Tegra NOTE 7 Gets First Significant Software Update – Brings New Features and Capabilities

by Mithun Chandrasekhar

We upgraded our Tegra NOTE 7 tablet platform with an over-the-air update today with new features and capabilities.

We’ve enhanced the Tegra NOTE stylus experience, adding support for left-handed users and improvements in overall response. We’ve also added a DirectStylus help option under the device setting’s menu, a stylus removal and insert notification on the notification bar, and given users the ability to capture the notification bar with full-screen capture.

In addition to these new features, Tegra NOTE 7’s camera gets always-on high-dynamic range (AOHDR) capability, which provides more lifelike images across a range of lighting conditions. AOHDR utilizes Tegra 4’s processing power and Chimera computational photography architecture. We’ve also added video stabilization for shake-free video, in addition to tuning and optimizations to improve camera performance under certain lighting conditions.

From an OS perspective, Tegra Note 7 now sports the Android 4.3 Operating System.

Finally, in addition to security and bug fixes, we’ve added the ability to transfer app and data files from internal memory to an external microSD card.

Look for this update now on your Tegra NOTE 7 tablet from EVGAADVENTGigabyte, Shenzhen Homecare Technology, ZOTAC and XOLO.

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  • http://www.future-shape-of-church.org/ Edward Green

    Brilliant. Not updating yet on my UK Advent device but sure it will soon.

  • PeterP

    Double ace and thank you. UK Advent still waiting… Rock on 4.4

  • ian fardoe

    Are we getting os images and sources the same as released for the shield?
    Would be good to have a play with the code for this. There’s nothing on the developer portal

  • Dale Morgan

    Still nothing in the UK. Will we get the update before midnight?

  • CampGareth

    Another UK user wondering when this will roll out to us. I’m also wondering whether we’ll be able to set the HDMI output resolution as was enabled in the 4.3 update for the Shield I think (I’ve got a display that doesn’t take nicely to 720p input)

  • Dale Morgan

    Heard from twitter that not even the east coast of the US has the update, if nvidia are accepting feedback please don’t make statements stating an update has been released when it hasn’t, its poor communication, if your doing a rollout of an update please give a schedule of when each region will receive the update

  • Dale Morgan

    Updates out in the UK, downloading now

  • Jeffery M. Arnold

    I’m on the east coast and am downloading the update as I type

  • Joe Blo

    Had no idea this awesome tablet existed ! Just read Ryan Shrout`s review on PCPER


    Wow the best thing I’ve ever heard…like EVER

  • Professor F.

    I got the update Mountain Time at 5:15PM! The Tegra Note 7 is awesome! I do a lot of digital inking and the Direct Stylus works great with PhotoShop Touch. I can’t wait to try inking w/this latest update–supposedly the stylus is even better.

  • Captain Cookster

    Still not updating on Advent Tetras! What’s going on guys?

  • yusufg

    Three manufacturers with HQ’s close to Hong Kong (Zotac in Macau, Gigabyte in Taiwan, Shenzen HomeCare Tech in Shenzen) and still can’t find Tegra Note 7 devices for sale in Hong Kong

  • Martin Pooke

    The update for my Advent TN7 was available very early this morning.

  • James Magee

    Still nothing on my UK Advent Tegra Note 7 as of 10:30. Still claiming my “System is up to date” with 4.2.2!

  • PeterP

    Yay, I have 4.3 and now I’m also top of the list in Antutu 🙂 pretty good for a £89.99 tablet.

  • NoSpamnerd

    Are there any plans for a 4G capable version of the NOTE7?

  • Paz

    After updating to 4.3 I lost the ability to use earphones, bluetooth audio doesn’t work either..
    Both worked on 4.2.2, but now it just refuses to swap from main speakers.

    Is anyone else having this problem ?

  • Paz

    Have you tried earphones or Bluetooth audio yet ? I haven’t been able to get either to work since the update.

  • PeterP

    I tried headphones and was very pleasantly surprised at how good they sound – I’m am SQ/Audiophile nut.
    Bluetooth pairs with my laptop and shares files without an issue. It is very slow though, need to upgrade lappy wifi/blutooth card to ac/4.0

  • PeterP

    see my comment – all fine for me, that said I’ve not tried playing music across bluetooth – will try in car later. I did note, when I pull the headphones out, I have to un-pause tunein radio as it auto pauses, but it comes out the speakers fine once I resume playback.

  • Professor F.

    I don’t see the 100-frame-per-second slow motion video option in Camera Awesome. Has this been enabled yet?

  • Ronin Köhler

    This is great news. Now, if only you could find the Tegra Note 7 for sale somewhere…

  • Paz

    It’s there, when you go into the camera app and switch to video mode there is a little menu above the record button, the “Slow-Mo” mode is the one that has a stopwatch icon

  • Professor F.

    Thanks for some reason I thought that was just a timer delay, and never pressed it!

  • shadez

    Trying to download the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on the XOLO Tegra Note. Keep getting “MD5 Integrity Check Failed.” Error. Any way to fix that?

  • darioqqo948

    My Uncle Leo got a year old Fiat by working
    part-time from a macbook air. this link J­a­m­2­0­.­ℂ­o­m

  • Professor F.

    BTW, here’s an HDR shot from the Tegra Note 7 that I took today — it’s Historic Route 66 (Route 66, pre-1937) in New Mexico. I really love this tablet.

  • David James

    my tegra 7 will not load driver to windows 7 (code28) I have tried your driver site but still not loading all I can see is linux file -cd gadget usb device and no change to usb listings ie android
    will not syn to windows media files please help

  • David James

    also have tried muliple times to check for driver software updates

  • Raim Qawal

    So will hp’s version of the Tegra note get an update?

  • pravin

    hey how do u fixed it im facing the same problem

  • John Carass

    Great little tablet…..But don’t let it update to Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat! I had owned mine for 3 days when it updated last week. Later on I went to use it and was HOT and smelling of hot plastic. Also the battery was dead flat. So flat it took over an hour on charge before it would switch back on. This has happened twice in 4 days and also it has started locking up on occasions, and to make matters even worse the camera won’t work on Skype any more.
    What am I going to do about it? It goes back to PC World in 2 hours for a refund.
    This problem is affecting the Google Nexus as well (an maybe others) and is caused by a bug in the camera system.