SHIELD Experience Gets Better Still with Latest Software Update

by Jason Paul

SHIELD, our revolutionary gaming portable, is the best way to play Android games. It lets gamers take their favorite PC games and play them on their couch. And it’s a multi-faceted entertainment device that can blast music from its built-in speakers or stream Netflix movies to its built-in 720p touch display.

Mastering all these capabilities – and adding new ones – takes great software. Just last month, we released an update that introduced a number of major new features to SHIELD. With our latest software update, available today, we’re taking some of SHIELD’s best features and making them better.

GAMESTREAM Now Supports 1080p at 60 FPS

Emerging from beta just last month, GAMESTREAM lets users equipped with our latest Kepler-class GTX graphics cards wirelessly stream their PC games to SHIELD.

Our latest update improves the GAMESTREAM experience, adds support for new games, and gives PC gamers the ability to stream select games from their PC library to SHIELD at a silky-smooth 60 frames per second at a jaw-dropping 1080p over an Ethernet connection while SHIELD is in console mode.

grab-nvidia-shield-console-mode-640px (1)

Unleash more Android Games with Gamepad Mapper

Launched last month, Gamepad Mapper adds support for thousands of new Android titles by giving gamers an easy way to optimize mobile games for SHIELD’s console-grade analog thumbsticks and trigger buttons.

Our latest SHIELD update adds a new community profile BETA feature that gives users the ability to share, browse and rate community generated gamepad mapping profiles. No need to customize the controls for your favorite Android games for SHIELD’s controls. Just grab another member of the community’s configuration and go.

Additionally, we’re also adding the ability to map gyroscope, motion-based movements to SHIELD’s console-style controls. So rather than waving your SHIELD to and fro to navigate your way through games, you’ll be able to simply map that gesture to one of SHIELD’s thumbsticks.

We’re also improving support for first-person games – like “Mass Effect Infiltrator” – by adding the ability to use the right thumb stick to “look around,” just as you would in a console game.

Lastly, we improved the cursor feature to better optimize navigation in games that require cursor control.  Whether you are playing Angry Birds or want to use the cursor to navigate the menu buttons, this updated feature has you covered.

grab-nvidia-shield-gamepad-mapper (1)

Full Screen Mode Updates 

Finally, to create a more immersive gaming experience, SHIELD now automatically hides the Android status bar at the top of your screen to maximize your viewing experience on SHIELD’s touchscreen display. A quick swipe brings it back down from the top of the screen.

New Content

As we add new capabilities to SHIELD, look for game developers to continue releasing new games that take advantage of what SHIELD can do.

On Android, check out “GT Racing 2,” and “Zombie Tycoon 2,” available on Google Play and our own Tegra store. Each includes native SHIELD controls and Tegra-enhanced effects.

For the PC, “Batman: Arkham Origins,” joins the growing list of AAA titles that can be streamed to SHIELD from a PC equipped with a Kepler-class graphics card, and both titles can be enjoyed on your living room TV, via SHIELD’s Console Mode.

If you haven’t grabbed a SHIELD of your own yet, check out our special SHIELD Black Friday promotion – good through the end of day Monday – and find out all that SHIELD has to offer at