Bet on Black… TITAN BLACK

by Bryan Del Rizzo

When we launched GTX TITAN almost a year ago, it kickstarted the personal supercomputing revolution.

Based on the same Kepler technology that powered Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s TITAN supercomputer, GTX TITAN was a beast.

With extreme performance for gamers, double precision for CUDA developers, and a supercomputer-inspired design, GTX TITAN quickly became the GPU every gamer wanted to own.

But that was so 2013.

Today, we’re introducing the all-new 2014 version—TITAN BLACK.

Featuring the same full GK110B chip configuration found in the GTX 780 Ti, TITAN BLACK delivers a staggering 5.1 Teraflops of computing performance per card.

Double down by sliding two GTX Titans into your PC and you can take advantage of a total of 5,760 cores for even more performance..

Each TITAN BLACK also supports up to four displays per card—two DVI, one HDMI and one DisplayPort—perfect for large scale displays or multi-monitor configurations.

Like the original, this new behemoth features a design that evokes the spirit of a supercomputer and the enormous capability within.

If you’re looking for a guaranteed win, bet on black. TITAN BLACK, available today for $999.