CES Show Awards Piling up for Tegra K1, NVIDIA-Powered Devices (Updated)

by Jordan Dodge

Note: the awards just keep coming. We’ve updated this list since we first published it Thursday. New additions marked with asterisks. 

The high-tech hurly burly at CES is only entering its third day, but show awards are piling up for NVIDIA technology.

Our next-gen Tegra K1 mobile super chip is taking the show by storm, and partner devices built on NVIDIA Tegra chips are winning recognition by publications across the spectrum.

The dust won’t settle for another few days, but Tegra K1 – with its 192 Kepler GPU cores and the same architecture of our most sophisticated processors – is featured on a growing list of CES highlights.

Wrote LAPTOP Magazine in awarding Tegra K1 its Best in Show award, “…the Tegra K1 could usher in a new era of Android gaming where the leading publishers release their AAA titles to Google’s open source OS at the same time as Windows and Xbox – and ahead of iOS.”

Here are some of its other honors so far:

In addition, partners incorporating Tegra processors into their products are snapping up prizes, as well. Among them:

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  • Arden Nguyen Duc Huy

    i like

  • warcaster

    No OpenCL support by default. Disappointing. I’m expecting to see OpenCL 2.0 and SPIR support in Parker. Also, it wouldn’t kill you to join HSA, would it? If you all play along, you can build a better future that way.

  • nobodyspecial

    They already have HSA, so why join AMD? OpenCL is useless today vs. Cuda. Why support something competing with your 7yr funded Cuda tech? That is stupid and not needed as OpenCL will take at least the same 7yrs (since nobody with cash is behind it, AMD is broke etc) to get into the 200+ PRO apps that use CUDA already. If you play along you become mediocre like the rest, I’d rather see NV blaze a BETTER path (like Gsync vs. Freesync…ROFL). I’m expecting NV to ignore OpenCL until forced to do otherwise. It may never catch Cuda. Why would you make OpenCL a big deal in say Adobe, when it ALREADY is cuda. You like paying for the same crap twice? That is business gone stupid.

    You seem to want Nvidia to help AMD. Sorry that’s not how business works. They are not making MINING SOCS here…LOL. I don’t want ANY die space or dev time spent/dedicated to making this crap work until it is everywhere and FASTER than whatever is currently around. Until then OpenCL is for (so far) useless crap like mining, F@H etc…Nothing I need or want and very few even do these two things. AMD slides show you can make money mining (ROFL, not much if any today, they forget electricity isn’t free and it ties up your PC 24/7 to beat Asics coming for LTC etc), while NV tells us how great their stuff is in GAMES. I prefer GAMES.