How NVIDIA Brings Unmatched Performance and Flexibility to SolidWorks

by Andrew Cresci

We’re heading to sunny San Diego next week for SolidWorks World to showcase how Quadro and GRID accelerate productivity and flexibility for SolidWorks users.

For almost 20 years, NVIDIA and SolidWorks have been working together to solve our customers’ most difficult visualization problems and deliver a world class design experience.

At Solidworks World, we’ll demonstrate the world’s fastest, most flexible solutions for SolidWorks users.  Visit us in booth 507 for demos of our solutions in action.

For desktops, the world’s #1 CAD accelerator, the Quadro K2000, delivers 2x faster performance modeling large assemblies with the new SolidWorks 2014 compared to previous generation GPUs and SolidWorks versions. The world’s highest performance professional graphics card, the Quadro K6000, with 12 GB of graphics memory is powering Bunkspeed and SolidWorks to design and render large complex models with photorealism.

NVIDIA GPUs Power Solidworks 2014

A turnkey solution, NVIDIA GRID Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) also delivers GPU-accelerated SolidWorks to multiple clients including a MacBook, a Windows 8 Ultrabook, and a Linux based thin client. It is the only platform certified and supported to virtualize and remotely deliver SolidWorks 2014 by SolidWorks, opening up new doors for small and medium businesses looking for easy performance boosts, scalability and security – without any IT headaches.

You’ll also find NVIDIA powered demos in the HP, Lenovo, The Foundry, Dell and Bunkspeed booths that will show you how you can realize up to 4x performance gains to help take your productivity with SolidWorks further. And don’t miss the NVIDIA session, SolidWorks and Virtualization, on Tuesday, January 28 at 4:30pm in room 10.

We’re also looking forward to the excitement of Model Mania. The first place contestant will win an NVIDIA Quadro K5000 and an NVIDIA Shield game console powered by NVIDIA Tegra 4. Runners-up will also win Quadro cards and Shield consoles. And if that’s not enough prizes, be sure to enter our @NVIDIA_MFG Twitter photo contest for a chance to win one of seven new Tegra NOTE 7 tablets. Stop by our booth for more details.

It’ll be a great event.

Learn more about NVIDIA’s solutions here:

Check out our video from the show floor.