BETA Steam Machines Arrive Today

by Mark Smith

The living rooms of a select few gamers are about to get upgraded.  The improvement comes in the form of a Steam Machine prototype which began shipping out Friday and should start to arrive at the homes of 300 lucky BETA testers any minute now.

When the Steam machine prototypes arrive, a peek inside will reveal aGeForce GTX 660, GeForce GTX 760, GeForce GTX 780 or the vaunted GeForce Titan. Not a shocker, considering the GeForce GTX series delivers acoustic characteristics and power efficiency essential for the SteamOS living room game experience.

Good to go: prototype Steam Machines being prepared (source: Valve).

Because the SteamOS is built around Steam and is a version of Linux, we expect our Linux drivers, which have since been optimized for SteamOS with the aid of Valve’s expert engineers, to shine in the first glimpse of the platform that has the potential to redefine the living room experience.

Big screens, PC games, big fun.

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  • Filip

    steamOS machines = another name for valve’s console

  • Silencio

    “optimized for Stream OS with the aid of Valve’s expert engineers”
    Stream OS or Steam OS or SteamOS?

  • John Alexander Mills

    they look pretty big .. like the old VHS players in the 80s lol

  • Klyff Curry

    all im gonna say is free online or its gonna flop

  • Kris Murray

    they look big because they are pretty much a computer, and with all the tech in such a small box, it needs room to breath. The Xbox One was designed big for the same reason, to have airflow, a small machine would create a major issue with cooling and with an nvidia titan in this thing, it will be more powerful than the other consoles.

  • isaac tschampl

    well duh its going to have free online ITS STEAM! Its exactly what you get on your computer (Plus the ability to play in your livingroom)

  • Teh

    that is probably because they r almost normal pc’s inside 😀

  • Gatling Jack

    oh,oh,oh the good old Nvidia Blog Steam-Machine refering News.
    It’s like “We’re beating around the bush, we’re beating around the bush…”
    Good god, when do you finally announce your own Steam-Machines???
    All you Need to do is Combine Gamestream Technology with your “Small-Form-Factor” program and voila, you have Steam-Machines.

  • ingmarmxy321

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