NVIDIA Powered Cars No One, Not Even Our Competitors, Can Resist

by Brian Caulfield

We’re not naming names. And we’re not offering descriptions.

But we will say this: we found employees from two of our biggest competitors crawling around the cars on display at our booth at CES this week. And they loved them, even if they declined to offer up an on-the-record comment.

Makes sense. Few can resist checking out the all-electric BMW i3’s dramatic, two-tone exterior. Or the Audi A3’s beautifully crafted interior. The two were among the hundreds of visitors an hour who clambered in and around the pair of cars situated at the front of our booth.

Both are equipped with next-generation infotainment systems powered by NVIDIA processors.

The Audi A3 offers a James Bond sort of vibe. It features a screen that pops up from the dashboard, controlled by a dial, as well as a cluster of buttons that rest near the gearshift, making them easy for the driver to manipulate.

The BMW i3, meanwhile, offers a clean, uncluttered dash that replaces switches and nobs with a sleek digital display. The i3’s center display renders special electric-car functionality such as a dynamic range map of BMW’s ConnectedDrive system, turn-by-turn directions and entertainment options.

Tempted? “Yeah, yeah, absolutely,” said Armando Santandan, a German luxury car aficionado who traveled from Istanbul for the show, as he sat behind the wheel of the i3 playing with its infotainment system.

“I love it, I think it’s great,” said Josh Hoffman, from Lasko Productions, as he examined the car’s interior.

“Nice,” said Sam Azuz, from Comfort Driving and Assistance Systems, as he checked out the Audi A3.

Expect to see these cars on the streets soon. You might even find a few in the parking lots outside the offices of our biggest competitors. Don’t worry, dudes, your secret is safe with us.

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