CES Show Awards Piling up for Tegra K1, NVIDIA-Powered Devices (Updated)

by Jordan Dodge

Note: the awards just keep coming. We’ve updated this list since we first published it Thursday. New additions marked with asterisks. 

The high-tech hurly burly at CES is only entering its third day, but show awards are piling up for NVIDIA technology.

Our next-gen Tegra K1 mobile super chip is taking the show by storm, and partner devices built on NVIDIA Tegra chips are winning recognition by publications across the spectrum.

The dust won’t settle for another few days, but Tegra K1 – with its 192 Kepler GPU cores and the same architecture of our most sophisticated processors – is featured on a growing list of CES highlights.

Wrote LAPTOP Magazine in awarding Tegra K1 its Best in Show award, “…the Tegra K1 could usher in a new era of Android gaming where the leading publishers release their AAA titles to Google’s open source OS at the same time as Windows and Xbox – and ahead of iOS.”

Here are some of its other honors so far:

In addition, partners incorporating Tegra processors into their products are snapping up prizes, as well. Among them: