NVIDIA G-SYNC: The Missing Link for PC Gaming Nirvana

by Tom Petersen

They’re here.

A few months after we gave a peek at NVIDIA G-SYNC at a press event a few months, our partners are announcing a host of G-SYNC-equipped monitors this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

G-SYNC is a visual treat. And we’ve received some amazing reactions from those who have been able to see what G-SYNC can do in person. But trying to explain to someone who just wants to play games how we eliminated screen tearing and reduced input lag can be hard. The old saying “you’ve got to see it to believe it” never rang truer.

A lucky few got to get an in person look earlier this month when they won a free G-SYNC DIY kit that allowed them to modify their ASUS VG248QE monitor to add in G-SYNC functionality. For those that get a rush from taking apart PC hardware and doing a self-installation, and live in the US and Canada and own the ASUS VG248QE monitor, the kit can be purchased from the NVIDIA Store for $199 by the end of the week.  Details of the DIY Kit will be available at:  http://www.geforce.com/hardware/technology/g-sync.

For the rest of you who prefer your out-of-the-box experience straight up, there are now a ton of options coming – many on display at our booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Hall (we’re booth number 30207). All of the monitors should be commercially available over the next month to two months, with all sizes and budgets covered.

Monitor Manufacturer        Model Name                           Resolution        Size

ASUS                                           ROG SWIFT PG278Q           2560×1440      27-inch

BenQ                                            XL2720G                                1920×1080       27-inch

BenQ                                            XL2420G                                 1920×1080      24-inch

Philips                                         272G5DYEB                          1920×1080       27-inch

ViewSonic                                 VX2457GML                          1920×1080      24-inch

If you happen to swing by our booth or are devouring the daily news coverage from the show floor, you may even see a couple more G-SYNC monitors that are not officially announced yet. These include a new model from AOC that will be “coming very soon” as well as a prototype 4K display that really does need to be seen to be believed.

With GeForce and G-SYNC, we’re confident that gaming nirvana is just a click away.

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  • Maximilian

    I thought you guys were doing a web based demonstration of it. Is that still happening?

  • Raymond Flagg

    When is the ASUS vg248qe with built in Gsync for $400 available?

  • Dustructo77

    AMEN!!! now please make a kit for the acer HN274H

  • Dustructo77

    you can download that from the Gforce site. it’s been out for a while

  • Himson Li

    Wow, you could pick up a mid-range GPU at $199 instead of the DIY kit. A poor deal indeed.

    Only available in US and Canada: saving my choice cuz I don’t live there.

  • bobfet1

    $199? I thought earlier word was that it was going to be $100-$125. I bought a VG248QE in anticipation of it being in that price range. That really sucks.

  • Crushkid91

    Now a mobile device with this and G-Sync?

  • Cedarson

    When do we get pricing? A month or two isn’t too far away. I need to confer with my piggy bank. 🙂

  • Ede Santos

    Man. In brasil s comon monitor 60 hz 17 inh costs $ 300 dollars… its like 600 BRL. A benq 24 inch xl2420g costs us 1.900BRL.. its like 800 dollars

  • Alex Lee

    Once I see G-Sync in action and I’m satisfied then I will definitely get that Asus ROG SWIFT PG278Q!!

  • Remco van Beek

    When will the DIY kits be available in Europe?
    I have 3x VG248QE monitors in surround, which im willing to upgrade.

  • Michal Margas

    I’m interested in this information as well, bought VG248QE just for that.

  • Remco van Beek

    Now on the website: “For a limited time, we are making a G-SYNC Do-It-Yourself Kit available.”

    So it only ships to USA and canada so I can’t buy them. It is limited, will these be available (a new stock) in Europe? As seen in my previous comment, I have three of these monitors in surround and I bought these in anticipation of the G-SYNC DIY.

  • Cuylar

    Does this work with triple monitor setups?

  • Mustang

    Hey Tom, I watched the Frame Rating / FCAT video you did with Ryan Shrout and in the SLI Latency segment you mentioned how input lag is introduced because the GPU is effectively sampling the Game Engine, now that we have G-Sync that has eliminated the Monitor sampling of the GPU have you thought about looking at eliminating the GPU sampling of the Game Engine, or another way of putting it, a way of allowing the Game Engine to say to the GPU “drop everything you’re doing, I’ve just had a user input and input lag is very important for this game so start rendering from now instead”, this would allow for a best case 1 frame lag on all user inputs.