Season of Sharing: NVIDIA GRID Virtual GPU Technology Now Available Worldwide

by Justin Boitano

GPU sharing hit the big time this week with the worldwide availability of our NVIDIA GRID vGPU technology on Citrix XenDesktop 7.1 and Citrix XenServer 6.2.

GRID vGPU technology lets employees use their own notebooks and portable devices — essentially any computing device — to access all their office productivity and design applications virtually. And the apps work just as they would if run from their desks, but now that experience can be had from anywhere at any time.

Previously, customers could only deploy GRID to virtualize GPU access to end users on a one-to-one basis using GPU pass-through technology. With GRID vGPU on Citrix XenDesktop, they can quickly share access on one GPU to many end users — and easily reallocate access depending on changing project needs.

It’s a game-changing technology for businesses, which can offer their creative professionals, designers and engineers — including those working remotely — cost-effective, secure, graphics-intensive applications.

Whether it’s creative imaging professionals using ultra-efficient, high-performance versions of Adobe Photoshop, or designers working with Autodesk’s industry-leading tools, NVIDIA GRID vGPU offers access when and where they need them.

A broad swath of the industry supports NVIDIA GRID vGPU, the market’s only offering that enables GPU sharing without sacrificing application compatibility or the user experience. Read on to see how companies are using GRID vGPU:

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