’t wait to hear how you like it!

  • Brian Caulfield

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Lexaraa

    this is awesome! can it be shipped to romania? 🙂

  • Sin Lee

    That camera placement… if you accidently drop your tablet and that corner hit’s the ground…

  • sreedhar Khandavilli

    Wow! All Intersting features in it. Can it be shipped to india?

  • Sonal Pinto

    Looking at all the news articles, I think we are gonna get the TN7 from atleast Xolo and Zotac (and maybe HP). Not sure when, though. I was heartbroken when I heard that the Shield wouldn’t come to India, and if the TN7 isn’t launched soon, I am going to cry… [;_;]
    Can’t wait to try out the DirectTouch!

  • blackmondy

    When will we see a 13-14 inch tablet with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity for artists ? The creative industry is sorely lacking of an affordable and prefessionally usable tablet.

  • Venkat Reddy Uppala

    Me too waiting for the Shield, TN7 to be launched in India soon.

  • Brian Caulfield

    Thanks for the feedback.

  • Ku Iny

    Definitely getting this for my girlfriend…..love the responsive stylus it
    will make taking note and pictures of our child to easy. PS. Please
    Nvidia Admin do you have any future lunch for cellular or LTE

  • Kanisius Gerry

    Hope this will come soon in Indonesia with the same price (because here, the tax is going crazy)
    btw, the back cover looks like nexus 7 2012, i hope this tablet has nice grip like nexus 7

  • Esteban Izaguirre

    When is this coming to Spain?

  • bro3886

    A larger – say 10″ – screen with beefed up resolution combined with a more sleek (read: thinner) design would be very attractive. As of now, I play the waiting game…

  • granad0

    How can I order from Indonesia? I want a tegra note!

  • Stéphane C Desjardins

    Give it a gb of extra ram even if it makes is a bit more expensive and you’ve got a sale. As it stand it’s more than a little lackluster. Big meh from me.

  • Jimmy Pong

    Can a tegra 4 outperform a snapdragon 800?

  • Drbrain Frezee

    it is awesome . when its coming to Malaysia?

  • Jan

    when dose it come to Denmark.
    and the same for Nvidia shield

  • Lukáš

    Coming soon to Czech Republic ?

  • Mouse

    Will the Slide Cover be available in the UK?

  • Distortion_Kills

    I just did a preorder @ NewEgg. I can’t seem to find a way to order the slide cover though.

  • Aaron Hudson

    I want one of these, are they coming to stores? Or is newegg the only way to get it?

  • Marky Dumaguit

    This could have been the best 7 inch Tablet if the resolution is at least 300ppi. 216 PPI is not enough nowadays

  • shivaraj katti

    Can we connect a USB webcam to this tab??The inbuilt cams are not very comfortable for video chats?

  • Damian

    In store today they said it would be here in week 30 which they explained was when they have it in store stock.. Great tablet.. Looking forward to the cover’s functionality

  • The Unwired Medic

    Looks fantastic! When will it be available through other vendors? I do a lot more shopping on Amazon than Newegg.

  • Артём

    This is a great tablet at a great prize. Can’t wait! When you start in Russia??

  • Mouse

    Week 30? Do you know what date that would be? Surely not July next year?!

  • Damian

    In Currys they said it was next week (November 25) so lets see…surprised it’s not on the website though..

  • kunal

    In india XOLO launched NVIDIA TEGRA 3 BASED tablet ,which has a price of 207$ but on the other hand TEGRA 4 based tablet in USA is priced 200$ . WHY ?? this is cheating and injustice of indian fans of NVIDIA becoz we r buying the tab becoz of NVIDIA not becoz of XOLO company in India. I request NVIDIA to take care of this.

  • Shuvodeep Paul

    I really want the tegra note. Superb tablet. Always wanted a tablet like this. Perfect match for me. I am from India and i really want an EVGA Nvidia Tegra Note. I’m a big fan of Nvidia. Really, when will it be available in India. I want want it not because of XOLO but for Nvidia specially from EVGA. When will it be available in the Indian market? Waiting from October for it.

  • Mouse

    Just got this tab, and I’m impressed. There are 2 issues I’ve come across so far, though. First, Currys (the UK distie) arent stocking the slide cover yet. Second, when I try to update “Camera Awesome”, it tells me I have to pay for it! What gives?!?

  • shonangreg

    So, the stylus is not pressure sensitive? You have to roll it around in your fingers to vary the line thickness using the broad side to create thick lines and the pointed edge side to make finer lines?

  • Zane Yee

    Pen pressure?

  • Swaraj Malakar

    Already placed an order from flipcart.simply irresistable

  • Silithas

    I just hate that all electronical products here of more than 25 bucks gets increased by 29% due to the customs fee we have here 🙁

  • a hernandez

    i finally got my HP Slate Extreme here in the Philippines, Question when will you bring out the 4.3 update for Hp?
    I’m still trying to get use to the size 7 inch i’m used to my asus transformer 10 inch but i like this one better.
    i hope to get the 4.3 update soon…

  • Jithesh Gopalakrishnan

    Even i am eagerly waiting for one Tegra Note in Indonesia….

  • Darren Niepold

    I got this this a 2 weeks ago and I am blown away how good it is over my nexus 7 tegra 3 it just kills it benchmark was coming out 3 to 4 times faster even coming out slightly above nvidia shield ‘shock’ the stereo sound works well, bass port makes a little difference, SD card slot, micro HDMI or nvidia wireless miracast. I couldn’t believe how cheap it was 99 pounds over Xmas. Just need the slide cover now that’s how I ended up here hopefully cover will come too UK soon.

  • sherdil

    even more unfair is 200$ tegra 4 tab for 17000 INR when it should be for around 13000INR

  • sherdil

    why not from XOLO?

  • sherdil

    200$ tegra 4 tab for 17000 INR when it should be for around 13000INR

    And why Tegra 4 by HP,Asus or Toshiba is not available in India? I don’t trust Xolo and its customer service is also not good in India.
    Is Xolo only option I have?

  • Paulios


  • Jansen Tong

    Just want to ask when the update for the HP Slate 7 Extreme will push through..
    It’s already May 2014 but we’re still stuck on 4.2.2